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Since 2014, we’ve trained instructors from over 40 Local JATCs across the country to teach GPRO to their members. And now, with GPRO readily available on the JATC Training site, implementing the curriculum is that much easier.

GPRO teaches students about energy-efficient mechanical systems that are a core part of green building design, as well as what it takes to work on a high-performance job.

What students learn:
  • How to apply green best practices to pollution prevention, water conservation, commissioning, waste management, and indoor air quality.
  • How sustainability requirements and LEED credits affect mechanical trade work.
  • The HVAC system's critical role in providing healthy indoor air for occupants.
  • New, energy-efficient technologies and approaches for heating systems, and how to reduce waste heat.
  • Your role in testing, adjusting, and balancing to optimize the operation of mechanical systems.
  • How to comply with timeline, cost, and documentation issues on green projects, especially in connection with LEED.
  • How to recognize opportunities for implementing energy-efficient products and practices in building retrofits.

Locals and their JATCs throughout the U.S. are taking advantage GPRO to help their members and community gain an edge in the job market and save energy. Learn more about how to bring this curriculum to your local by contacting IIIATF Administrator John L Stahl at

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