Are you looking for a career where you get paid to go to class? How about obtaining an education where you don't take out student loans, but receive excellent benefits and make livable wages?

What if we told you the Insulators Union wants to offer you all those advantages?
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Now is the Time to Transform Your World and Transform Your Life

With the Insulators International, you have the opportunity to take the future into your own hands. Sign up for our newsletter and you will see all the benefits of going through the Insulators Apprenticeship Program, from being paid on your first day to versatile job opportunities.

Start the Transformation

Through our Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (J.A.T.C.) apprenticeship, our highly effective and modern training program, you can enter the insulation industry and become a professional in one of our skilled trades:

  • Mechanical Insulation
  • Firestopping
  • Asbestos & Lead Mitigation
  • Sound Attenuation
  • Specialty Fabrication

All International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers apprentices EARN while they LEARN, which means they are paid escalating wages throughout their entire apprenticeship process.

Apprentices receive:

  • A minimum of 720 hours of classroom instruction over 4 years
  • A minimum of 144 hours of classroom instruction per year
  • A minimum of 1,600 hours of on-the-job training per year
Become part of a Highly Trained Workforce that is Second to None