Master Apprentice Competition

Become the Master

Each Year, One Apprentice Claims the MAC Title

The title of Insulators Master Apprentice is revered. For the past 18 years, apprentices have competed to earn that title. Every year, apprentices compete against their fellow Local's apprentices for a chance to represent their Local at a regional competition. Regional Competitions are held for each Conference (watch this 2016 Western State Competition video here). Regional winners then move on to compete on the international stage. Contestants from around the United States and Canada gather for one, final competition.

In 2019, the competition was held in Phoenix, Arizona. Ten Regional-winning participants competed in a two-part competition where their skills were put to the test. Each year, contestants work on a different mock-up, especially designed for that year's competition. The desert mock-up paid homage to the regions plant life, including two cactus structures, one reaching seven feet tall, as the apprentices showed their skills as they insulated the detailed structure. The second part of the contest was a written exam, where apprentices had their knowledge put to the test.

Catch this year's action! See what it was like in Arizona for the finalists competing for the Master Apprentice Competition title. Watch this video: