The need to market mechanical insulation

James Petrides, Mechanical Insulators LMCT Senior Mechanical Insulation Specialist, joined the America’s Work Force Union Podcast and spoke about the need to market the mechanical insulation industry. He also explained what a Mechanical Insulation Energy Audit is and how they are performed.

Now is the time to raise awareness about mechanical insulation

Unfortunately, most people confuse mechanical insulation with the pink stuff found inside the walls of your home, Petrides said. He explained how mechanical insulation is different, its applications and the important role it plays in making buildings and mechanical systems more energy efficient. 

Petrides believes one way to help educate the public, including key decision-makers, is to raise awareness of the significant savings mechanical insulation can offer if it is properly installed. When building owners and other decision-makers are looking to save money on a construction project, mechanical insulation is often the first item cut because they do not realize its multiple benefits.

In many instances, Petrides thinks these decision-makers would find other items to cut if they understood all that mechanical insulation has to offer, such as an average return on investment of two years. No other product can offer such a quick and long-lasting ROI.

He compared what the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers has done with their push to update electrical systems to the Insulators and mechanical insulation. Properly installed mechanical insulation can save roughly 16 times more energy than replacing all incandescent light bulbs in a building with LEDs, he noted. 

Besides marketing mechanical insulation to business leaders, they are also advocating for the passage of state and federal legislation to promote its use, he added.

Promoting Mechanical Insulation Energy Audit

Another way to help increase the awareness of mechanical insulation is through the use of Mechanical Insulation Energy Audits.

Petrides said the LMCT is pushing companies and state and federal governments to conduct Mechanical Insulation Energy Audits, which can ultimately create jobs for members of the Insulators Union. 

He explained that an individual who is properly trained to conduct the audit will use a thermal imaging camera to measure the effect of missing, damaged or insufficient mechanical insulation throughout a building. 

Thermal imaging will not only show heat loss, but it will generate data to quantify the energy loss. It will also calculate future savings if mechanical insulation is properly applied to the mechanical system. 

Petrides encouraged anyone who wants a Mechanical Insulation Energy Audit performed on their building to contact him through the LMCT website

Listen to the entire interview to learn more Mechanical Insulation Energy Audits.

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