Our Highly-Trained Workforce

The Highly-Trained Workforce of the HFIAW is Second to None!

Coast-to-coast, the union insulation industry specializes in providing customers with the highest-skilled and best-trained workers in the industry. This is made possible because we provide our apprentices and journeymen with the most current and state-of-the-art training available.

Our Insulation Industry International Apprentice and Training Fund, finances the training department for the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Union and its signatory contractors.

For more information, visit the International Apprentice and Training Fund by clicking here.

These efforts work in conjunction with the insulation industry’s Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (J.A.T.C.) labor-management group, which works to provide the best-trained insulation workers with the skills necessary to meet industry needs now and in the future.

The J.A.T.C. coordinates and funds the union insulation industry’s apprenticeship training program and journeyman upgrade education programs.

All Workforce Training Includes:

  • OSHA 10- and 30-Hour Safety Training Courses
  • Asbestos Removal and Mediation
  • Lead Removal and Mediation
  • Firestop
  • 3E Energy Audits
  • CPR and First Aid Training Courses
  • Professional Code of Conduct Program

Our Apprentices EARN While They Learn

Individuals going through the apprenticeship program are paid while they are educated.

Not only do apprentices gain much needed, hands-on training inside and outside of the classroom, they also earn a living wage from day one. This means, unlike traditional post-high school education, apprentices do not accumulate thousands of dollars in debt and are have the ability to build a solid, stable middle-class life.

Apprentices receive:

  • A minimum of 576 hours of classroom instruction over 4 years
  • A minimum of 144 hours of classroom instruction per year
  • A minimum of 1,600 hours of on-the-job training per year

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There are nearly 100 Heat & Frost Insulators local unions across North America.
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