All of our members, Apprentices and Journeymen, care about their future financial security. That is why they started a career with the Insulators Union.

No matter if you have been an insulator for 30 years, three weeks or seven years, our insulators all have one goal; having a life-long career. From all ages and genders, the Insulators Union creates a great work environment so that everyone feels comfortable performing quality work that impacts the environment.

Everyone is given the same opportunity here. You start out with our four or five-year apprenticeship and work your way through our training to become a foreman. Your journey doesn’t need to end there. Many of our union members have continued to climb the ladder as they reach higher positions.

Being in a union will be beneficial to your life

By being in a union, you can have stability not only in your current life, but also when you are ready to retire. Our members know that they are working for a paycheck and for the benefits that come with being in the Insulators Union. This means that they will have comfort when they reach retirement.

We want to deliver the best opportunity to you where you can maximize your earnings and be financially rewarded.

If you want to learn more about becoming a member, view our Become a Member page