Is your child a gamer, athlete or are they always working with their hands?

If any of these abilities come easily to them, they may find great success in the construction industry, and the Mechanical Insulators Union in particular.

There is no better time than now to start talking to the children in your life about a future career in the building trades.

There are so many construction projects currently underway and more on the horizon. The building trades need people with the skills the children in your life already have to work on these jobs. When they graduate from high school, the demand for talented people like them will be greater than ever.

The Future is in Their Hands

How can the children in your life become a professional in one of the skilled trades? They must apply and be accepted into a Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (J.A.T.C.) Registered Apprenticeship Program. These programs typically require four or five years of education and training similar to college.

A Registered Apprenticeship with the Mechanical Insulators is a Great Start to a Rewarding Career.

There is little chance that your kids will get bored during their career as an Insulator. They will have many opportunities to learn fascinating new skills and advance their career. One of the most significant benefits of becoming a member of the building trades is working with experienced journeymen and journeywomen in the field during your Registered Apprenticeship.  

Here are just some of the career fields in Mechanical Insulators work:

  • Mechanical Insulation
  • Firestopping
  • Sound Attenuation
  • Specialty Fabrication

Support for their Union Brothers and Sisters is vital to the Mechanical Insulators. Anyone in the Union and their Local is a potential resource for answering any questions. Not just their Training Instructors want your kids to succeed, but so do the other members of their Local.

What is a Registered Apprentice:

Registered Apprenticeships are industry-vetted, approved and validated by the U.S. Department of Labor or a State Apprenticeship Agency. This means that programs are industry-reviewed and -approved to guarantee compliance with the industry standards and prepare Registered Apprentices for positions requiring specialized knowledge and expertise. These programs are also designed to look like communities where their members live and work. These programs follow strict hiring standards that ensure equality, inclusion and diversity. 

What They will get as a Registered Apprentice:
  • Little to No Cost Education, ZERO Education Debt!
  • A minimum of 720 hours of classroom instruction over Four-Five years
  • Full Healthcare Benefits
  • From day one, your child starts paying into a pension, making retirement a reality for them.

Registered Apprentices in the Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Union are paid for their time and effort. They start with generous pay, which climbs with each successive year of their Registered Apprenticeship Program. Any given day may provide something new because much of their training occurs in real-world settings.

Apprenticeship can be challenging, but it will pay off in the end. Your kids have plenty of career opportunities after their training and an impressive resume detailing relevant work experience and academic credentials.

The Future is in Their Hands; learn how becoming a Mechanical Insulator can be the right choice for their future.