Our appreciation to all who served

The dedication and commitment so many of our Insulators and Allied Workers Brothers and Sisters have demonstrated by defending the U.S. and Canada is unparalleled.

For more than 200 years in the U.S. and 150 years in Canada, brave men and women have put their lives on the line to defend and protect our countries.

The U.S. recognizes Veterans Day on Nov. 11, while the same date is Remembrance Day in Canada. Both countries created this holiday in 1919, exactly one year after the end of World War I.

Originally called Armistice Day in the U.S., it was created to honor the men and women who served in the U.S. Armed Forces. In 1926, Congress passed a resolution and in 1938 it was declared a national holiday. The day was renamed to Veterans Day in 1954, creating the holiday we know it as today with traditional celebrations that can include parades, ceremonies and gatherings.

Currently, there are 1.3 million active-duty U.S. military members, over 800, 000 in the reserve forces and more than 18.2 million veterans.

In Canada, Remembrance Day, which was originally called Armistice Day as well, is casually known as Poppy Day. This day was established to honor those members of the armed forces who paid the ultimate sacrifice and died in the line of duty.

Throughout the history of Canada, more than 2.3 million Canadians have served in the armed forces and the more than 118, 000 of them made the ultimate sacrifice.

In the Fall edition of the Insulators Journal, we honor and thank all those fellow HFIAW members – both current and retired – who served their country.

These men and women have served in the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S Marines Corps (USMC), U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Air Force (USAF), U.S. Army National Guard (U.S. National Guard), U.S. Merchant Marines (USMM), Canadian Army (CN Army), Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and Royal Canadian Airforce (RCA).

Thank you for your contributions to our Union and for your military service. We are forever indebted for your selflessness and welcome the opportunity to honor your dedication in this small way.

Insulators Union Veterans

The International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers proudly list the Brothers and Sisters of our Union who served in the U.S. and Canadian armed forces below.



Donald M. Amick, U.S. Marines

Cody W. Basham, U.S. Army

Gary R. Batteiger, U.S. Army

William G. Bernard, U.S. Marines

David F. Betlach, U.S. Marines

Edward J. Boyle

Neil J. Boyle, U.S. Navy

Daniel E. Brennan, U.S. Army

James L. Burkhardt

James C. Burton, U.S. Navy

David Carr

Dennis B. Clancy, U.S. Marines

Joseph S. Costa, U.S. Army

Paul A. Craft, Jr., U.S. Army

Thomas E. Durham, U.S. Army

Gerald T. Feldhaus, U.S. Army

John J. Guiney, U.S. Air Force

Daniel M. Guiney

James M. Hagen, U.S. Army

Billy W. Ham, Jr, U.S. Army

Norman E. Horat, U.S. Army

Ronald A. Kubernat, U.S. Army

Richard D. Lampen, U.S. Army

Thomas P. Leahy, Jr., U.S. Army

David P. Leistritz, U.S. Army

Robert W. Lotich, U.S. Air Force

Victor R. Mantia, U.S. Navy

Chris A. Melliere, U.S. Air Force

Dominic C. Mercurio, U.S. Marines

William R. Miller, U.S. Army

Paul D. Monetti

Reavis A. Montrey, U.S. Marines

Joseph W. Payeur, U.S. Navy

Thomas G. Payeur, U.S. Navy

Edward J. Payeur, U.S. Army

Gerald L. Pfeiffer, U.S. Army

Dennis W. Searcy, U.S. Navy

Donald Seithel, U.S. Army

Glennon T. Seithel, U.S. Army

Frederick C. Seithel, U.S. Army

James Selby, U.S. Army

James F. Siesener, U.S. Air Force

Thomas J. Siesener, U.S. Army

George C. Smith, U.S. Navy

Sherwood Sobelman, U.S. Army

Raymond J. Steiger, U.S. Army

James W. Steiger, U.S. Army

John F. Steiger, U.S. National Guard

Matthew J. Steiger, U.S. National Guard

Jeffrey C. Stockard, Jr., U.S. Marines

James K. Sutberry, U.S. Navy

James W. Teeple, U.S. Army

Jonathan R. Van Ryn, U.S. Army

Lawrence M. Walsh, U.S. Navy

Stephen L. White, U.S. Navy

Daniel J. Whitener, U.S. Marines

Benjamin J. Wieberg

Kamerion A. Woods, U.S. Marines



John M. Allan

James R. Alward, U.S. Navy

Gregory D. Baker, U.S. Army

Robert F. Barrett, U.S. Army

Howard C. Bell, U.S. Army

David M. Bergman, U.S. Army

Gary W. Bertiaux, U.S. Army

Edward Birmingham, U.S. Army

Edward V. Birmingham, U.S. Army

James Birmingham, U.S. Army

Edward K. Bliss, U.S. Army

James J. Boyuk, Jr., U.S. Army

James J. Brennan, U.S. Army

Howard J. Buchanan, U.S. Army

James P. Burnham, U.S. Army

Earl J. Burton, U.S. Army

James M. Cassidy, U.S. Air Force

Raymond Cawley, U.S. Navy

Arthur J. Chesney, U.S. Navy

Luke D. Chiovitti, U.S. National Guard

Gary J. Ciccone, U.S. Army

William J. Coll, U.S. Army

Regis C. Coll, U.S. Army

Steven W. Conner, U.S. Army

Edward J. Connolly, U.S. Navy

Patrick O. Conroy, U.S. Marines

Patrick J. Conroy, U.S. Army

Aaron J. Corvi, U.S. Army

Patrick J. Crowley, U.S. Army

George A. Crowley, U.S. Marines

George M. Crowley, U.S. Army

Robert L. Crute, U.S. Army

Courtney R. Daffern, Other

Richard H. Dauer, U.S. Marines

Raymond H. Dauer, U.S. Army

Richard L. Davidson, U.S. Army

Kevin G. Diehm, U.S. Navy

Garth P. Diehm, U.S. Army

Kevin A. Diehm, U.S. Army

Jacob M. Dray, U.S. Army

Harry F. Dunn

Joseph M. Dunn, U.S. Army

Mark H. Dunn, U.S. Army

Matthew L. DuVall

Charles M. Eisenbarth, U.S. Navy

Joseph D. Erb, U.S. Air Force

Robert L. Fassinger, U.S. Marines

Jeremiah W. Feathers, U.S. Army

Trenton M. Ferguson, U.S. Army

Charles W. Fischerkeller, U.S. Navy

Walter D. Frederick, U.S. Navy

Frank A. Gajewski, Sr., U.S. Army

Damian J. Gajewski, U.S. Army

Gary J. Glass

Richard W. Glass, U.S. Army

Earl E. Glass, Jr., U.S. Navy

Mark D. Griffith, U.S. Army

Richard C. Grooms, U.S. Army

George A. Guilford, U.S. Army

Jordan A. Gustkey, U.S. Army

Thomas C. Guy, Sr., U.S. Navy

Leo R. Haas, U.S. Army

Sylvester J. Heller, U.S. Army

Matthew W. Hershberger, U.S. National Guard

Paul T. Hoolahan, U.S. Army

Richard R. Hoolahan, U.S. Army

William G. Hudson, Jr., U.S. Army

John R. Hulboy, U.S. Army

Ralph R. Jahn, U.S. Army

Kevin W. Johnson, U.S. Army

Matthew A. Kelosky, U.S. Army

Harry J. Killmeyer, U.S. Army

Paul G. Killmeyer, U.S. Army

Robert H. Klemens, U.S. Navy

Roland E. Kline, U.S. Army

William J. Knetzer, U.S. Marines

Dennis L. Knetzer, U.S. Army

Kenneth M. Knetzer, U.S. Army

James A. Kramer, Jr., U.S. Air Force

James A. Kramer, U.S. Marines

James E. Krug, U.S. Army

Alan G. Krugh, U.S. Army

Robert H. Landsberger, U.S. Army

Robert G. Larkin, U.S. Army

Patrick J. Laughlin, U.S. Marines

Robert J. Liddle, Jr., U.S. Army

David J. Lipscomb, U.S. Air Force

David M. Lipscomb, II, U.S. Air Force

Daniel C. Lyons, U.S. Army

Thomas S. Mavilla, U.S. Air Force

Thomas R. McKernan, U.S. Army

Edward V. McKernan, III, U.S. Navy

Michael A. Mezzacapo, U.S. Army

Justin T. Miller, U.S. Army

William B. Mitchell, U.S. Army

Frederick E. Moran, U.S. Army

Thomas A. Mulholland, U.S. Air Force

Frederick M. Naatz, U.S. Air Force

David J. Naatz, U.S. Air Force

Gary J. Neely, U.S. Army

Jon R. Nickelson, U.S. Marines

Robert P. Norris, U.S. Army

James A. Obenour, U.S. Navy

Frederick V. Ober, U.S. Navy

Thomas P. O’Leary, Jr., U.S. Marines

Harold W. Otto, U.S. Army

Douglas W. Otto, U.S. Marines

Ronald E. Palmer, U.S. Army

Richard J. Palmer, U.S. Army

Ronald J. Paul, U.S. Marines

Larry E. Peoples, U.S. Air Force

Edward A. Powers, U.S. Army

Robert A. Proto, U.S. Air Force

Glen J. Proto, U.S. Army

Albert L. Quigley, U.S. Navy

Roger D. Randall, U.S. Navy

Raymond A. Ray, U.S. Army

Robert W. Richards, U.S. Air Force

Thomas P. Rock, U.S. Air Force

E. Rusak, U.S. Army

Fred E. Rust, Jr., U.S. Army

George W. Ryden, U.S. Army

John K. Schweizer, U.S. Army

Peter T. Scully, U.S. Army

Timothy P. Scully, U.S. Army

William F. Seiler, Jr., U.S. Marines

William W. Shafer, III, U.S. Navy

Stephen R. Sharp, U.S. National Guard

John E. Sheret, U.S. Air Force

Jason M. Skank, U.S. Navy

Michael J. Sladic, U.S. Army

Robert E. Smiley, U.S. Army

John S. Smith, III, U.S. Marines

Ronald J. Smith, U.S. Army

Martin R. Stanton, U.S. Army

Spenser Stephens

Albert P. Stricko, U.S. Navy

George E. Thompson, U.S. Marines

Andrew J. Thompson, Jr., U.S. Marines

James E. Thompson, U.S. Air Force

Paul E. Tichenor, U.S. Army

Albert R. Tuttle, U.S. Army

Joseph W. Tuttle, U.S. Army

Thomas M. Vergis, U.S. Army

Charles S. Victor, U.S. Navy

Robert F. Vietmeier, U.S. Army

Richard J. Weber, U.S. Army

James F. Weber, U.S. Army

Albert C. Weil, U.S. Army

Walter P. Weil, U.S. Army

Thomas C. Williams, U.S. Army

Edward L. Wojtaszek, U.S. Army

Gerald W. Wojtaszek, U.S. Air Force

Earl E. Work, Jr., U.S. Navy

William J. Yund, U.S. Army

Francis J. Zeckowski, U.S. Army



Michael P Ahern, U.S. Marines

Larry V. Banks, U.S. Air Force

Wilbur J. Binder, U.S. Army

Donald W. Cawrse, U.S. Air Force

Adam T. Cook, U.S. Army

Walter C. Cooper, U.S. Army

John J. Corrigan, Jr., U.S. Air Force

Francis J. Dehaney, U.S. Army

Daniel P. Dehaney, U.S. Army

Morris E. Downs, Jr., U.S. Army

James F. Dreher, U.S. Marines

Edward English, U.S. Marines

John Falk, U.S. Navy

Owen J. Gallagher, U.S. Army

Ronald F. Graves

Sean M. Graves, U.S. Navy

Ronald F. Graves, Jr., U.S. Army

Patrick K. Graves

Robert W. Greene

Frank M. Houlehan, U.S. Army

William Kearns, Jr., U.S. Marines

Timothy F. Kelsch, U.S. Navy

Peter P. Kerkel, U.S. Army

John M. Kilbane, U.S. Army

John M. Kilbane, U.S. Army

Michael L. Kilbane, U.S. Army

Farrell J. Lavelle

Francis E. Lawler, U.S. Navy

Patrick J. Madden, U.S. Army

Dale R. McKimmie, U.S. Army

Terrence McLaughlin, U.S. Navy

Charles J. O’Niell, U.S. Marines

Henry F. Pachana, U.S. Army

Edward J. Price, III, U.S. Army

Robert J. Prohaska, U.S. Navy

Robert C. Prohaska, U.S. Navy

John T. Reid, U.S. Navy

Vincent E. Scarl, U.S. Army

Eugene D. Siegfried, U.S. Army

Kevin Spuhler, U.S. Army

Thomas E. Stafford, U.S. Marines

Daniel L. Sullivan, U.S. Army

Joseph C. Sullivan, U.S. Navy

Joseph F. Sweeney, U.S. Marines

Michael Sweeny, U.S. Army

Vincent Viancourt, U.S. Army

James M. Vidmar, U.S. Army

Kenny W. Walker, U.S. Army

Clint Walker, U.S. Air Force



Brian A. Abrams, U.S. Army

Peter R. Bavisotto, U.S. Air Force

Robert T. Bielski, U.S. Army

Robert J. Birkmeyer, U.S. Army

James Brophy, U.S. Marines

Dennis R. Call, U.S. Army

Timothy J. Cummings, Jr., U.S. Marines

David M. Czarnecki, U.S. Army

Robert A. Darling, U.S. Navy

Alan E. Emke, U.S. Army

James A. Feeney, U.S. Navy

Peter A. Fuhrman, U.S. Navy

Paul Funderburk, U.S. Marines

James Geary, U.S. Army

Robert Hadley, U.S. Army

Harry J. Hassey, U.S. Army

James M. Hawley, U.S. Army

Raymond Hearn, U.S. Army

Frances X. Hess, U.S. Army

Donald A. Hess, U.S. Army

David Huss, U.S. Army

Anderson A. Jenkins, U.S. Army

Harry Kelly, U.S. Navy

George F. Kelly, U.S. Navy

Frederick Kelly, U.S. Marines

Robert E. Keuther, U.S. Army

Travis S. Kimble, U.S. Marines

Mark Majewicz, U.S. Marines

Rudolph L. Manzella, U.S. Marines

George D. McKee, U.S. Air Force

Harold H. McKee, U.S. Army

Mark J. McNaughton, U.S. Navy

John D. Myer, U.S. Army

Andrew N. Namynanik, U.S. Marines

Floyd I. Owens, U.S. Army

Jesse J. Palczewski, U.S. Army

Donald F. Pickhardt, U.S. Army

Robert J. Rindfleisch, U.S. Navy

Michael E. Schmidt, U.S. Army

Edward W. Schmidt, U.S. Navy

Edward F. Schwanz, U.S. Army

Ronald J. Sieber, U.S. Army

Steven A. Smith, U.S. Army

Vernon V. Stock, U.S. Army

Allen R. Travers, U.S. Army

John J. Travis, U.S. Air Force

Gary W. Wolf, U.S. Army

Earl J. Wolf, U.S. Air Force

John R. Worthington, Jr., U.S. Army

Mark J. Wright, U.S. Navy

Edward D. Zupkov, U.S. Army



Robert F. Bailey

Ray W. Baker, Jr., U.S. Army

Ray Baker, Sr, U.S. Navy

Terrance J. Barrett, U.S. Marines

James M. Beliakoff, U.S. Marines

Mark C. Brokenshire, U.S. Army

Ronald D. Butler, U.S. Air Force

William Butler, U.S. Air Force

Ernest Cerecedes, Jr., U.S. Navy

Raymond M. Chavarria, U.S. Air Force

Henry E. Conwright, U.S. Army

Thomas L. Czarnecki, U.S. Marines

Santiago Davila, U.S. Navy

Duke W. Early, U.S. Navy

Welton L. Edwards, U.S. Army

Juan Fernandez, U.S. Army

Theodore M. Ferrell

Robert A. Fischer, Jr.

Thomas L. Frislie, U.S. Navy

Charles J. Gaia

Erik J. Galvez

Manuel G. Garcia

Curtis J. Gardner, U.S. Army

William G. Garner, U.S. Army

Thomas L. Gutierrez, U.S. Marines

Ronald J. Harrison, U.S. Army

Christenson D. Hassan

Daniel J. Hendricks, U.S. Navy

Douglas W. Holler, U.S. Army

Wallace Huddleston, U.S. Navy

Ronald C. Huseman, U.S. Navy

Joseph B. Jaime, U.S. Army

Robert H. Klepper, U.S. Army

William H. Lewis, Jr.

Julio Martinez, U.S. Army

Steven Mendez, U.S. Marines

James F. Mihalko

John R. Miller, U.S. Army

Larry D. Moore, U.S. Army

Karl D. Nelson, U.S. Marines

Hector E. Ocegueda, U.S. Navy

David L. Ott, U.S. Army

Larry J. Parks, U.S. Navy

Eddy J. Pena, U.S. Navy

Donnie R. Prather, U.S. Army

Kenneth B. Rex, Jr., U.S. Air Force

Charles A. Rex, U.S. Air Force

Lawrence Buddy Rogers, U.S. Army

David W. Sanders, U.S. Army

Ramon Santamaria, U.S. Army

Charles S. Santillan, U.S. Air Force

Wayne Tatum, U.S. Army

Jeffrey F. Walsh, Jr., U.S. Marines



Theodore D. Adams, Jr., U.S. Air Force

Joseph G. Agnew, U.S. Marines

Fred V. Alexander, U.S. Navy

Ralph P. Bagdigian, U.S. Navy

Denis A. Baillargeon, U.S. Army

William F. Barrett, U.S. Army

Frank L. Beers, Jr., U.S. Army

Richard T. Bettcher, U.S. Navy

Richard A. Boudreau, U.S. Army

Christopher J. Boutwell, U.S. Navy

Dennis J. Bradley, Sr., U.S. Marines

Donald M. Brennan, U.S. Navy

Raymond Bresnahan, U.S. Army

Robert D. Brizard, U.S. Air Force, U.S. National Guard

Gerald Bubb, U.S. Navy

Richard P. Carman, U.S. Navy

William L. Carter, Jr., U.S. Army

Thomas A. Clancy, U.S. Army

Sidney D. Clarke, U.S. Army

Steven D. Condell, U.S. Air Force

Scott S. Conway, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy

William J. Corcoran, U.S. Marines

Michael Cornell, U.S. Coast Guard

Arthur Coughlin, U.S. Army

Peter Crescenzo, U.S. Air Force

Baigio C. Crescenzo, Jr.

Francis H Curry, Sr, U.S. Navy

Francis H Curry, Jr, U.S. Army

Jerome F. Curtin, III, U.S. Air Force

Wayne A. Daley, U.S. Marines

Richard R. Dawson, U.S. Navy

Robert W. Deady, U.S. Navy

Frank Delfino, U.S. Army

Frank A. Delfino, U.S. Army

Frederick A. Denly, U.S. Army

Ronald Doig, U.S. Marines

James A. Donato, U.S. Navy

Charles W. Elliott, U.S. Navy

Lambert D. Fabrizio, U.S. Navy

Michael J. Ferro, Jr., U.S. Air Force

Robert A. Ferro, U.S. Air Force

James M. Foley, U.S. Army

Edward J. Foley, U.S. Air Force

Thomas D. Fucile, U.S. Army

Michael J. Gavin, U.S. Army

Salvatore Gentile, U.S. Marines

William T. Gibson, U.S. Navy

James L. Gill, U.S. Navy

Herbert E. Gilson, Jr., U.S. Marines

Robert W. Gilson, U.S. Air Force

Robert E. Gober, U.S. Army

Leif P. Goodwin, U.S. Army

Thomas R. Gottwald, U.S. Marines

Robert J. Green, U.S. Marines

Paul A. Gronroos, U.S. Navy

Paul M. Guertin, U.S. Army

Kenneth E. Hall, U.S. Navy

Joseph T. Hally, U.S. Navy

Robert D. Harrington, U.S. Marines

Frank J. Haugh, U.S. Marines

James E. Henderson, Jr., U.S. Navy

Arthur Hiitt, U.S. Marines

Justin M. Homer, U.S. Army

Leslie W. Howard, U.S. Navy

Raymond A. Hunt, U.S. Army

Eric J. Jacobsen, U.S. Navy

David M. James, U.S. Air Force

Wilfred G. James, Jr., U.S. Army

Carey J. Jennings, U.S. Army

Harold E. Johnson, U.S. Army

John L. Kelly, Jr., U.S. Army

Daniel J. Kirwin, U.S. Air Force, U.S. National Guard

Roger M. Klinzing, U.S. Navy

John J Landy, U.S. Marines

James W. Leland, U.S. Navy

David G. Mac Alpine, U.S. Marines

Bruce A. MacDonald, U.S. Marines

Paul E. MacDonald, U.S. Navy

Richard C. Madden, U.S. Navy

Matthew R. Mariani, U.S. Air Force

Robert A. Masone, U.S. Army

Vincent F. Masone, Jr., U.S. Marines

Alexander L. McClintock, U.S. Navy

William McClintock, U.S. Navy

Robert F. McGahan, U.S. Army

Frederick J. McGovern, U.S. Marines

John F. McGowan, U.S. Navy

Gregory J. McLaughlin, U.S. Air Force

Thomas J. McNeely, U.S. Coast Guard

John T. McWhinnie, Jr., U.S. National Guard

Robert A. Messenger, U.S. Navy

Steven E. Morel, U.S. Navy

Fred Munger, U.S. Army

David A. Murphy, U.S. Marines

Paul E. Musto, U.S. Army

Kevin Mylon, U.S. Marines

William E. Nilsen, U.S. Marines

Carol D. Nunes, U.S. Air Force

Myles J. O’Malley, Jr., U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard

John M. O’Malley, U.S. Marines

Francis X O’Toole, Sr, U.S. Navy

Stephen G. Parsons, U.S. Army

Donald E. Parsons, U.S. Army

Daniel F. Persechini, U.S. Marines

Marino J. Persechini, U.S. Air Force

Edward W. Petersen, U.S. Navy

William Peterson, U.S. Marines

Ronald L. Pooler, U.S. Navy

Charles H. Riemer, U.S. Marines

Carl Roan, U.S. Air Force

Ernest C. Rogers, U.S. Marines

Carlos M. Rojas, U.S. Navy

Richard Rothwell, Jr., U.S. Army

Peter F. Sandock, U.S. Marines

Edward P. Sharkey, Jr., U.S. Navy

Paul L. Shiner, U.S. Marines

Michael P. Shiner, U.S. Marines

Robert R. Skidmore, U.S. National Guard

Charles J. Skinner, U.S. Marines

Philip Skinner, U.S. Army

Francis J. Skinner, Jr., U.S. Army

James J. Smart, U.S. Army

James D. Sperry, U.S. Marines

William J. Squires, U.S. Army

George W. Steinhilber, U.S. Navy

Keith E. Stenmark, U.S. Army, U.S. National Guard

Glenn R. Stevenson, U.S. Army

Robert S. Stone, U.S. Marines

Alfred Stranieri, Jr., U.S. Navy

Glenon R. Suprenant, U.S. Marines

Daniel D. Tift, U.S. Air Force, U.S. National Guard

Louis V. Torelli, U.S. Navy

John J. Trainor, U.S. Army

Timothy Valle, U.S. Army

Thomas G. Whalen, U.S. Army

David W. Whitten, U.S. Navy

Robert E. Withrow, U.S. Navy

James E. Young, U.S. Army

Michael A. Young, U.S. Marines

Marc D. Young, U.S. Navy

Robert F. Young, Jr., U.S. Army

Joseph Zampitella, U.S. Army



Buntoeun K. Am, U.S. Army

Jerry W. Anderson, U.S. Army

Robert G. Arbuthnot, U.S. Marines

Theresa L. Ashe, U.S. Army

Tommy W Bates, U.S. Marines

Bruce W. Blagg, U.S. Marines

George R. Brager, U.S. Army

Charles Brands, U.S. Army

Peter A. Brands, U.S. Coast Guard

Heidi E. Brezynski, U.S. Army

Dylan J. Brogan, U.S. Army

Mark S. Burris, U.S. Army

James J. Campbell, U.S. Navy

Matthew R. Cardenas, U.S. Navy

Robert J. Ceccarelli, U.S. Army

Cristian Cervantes Rico, U.S. Army

Peter M. Challenor, U.S. Army

Wesley R. Chase, U.S. Army

Hector H. Chavez

Joseph Churchill, U.S. Navy

Jason M. Collier, U.S. Marines

Theodore E. Dana, Jr., U.S. Army

Donald H. Dana, U.S. Army

Isaac S. Daniels

Philip J. Dove, U.S. Marines

William E. Duggins, U.S. Army

Clyde J. Elkinton, U.S. Army

Dale A. Erickson, U.S. Navy

Ron O. Fleming, U.S. Army

Richard I. Gagner, Jr., U.S. Army

Kenneth R. Gee, U.S. Navy

Scott K. Ginoza, U.S. Army, U.S. National Guard

Ernesto C. Gomez

Michael A. Harker, U.S. Marines

Jeffrey D. Hartz, U.S. Air Force

Evan M. Hathon, U.S. Marines

Steven L. Helaas, U.S. Army

Larry R. Helaas, U.S. Navy

Edwin A. Herring, U.S. Army, U.S. National Guard

John W. Holcomb, U.S. Army

Robert E. Hren, U.S. Navy

Ronald W. Hren, U.S. Coast Guard

Aaron M. Jacobson, U.S. Marines

Lee E. Jones, U.S. Navy

Aaron G. Kauffmann, U.S. Navy

James V. Kores, U.S. Army

Robert D. Larson

Richard W. Lewis

Joshua D. Livingston, U.S. Army

Edward T. Lontz, U.S. Coast Guard

Jason C. Lopez, U.S. Army

James E. Lyness, U.S. Navy

Brian D. Manthey, U.S. Navy

Whitney C. Marsh, U.S. Marines

Jacob D. Mccray, U.S. Army

Roger R. Mehl, U.S. Army

David R. Melvard, U.S. Army

Baltazar E. Mendoza, U.S. Army

Franklin G. Mirabal, U.S. Army

Reyes S. Mirabal, U.S. Army

Dan Mirabal, U.S. Army

Robert T. Mitchell, U.S. Marines

Jeffrey R. Montgomery, U.S. Army

James C. Montgomery, U.S. Army

Thomas E. Palmer, U.S. Marines

Terry G. Philley, U.S. Navy

Billy R. Philley, Sr., U.S. Marines

Bill R. Philley, Jr., U.S. Army

Thomas R. Reed, U.S. Coast Guard

Joshua T. Reed, U.S. Navy

Luis Rodriguez, U.S. Army

Michael Rodwell, U.S. Navy

David H. Scott, U.S. Marines

Carl A. Seaver, U.S. Army

Spencer M. Seavey, U.S. Navy

Arthur B. See, U.S. Army

Conrad C. Siewert, U.S. Army

Ernesto P. Simpson, U.S. Army

Timothy D. Skagen, U.S. Marines

Brian E. Smith, U.S. Navy

Larry A. Starr, U.S. Air Force

Mikhail K. Stone, U.S. Navy

Rodney L. Sullivan, U.S. Army

Art R. Teeters, U.S. Air Force

Art V. Teeters, U.S. Air Force

Leroy F. Trujillo, U.S. Army

Rodney C. Tuengel, U.S. Navy

Travis L. Turner, U.S. Navy

Edmund A. Van Winkle, U.S. Coast Guard

Donald Vidovic, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy

Gerald L. Wagner, U.S. Marines

Justin A. Walker

Jesse R. Walters, U.S. Army

Shorn Williams

Howard T. Wills

Luke A. Wilson, U.S. Navy

Duke K. Wilson, U.S. Navy

Theron M. Wofford, U.S. Navy



Paul H. Apted, U.S. Army

John M. Barth, U.S. Marines

Joseph O. Becker, U.S. Army

Gregory W. Bellman, U.S. Navy

Travis W. Biehl, U.S. Army

Paul D. Black, U.S. Air Force

Richard T. Black, U.S. Army

David W. Black, U.S. Army

George C. Blair, U.S. Army

Donald A. Bloemker, U.S. Air Force

Russell T. Brinck, U.S. Marines

George F. Bully, U.S. Air Force

Anthony Caminiti, U.S. Army

Ralph E. Carle, U.S. Army

Jonathan R. Carney, U.S. Navy

Thomas E. Carroll, U.S. Navy

James R. Carter, U.S. Navy

George T. Caseltine, U.S. Army

Donald D. Cooley, U.S. Navy

Charlie W. Cooper, U.S. Navy

Nicholas M. Courter, U.S. National Guard

Donald G. Cox, U.S. Army

John W. Cox, U.S. Army

Michael R. Davis, U.S. Navy

John C. Dearinger, U.S. Army

Dan J. Diersing, U.S. Army

Wallace J. Donovan, U.S. Army

James T. Eby, U.S. Navy

Vincent V. Eby, U.S. Navy

James C. Eubanks, U.S. National Guard

Andrew R. Foster, U.S. National Guard

Michael P. Fox, U.S. Army

Alan T. Fries, U.S. National Guard

James H. Fuller, U.S. Army

James P. Funk, U.S. Army

James W. Geghan, U.S. Air Force

Anthony J. Gorrasi, U.S. Army

Thomas J. Gutzwiller, U.S. Air Force

Jeffrey D. Hamm, U.S. Marines

Joseph D. Hofstetter, U.S. Army

Robert M. Hughes, U.S. Army

Ross J. Jensen, U.S. Army

James R. Kain, U.S. Marines

Jan S. Korb, U.S. Marines

Daniel R. Kuczero, U.S. National Guard

Earl A. Kuntz, U.S. Navy

Larry P. Lange, U.S. Army

John E. Lichtenfeld, U.S. Marines

Daniel C. Lichtenfeld, U.S. Marines

Frederick T. Long, U.S. Army

Charles A. Lows, U.S. Marines

Lincoln Lynch, U.S. Army

John McCarren, U.S. Army

Paul F. Meyer, U.S. Army

Ronald R. Meyer, U.S. Navy

Stephen Moore, U.S. Army

James Murray, U.S. Army

Donald P. Murrison, U.S. Army

Stanley L. Orem, U.S. Navy

David L. Padgett, U.S. Army

Joseph Panno, U.S. Navy

James W. Penny, U.S. Army

John A. Phillips, Jr., U.S. Navy

Matthew J. Przytulski, U.S. Army

James R. Ratley, U.S. Army

Donald J. Reuss, U.S. Army

Barry P. Rohrmeier, U.S. Navy

Cecil E. Russell, U.S. Army

William A. Scharold, U.S. Navy

Charles T. Seabolt, U.S. Army

Marvin D. Smith, U.S. Marines

Robert T. Smith, Jr., U.S. Marines

Gerald P. Solly, U.S. Army

John E. Stenger, U.S. Army

Carl J. Stern, U.S. Marines

James D. Stern, U.S. Army

Thomas J. Strieker,U.S. National Guard

Paul M. Tighe, U.S. Army

George N. Torline, U.S. Army

Raymond Uhlmansiek, U.S. Air Force

James P. Vogt, U.S. Army

James T. Walsh, U.S. Army

John J. Weeks, U.S. National Guard

Joseph M. Williams, U.S. Navy

Joseph F. Williams, U.S. Army

Donald F. Wilson, U.S. Marines



Robert H. Burch, U.S. Army

Cody A. Dare, U.S. National Guard

Robert R. Elliott, Sr.

Alva L. Ellis, U.S. Army

Donald B. Fisher

Michael J. Fowler, U.S. Marines

Gregory Holman, U.S. Air Force

James E. Horvath, U.S. Marines

Clifford A. Kelly, U.S. Navy

Ronnie M. Lee, U.S. Army

Michael R. Morrison, U.S. Army

Andrew D. Myers, U.S. Army

Cody L. Stubbs, U.S. Army

Jon M. Surginer, U.S. Marines

Freddie D. Wilkerson, U.S. Marines



Henry Aguilar

Joseph S. Alexander, U.S. Air Force

Robert W. Anderson, U.S. Army

Edward L. Anderson, Sr., U.S. Air Force

George W. Anderson, U.S. Navy

Arthur H. Anderson, Jr., U.S. Navy

Fred J. Armstead, U.S. Army

Robert P. Berg, U.S. Marines

Arthur Bevan

John Bohlmann

Naquan Boyd

Erik Brandstadter, U.S. Marines

William F. Breidenbach, U.S. Navy

Harry E. Brown

Philmore D. Brown, U.S. Army

Dennis Burke

Marion J. Byczek

James E. Castellane, U.S. Army

Miroslav Celic

Joseph W. Connelly, Jr., U.S. Navy

Richard Dacey, U.S. Army

Bryan S. Delgado

Robert R. Denner, U.S. Army

John R. Dick

Kenneth J. Dougherty, U.S. Army

Robert J. Evelich

Joseph A. Fama, U.S. Navy

Eric J. Feeley

Hubert T. Feeley, U.S. Navy

Frank A. Ferraro, U.S. Navy

Kevin J. Fitzpatrick

James T. Flynn, U.S. Navy

Patrick I. Ford, U.S. Army

John P. Frank, Jr., U.S. Marines

Scott J. Gaspich, U.S. Army

Frank L. Gaspich, U.S. Army

Frederick Gebhardt

Manuel A. Giraldo, U.S. Marines

Larry V. Goode, Jr, U.S. Marines

Seth W. Green

Frank R. Henderson

Peter J. Herzich, U.S. Army

William C. Hofmann, U.S. Army

Daniel A. Hope

William Jessie, U.S. Coast Guard

Peter T. Kelly, U.S. Navy

Peter Kenny, U.S. National Guard

Brandon M. Kilstein, U.S. Marines

Thomas J. Korsgen, U.S. Marines

James J. Lanigan, U.S. Marines

George M. Legaz

Martin A. Listl, U.S. Army

Lawrence Loperfido

Philip A. Lucia, U.S. Marines

Peter H. Madden, U.S. Coast Guard

Daniel C. Manzella, U.S. Air Force

Marcello Marinzulich, U.S. Army

James F. McGee, U.S. Air Force

Ronald P. Morgan, U.S. Army

James J. Morgan, U.S. Army

Richard R. Noland, U.S. Army

Edwin Olivera

Edward J. Orinski, U.S. Marines

Anthony J. Ortiz, U.S. Navy

John Peros, U.S. Marines

Samuel P. Pinyuh, U.S. Navy

Adriel Pratt, U.S. Marines

Edward Ragusin, U.S. Marines

Eugene Regno, U.S. Army

Frank Reischel, U.S. Navy

Elmer Y. Rivera, U.S. Marines

Mark Rodriguez

Michael Rudolph, U.S. Marines

Philip A. Saiz, U.S. National Guard

Henry F. Schroeder, U.S. Army

Arthur J. Sickler, U.S. Army

John Simicich, Jr., U.S. Army

Alen Skoda, U.S. Marines

Nicholas Slade, U.S. Navy

Nicholas P. Spaich, U.S. Army, U.S. National Guard

Roberto J. Thompson, U.S. Army

John E. Turrisi, U.S. Army

Javelin J. Waddell, U.S. Army

Albert J. Wassell, U.S. Army

Robert C. Zitt, Jr., U.S. Navy

Francisco Dominguez, U.S. Army

Francisco “Paco” Vega, U.S. Army



Jessica M. Ackler, U.S. Army

Samuel Adames, U.S. Army

Stephen P. Aiello, U.S. Navy

Martin J. Bennett, U.S. Army

Mark J. Borgesi, U.S. Army

Ronald D. Bowens, U.S. Air Force

Thomas M. Bowman, U.S. Navy

Richard J. Brennan, U.S. Navy

John C. Calhoun, U.S. Marines

William V. Cammann, U.S. Marines

Wayne T. Campbell, U.S. Army

John A. Carlin, U.S. Army

Francis J. Carr, U.S. Army

Stanley C. Cheeseman, U.S. Marines

Edgar D. Chew, U.S. Coast Guard

Stephen R. Chiardio, U.S. Army

Harry Coleman, U.S. Coast Guard

John Collius, III, U.S. Army

Frank Colombo, U.S. Army

Michael F. Condon, U.S. Army

Richard J. Condon, U.S. Army

William F. Cornett, U.S. Navy

Jon S. Cushing, U.S. Army

Pasquale A. Dangelantonio, Jr., U.S. Navy

Paul F. Dessables, Jr., U.S. Navy

Steven H. Diehl, U.S. Army

Danziger J. Dudley, U.S. Marines

Patrick J. Eiding, U.S. Army

Harry Eiding, U.S. Navy

James A. Fayer, U.S. Army

Lewis C. Fitzgerald, U.S. Army

David L. Forcey, U.S. Army

Kenneth F. German, U.S. Army

Kwane M. Glover, U.S. Army

Justin R. Grams, U.S. Army

Steven Grau, U.S. Army

William J. Greiss, U.S. Army

Albert R. Grimmie, U.S. Army

Andrew T. Haas, U.S. Army

Robert Heron, U.S. Marines

John K. Holloran, U.S. Navy

James J. Holloran, U.S. Navy

James M. Hope, U.S. Marines

Nicolas S. Hope, U.S. Marines

Alphonso F. Johnson, U.S. Navy

Roland G Johnson, U.S. Navy

Roland G. Johnson, Jr., U.S. Marines

William J. Keller, U.S. Marines

Dylan J. Keller, U.S. Coast Guard

David R. Kelley, U.S. Army

Kelsea M. Lock, U.S. National Guard

Brendon J. Lund, U.S. Navy

James M. Magin, U.S. Navy

Joseph E. March, U.S. Navy

Rudolph March, U.S. Marines

John J. McAleese, U.S. Army

William F. McAlexander, U.S. Air Force

William J. McCarron, Jr., U.S. Navy

Geoffrey S. McCormac, U.S. Marines

John F. McGovern, U.S. Army

Bryan X. McGovern, U.S. Army

John W. McGuigan, U.S. Army

Eugene E. Meili, Jr., U.S. Marines

Robert F. Metz, U.S. Navy

Harry G. Miller, U.S. Marines

Craig T. Montalvo, U.S. Army

Thomas M. Montemayor, U.S. Army

James M. Murphy, U.S. Army

Vincent A. Nicolosi, U.S. Marines

William V. O’Brien, Jr., U.S. Army

Daniel O’Kane, Sr., U.S. Army

Gerald B. Pellak, U.S. Army

William Pettit, U.S. Navy

Laurance Pettit, U.S. Army

Joseph W. Pettit, U.S. Army

Paul Pettit, U.S. Navy

John J. Ragen, III, U.S. Navy

John J. Ragen, U.S. Army

Glenn J. Randon, U.S. Navy

Richard V. Reeves, U.S. Navy

Frederick F. Reighn, U.S. Air Force

Thomas G Roberts, U.S. Army

Clarence E. Roesberg, U.S. Navy

Frank Rollo, U.S. Army

Ronald P. Romano, U.S. Navy

Stephen M. Rucci, U.S. Marines

Charles I Seeberger, U.S. Navy

Charles F. Seeberger, U.S. Army

Joseph Senatore, III, U.S. Marines

John D. Sheck, U.S. Army

Gerald Smith, U.S. Coast Guard

Daniel R. Stelzer, U.S. Army

Robert N. Swanson, Jr., U.S. Navy

Joseph A. Troxell, III, U.S. Army

John J. Van Horn, Jr., U.S. Army

John Walker, U.S. Army

John J. Wilke, Jr., U.S. Army

David Wintheim, U.S. Navy



Randall G. Goss, U.S. Navy



Amer A. Abu-Safieh, U.S. Air Force

Leo Q. Aliac, U.S. Army

Shawn W. Allen, U.S. Army

Gabriel Anchondo, U.S. Air Force

Vincent R. Andrews, U.S. Army

Charles L. Andrews, U.S. Army

Richard J. Arroyo, U.S. Army

Donald L. Bass, U.S. Navy

James L. Beard, U.S. Army

Don S. Bell, U.S. Army

Roger D. Bellamy, U.S. Navy

Charles M. Bigelow, U.S. Navy

Tim J. Bir, U.S. Marines

Melvin L. Breshears, U.S. Marines

Meredith Brown, U.S. Army

Don L. Burnett, U.S. Marines

Louis R. Calvillo, U.S. Army

Robert M. Cantley, U.S. Marines

Joshua H. Carter, U.S. Marines

Vernon M. Clark, U.S. Navy

Danny C. Claytor, U.S. Army

Grant C. Cook, U.S. Air Force

Herbert Cook

Larry R. Cooper, U.S. Marines

Jeffrey S. Dayton, U.S. Navy

William W. Defoe, U.S. Marines

Alexander T. Deist, U.S. Marines

William R. Dennis, U.S. Army

Richard E. Douros, U.S. Army

Edward A. Earl

Michael R. Epley, U.S. Coast Guard

Anthony C. Farr, U.S. Army

Douglas Fields, U.S. Army

Roger W. Fonken, U.S. Coast Guard

Javian L. Freeman, U.S. Army

James T. Gannon, U.S. Army

Ronald R. Gertz, U.S. Air Force

Kenneth L. Ghimenti, U.S. Army

Raoul Gomez, Jr., U.S. Navy

Victor M. Gomez, U.S. Army

Robert A. Gutierrez, U.S. Army

Jacob D. Gwiazdon, U.S. Army

William W. Hamman, U.S. Army

Matthew Hanson, U.S. Army

Martin M. Hargrove, U.S. Marines

Mitchell R. Hegarty, U.S. Air Force

William L. Heinicke, U.S. Army

Matthew V. Hilla, U.S. Army

Billy E. Hodges, Jr., U.S. Navy

Gary D. Hubbell, U.S. Army

Levi D. Humphres, U.S. Navy

John P. Jagoda, Jr., U.S. Army

Randall S. Jojo, U.S. Air Force

Nicholas T. Jones, U.S. Marines

Norman E. Juelch, U.S. National Guard

Tim S. Kelley, U.S. Navy

Stanley Langner, U.S. Army

Maurice Lawrence, U.S. Army

Kenerd O. Lawrence, U.S. Marines

Robert M. Lee, U.S. Army

Michael H. Loforte, U.S. Marines

Gerald Loften, U.S. Marines

James F. Logue, U.S. Navy

David J. Longman, U.S. Army

John P. Mahoney, U.S. Army

Scott I. Manglona, U.S. Marines

Monte R. Manwill, U.S. Marines

Claude McBride, Jr., U.S. Navy

Andrew B. McCarthy, U.S. Army

Seamus R. McGuire, U.S. Navy

Gilbert Miles, U.S. Army

Geoffrey W. Millar, U.S. Army

Robert W. Mingram, U.S. Marines

William L. Moore, U.S. Army

Sean T. Morse, U.S. Air Force

John R. Murphy, U.S. Navy

Kenneth W. Norris, U.S. Marines

James M. Owen, U.S. Navy

Richard C. Plant, U.S. Army

James K. Polk

Ronald A. Powers, U.S. National Guard

Gordon C. Reber, U.S. Army

James E. Rodgers, U.S. Navy

Robert B. Ross, U.S. Army

James W. Schwandt, U.S. Army

Hans D. Siebert, U.S. Army

Mark A. Sorvari, U.S. National Guard

Merle C. Steele, U.S. Army

Marcus A. Stevens, U.S. Marines

Johnny A. Suarez, U.S. Army

John D. Surber, U.S. Army

Stacy R. Turner, U.S. Navy

Myron F. Walsh, Jr., U.S. Marines

Ken R. Watt, U.S. Marines

Michael R. Winbush, U.S. Marines

Andrew E. Wright, U.S. Navy

John E. Wyss

Robert C. Young, U.S. National Guard

Craig A. Younger, U.S. Marines



Joe Aimaro

Roger J. Almaguer, U.S. Air Force

Fred Autenrieth

Noah C. Bailey, III

Mitchell Barach, U.S. Navy

Henry Bassuener, U.S. Army

Ronald J. Bazan, U.S. Army

Michael J. Becton, Jr.

Thomas E. Bell, U.S. Army

Carmen Bertolino, U.S. Marines

Lawrence Bibbons, U.S. Army

Adam E. Blood

Edward M. Boersma, U.S. Air Force

Grover D. Bozarth, U.S. Marines

Joseph F. Branigan, U.S. Army

Cornelius Brown, U.S. Marines

Jack F. Bryant, U.S. Navy

Michael S. Burnison

Donald W. Burns, U.S. Army

Fred Burton, U.S. Army

John M. Caddick, U.S. Air Force

John Caher, U.S. Marines

Andre D. Cain, U.S. Army

Charles B. Caley, Jr., U.S. Army

James E. Caley, U.S. Army

Salvatore Camiliere, U.S. Army

Jose L. Campos, U.S. Marines

Salvador Cardenas

Phillip Clemens, U.S. Marines

Jerry Clemens, U.S. Marines

John C. Clifford, U.S. Army, U.S. Marines

John Cora, U.S. Air Force

James Cotiguala, U.S. Navy

Michael J. Cotiguala, U.S. Navy

Charles T. Craig

Stephen J. Craven, U.S. Army

Edward J. Crowe, Jr., U.S. Army

Edward Crowe, Sr., U.S. Navy

Mark J. Cunningham, Sr., U.S. Navy

Terrance R. Dooley, U.S. Army

Donald Dorsey, U.S. Air Force

Patrick J. Eder, U.S. Air Force

Truman J. Epps, Jr.

Richard Ernat, U.S. Army

Dean J. Farmer, U.S. Army

Richard L. Feger, U.S. Marines

Thomas J. Fitzgerald, U.S. Army

Gerald O. Fitzgerald, U.S. Army

Michael Flood, U.S. Army

Maurice Flood, U.S. Army

George Flood, U.S. Army

William Flood, U.S. Army

Thomas Flood, U.S. Navy

Mark D. Foreman, U.S. Marines

Donald M. Fulton, U.S. Army

Fred W. Gabriel

Lawrence M. Gibbons, U.S. Army

Joseph P. Gilmore, U.S. Air Force

William Glynn, U.S. Army

Erwin J. Godawa, U.S. Army

Frank Gomez, U.S. Marines

Robert L. Graves, U.S. Army

Clifford O. Graves, U.S. Army, U.S. National Guard

Juan Guillen, U.S. Army

Eugene Heavlin, U.S. Army

James F. Heeter, U.S. Army

Adam S. Herrera

Anthony M. Herrera, Jr., U.S. Army, U.S. Marines

Charles D. Hodel, U.S. Army

Thomas W. Hoelscher, U.S. Army

Lewis A. Hoelscher, U.S. Army

Ernest J. Hoskins, U.S. Marines

Fred Hosmer, U.S. Army

Patrick J. Hurley, U.S. Marines

Robert W. Johnson

Rudolph Johnson III, U.S. National Guard

William T. Jordan, U.S. Army

James J. Juchcinski, U.S. National Guard

John Keane, U.S. Army

Patrick F. Keane, U.S. Navy

Michael C. Kelley

James Kerns, U.S. Army

Terrance P. Klees, U.S. Army

Harold Knake, U.S. Marines

Michael A. Kopycinski

Lawrence M. Kraus, U.S. Army

John J. Kwiat, Jr., U.S. Army

James T. Lavin, U.S. Army

Patrick K. Lee

Jamie J. Leska

Ralph E. Linder, U.S. Marines

Kevin P. Lindsey, U.S. Marines

William C. Lindsey, U.S. Navy

Raymond J. Loranger, U.S. Marines

William L. Lynch, Jr., U.S. Marines

James J. Lynch, Jr., U.S. Navy

Matthew J. Macha

Eduardo Mancilla

Earl R. Markle, U.S. Navy

Alex Marovich, U.S. Army

John T. Martin, Jr., U.S. Marines

Dennis V. Marz, U.S. Army

Henry A. Matthews, U.S. Army

Michael A. McDonough, U.S. Marines

James J. McDonough, U.S. Army

George F. McDonough, U.S. Army

William McManus, U.S. Army

Robert L. McManus, U.S. Air Force

Lawrence McManus, U.S. Navy

John McNichols, U.S. Army

Charles Miller, U.S. Army

Harold E. Molchin, U.S. Army

Kenneth Moore, U.S. Marines

Thomas R. Morrill, U.S. Air Force

Thomas Morris, Jr., U.S. Army

Carl Morris, U.S. Marines

Jason A. Moser

Michael Murphy, U.S. Army

Lawrence Murphy, U.S. Army

Joseph T. Musselman, U.S. Army

Thomas R. Natzke, U.S. National Guard

Charles Naugle, U.S. Army

Gary A. Nielsen, U.S. Army

Arnold Nielsen, U.S. Army

Kenneth W. O’Brien, U.S. Air Force

James B. O’Brien, U.S. Navy

Patrick O’Brien, U.S. Army

Bernard F. O’Hara, U.S. Marines

John W. O’Leary, U.S. Army

Raymond O’Neil, U.S. Army

Richard P. O’Reilly, U.S. Marines

Daniel J. O’Reilly, U.S. Air Force

Charles R. O’Toole, U.S. National Guard

James R. Parenti, U.S. Navy

Louis J. Pauly, U.S. Army

Thomas Pinner, U.S. Marines

James A. Quinn, U.S. Marines

Manuel A. Quinto, U.S. Army, U.S. Marines

William R. Radamacher, U.S. Army

Bernard F. Ray, U.S. Marines

Curtis R. Reifon, U.S. Air Force

Richard S. Reliford, U.S. Air Force

Lance K. Renner

John Retondo, U.S. Army

Eduardo T. Roman, U.S. Army

James Rosenkranz, U.S. Army

Edward L. Russell, U.S. Navy

Hugh B. Ryan

Peter Sannasardo, U.S. Army

David Sendejas

Brendan M. Shine

Patrick J Sifuentes, U.S. Army

David A Sills

Michael J. Siwy, U.S. Navy

Leonard M. Smith, Jr.

John M Snyder

Raymond E. Sowinski, U.S. Army

Jamaal Steward, U.S. National Guard

Ronald I. Thomas, U.S. Navy

Walter D. Thomas, U.S. National Guard

Wesley J. Van Osdol, U.S. Marines

Jaime Villagomez

Donald E. Visage, U.S. Army

Charles V. Walker, U.S. Army

James D. Walsh, U.S. Navy

John S. Walsh, U.S. Army

James P. Walsh, U.S. Navy

Lee G. Wells, Jr., U.S. Army

Glenn W. Werner, U.S. Marines

Norman White, U.S. Air Force

Jack A. Winter, U.S. Army

Richard F. Yost, U.S. Army

Lawrence H. Zoldowski, U.S. Army



Rick D. Anderson

Woody G. Bagwell, U.S. Army

Robert L. Blaker

Charles R. Butche Jr., U.S. Air Force

Phillip T. Collier, U.S. Navy

Randall K. Crocker, U.S. Navy

Bryan J. Cross, U.S. Army

John P. Danklesen, U.S. Army

Alan S. Donnella, U.S. Army

Leslie A. Dunn, U.S. Army

Aaron M. Dunn, U.S. Army

James L. Edwards, U.S. Marines

Russell M. Farris, U.S. Army

Dave W. Fishel, U.S. Marines

James A. Gann, U.S. Marines

Kevin A. Good, U.S. Marines

Brian T. Gwaltney, U.S. Marines

Joseph Haigerty, U.S. Army

Craig G. Hall, U.S. Marines

Joshua P. Hetman, U.S. Army

Rusty Hicks, U.S. National Guard

Roger L. Hill, U.S. Navy

Harry L. Jones, Jr., U.S. Army

Tom R. Kingen, U.S. Marines

Stewart A. Lee, U.S. Marines

Todd M. Mattox, U.S. Navy

Steven L. Maxwell, U.S. Army

Charles W. Oeding

Brian K. O’Neal, U.S. Marines

Randall W. Putnam, U.S. Navy

William J. Putnam, U.S. Air Force

James R. Rigsbee, U.S. Navy

Eric R. Roberts, U.S. Army

Gerald J. Roberts, Jr., U.S. Army

Rebekah Robinson, U.S. Navy

Roger L. Sanders, U.S. Air Force

Michael Scott, U.S. Navy

Robert C. Shannon, U.S. Air Force

Tobias J. Stafford, Jr., U.S. Army

Staci A. Starcher, U.S. Army

Timothy A. Stephens, U.S. Army

Douglas E. Stuckey, U.S. Marines

Donald C. Sumpter, II, U.S. National Guard

Robert J. Swords, II, U.S. Army

Wendell W. Townsend, U.S. Air Force

Steven E. Toy, U.S. Army

Jay W. Trahan, U.S. Army

Emmett T. Trueblood, U.S. Marines

Ben Wilson, U.S. National Guard

Mark L. Wyer, U.S. Army



Frank L. Abela, U.S. Army

Ray E. Acosta, U.S. Air Force

James D. Annis, U.S. Army

Richard P. Arend

Dirk D. Arnold, U.S. Navy

Rodney Austin, U.S. Marines

Ryan J. Batzler

David J. Bethe, U.S. Marines

Lee A. Bongard, U.S. Army

Patrick Bowe, U.S. Navy

Donald B. Brackett, U.S. Navy

Lester P. Breunig, U.S. Army

Kenneth G. Bristol, U.S. Navy

Jeffrey A. Burns, U.S. Army

Gregory S. Burns, U.S. Marines

Brian N. Cordes, Sr., U.S. National Guard

Jeffrey M. Dees, U.S. Army

Brian T. Donley, U.S. Navy

Michael S. Donley, II, U.S. Navy

Richard D. Elmer, U.S. Army

Dennis F. Erickson, U.S. Army

Delbert E. Fischer, U.S. Marines

Stanley H. Frosch, U.S. Army

Randy M. Frosch, U.S. Army

Thomas E. Gaynor, Jr., U.S. Air Force

Marvin W. Gerls, U.S. Army

Thomas W. Globig, U.S. Air Force

Raul Gonzalez, U.S. Army

John Goodweiler, U.S. Army

Jay F. Haase, U.S. Army

Harold A. Haase, U.S. Marines

Robert H. Hensen, U.S. Army

Arlan J. Holloway, U.S. Air Force

Raleigh H. Illgen, U.S. Army

Benjamin J. Jarvis, Jr., U.S. Navy

Richard J. Kies

Kelly J. Krizmanich, U.S. Marines

Steven G. Kulpa, U.S. Marines

Richard A. Lemminger, U.S. Air Force

Robert G. Lipski

James A. Lisbon, U.S. Navy

Charles F. Lochen, U.S. Army

Jeffrey A. Makowski, U.S. Marines

Tyler J. Nash, U.S. Army

Edward E. Nedland, U.S. National Guard

Edward A. Obluck, U.S. Army

Jose A. Ornelas

Thomas C. Pagel, U.S. Navy

Jeffrey Peot, U.S. Marines

Jon W. Perry, U.S. Army, U.S. Marines

Mike J. Pestka, U.S. Air Force

Robin L. Petersen, U.S. Marines

Mark E. Redieske, U.S. Marines

Dustin A. Roe, U.S. Army

Dennis S. Ruder, U.S. Army

Jeffrey A. Rueth, U.S. Army

Scott R. Schoeneberg

James Sitek, U.S. Marines

Bradley A. Smith, U.S. Army

Ronald M. Sornson, U.S. Navy

David J. St Clair, U.S. Army

Richard S. Taylor, U.S. Air Force

William N. Vanbennekom, U.S. Marines

John F. Walden, U.S. Marines

Mark F. Weber, U.S. Coast Guard

Daniel J. Wells, U.S. Marines

Jeremy Wenzlick, U.S. Army

Wayne A. Yanke, U.S. National Guard

Timothy J. Young, U.S. Marines

Michael J. Zolecki, U.S. Army

Dennis A. Zwaga, U.S. National Guard



Edwin I. Aduddell, U.S. Army

Edwin I. Aduddell, Jr., U.S. Army

Rodger E. Boman, U.S. Navy

James E. Brooks, U.S. Navy

Dennis E. Cassidy, U.S. Navy

Robert D. Cowling, U.S. Army

Rodney Coy, U.S. Army

Homer D. Ellis, U.S. Army

Ronald E. Floyd, U.S. Navy

Jimmie C. Grimes, U.S. Army

Thorne L. Hilborn, U.S. Army

Kern Janow, U.S. Navy

Calvin Klause, U.S. Navy

Waite Klause, U.S. Navy

Thomas C. Kleinmann, U.S. Marines

Leland B. Little, Jr., U.S. Army

James E. McCraw, U.S. Navy

Darrell Pettit, U.S. Marines

JC Price, U.S. Navy

Connie C. Puckett, U.S. Army

James Redding, U.S. Army

Rusty R. Reese, U.S. Army

Troy L. Rice, U.S. Army

Thomas J. Spencer, Jr., U.S. Army

Billy R. Stroup, Jr., U.S. Army

Jimmie L. Vaughan, U.S. Navy

Clifford C. Widowski, U.S. Navy

Bill Williams, U.S. Army

Terry D. Yearout, U.S. Army

Raymond G. Zuniga, U.S. Army



Bobby L. Adams, Jr.

Gustav B. Byrnston, U.S. Marines

David Calderon, U.S. Army

Robert M. Chadwick, U.S. Army

Wincle L. Coan

Milton L. Crochet, U.S. Army

George J. Davis, U.S. Marines

Patrick E. Dawson, U.S. Army

Henry Dekerlegand, Jr., U.S. Army

Robert A. Faulk, U.S. Navy

James W. Fellers, U.S. Army

Jose A. Gonzalez

Ronald J. Guidry, U.S. Marines

Darrel D. La Fleur, U.S. Army

Henry L. Loyd, U.S. Army

Roland S. Morgan, U.S. Army

Michael J. Nelson, Yes

Reyes E. Olivas, U.S. Army

Howard E. Pool, U.S. Army

Ishmael B. Porter, U.S. Army

Roberto Ramos, U.S. Navy

Sergio G. Romero, U.S. National Guard

Marcos R. Sanchez

Donald R. Smith, U.S. Army

John H. Surber, U.S. Navy

Charles G. Thomas, U.S. Army

Samuel R. Tijerina, U.S. Marines

Paul D. Watson, U.S. Army

Mark S. Wilkinson, U.S. Army

John Wilson, U.S. Army

Joe B. Wolf, U.S. Army



Daniel Altemus, U.S. Navy

John W. Armpriester, IV, U.S. National Guard

David P. Ash, U.S. Army

Lloyd M. Ash, U.S. Army

William K. Bailey, U.S. Army

Rodney L. Bair, U.S. Army

William H. Bair, U.S. Navy

Ronald G. Bair, U.S. Marines

Willie C. Benner, U.S. Marines

Ronnie O. Beverley, U.S. Marines

Stanley C Biddle, U.S. Navy

Eugene J. Birkas, U.S. Marines

Richard F. Borman, U.S. Army

Willis D. Brennan, U.S. Marines

Talmadge Bridges, U.S. Army

Matthew Brown, U.S. Army

Bernard Brown, U.S. Army

Lester J. Brown, U.S. Navy

Harry R. Brunner, Jr., U.S. Army

Harold L. Carolus, U.S. Army

Gerald F. Christman, U.S. Army

Peter Ciliberti, Jr, U.S. Navy

Terrence J. Croslis, U.S. Navy

Matthew A. Crumling, U.S. Army

Robert J Davidson, U.S. Navy

Louis R. De Hoff, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force

Cornelius H. Dearybury, U.S. Navy

Craig C. Diamond, U.S. Air Force

Donald P. Diehl, U.S. Army

David M. Ditzler, III, U.S. Air Force

Michael D. Doan, U.S. Navy

Donald E. Edmiston, U.S. Air Force

Robert E. Enck, U.S. Navy

Clarence G. Engle, Jr., U.S. Army

Clarence G. Engle, Sr., U.S. Navy

Jon D. Erdossy, III, U.S. Army

Jimmy C. Flowers, U.S. Army

Robert F. Frey, U.S. Army

William J Galyean, U.S. Army

Donald Haines, U.S. Army

Earl K. Heilner, Jr., U.S. Navy

Clyde W Horne, U.S. Navy

Thomas J. Jordan, U.S. Army

Brandon Keller, U.S. National Guard

Timothy Kelly, U.S. Army

Burnell H. Kennedy, U.S. Air Force

Edward C. Kline, U.S. National Guard

Joseph S. Kunie, Jr., U.S. Army

Ray A. Kuntz, U.S. Army

Woodrow L. Kuntz, U.S. Army

Joseph T. Laughead, U.S. Navy

Matthew S. Leinberger, U.S. Marines

Richard P. Litsch, U.S. Army

Leslie C. Long, U.S. Navy

Stanley M. Mackowiak, Jr., U.S. Navy

Teddy R. Matter, U.S. Air Force

Robert J. Mayne, U.S. Navy

Samuel L. McElwain, U.S. Air Force

Peter McGee, U.S. Air Force

William B. McGee, U.S. Navy

George J. McLaughlin, U.S. Air Force

Harry V. Miller, U.S. Marines

Glenn M. Miller, U.S. Navy

Charles D. Miller, Jr., U.S. Marines

Jack Doyle Miller, U.S. Air Force

George X. Mimm, U.S. Army

William H. Moss, U.S. Navy

Larry S. Myers, U.S. Army

Robert T. Norcross, U.S. Marines

William J. O’Brian, U.S. Navy

Samuel G. Orris, U.S. Marines

George G. Pentz, U.S. National Guard

Sherman R. Peters, U.S. Army

Joseph Pritiskutch, U.S. Army

Terry R. Rice, U.S. Marines

Earl M. Richwine, Jr., U.S. Air Force

Harold C. Showalter, U.S. Army

Arthur R. Singley, U.S. Army

Warren S. Sload, U.S. Army

Aaron S. Snyder, U.S. Marines

Gordon H. Snyder, Sr., U.S. Navy

Curtis L. Stauffer, U.S. Navy

Dylan Steepe, U.S. Army

David A. Sydlowski, U.S. Marines

Ralph L. Turner, Jr., U.S. Air Force

Andrew S. Urash, U.S. Navy

Charles K. Wagner, U.S. Marines

Jeffery L. Wenrich, U.S. Army

Benjamin H. Witmer, III, U.S. Marines

Matthew T. Wrightstone, U.S. Coast Guard

Matthew C. Wuchter, U.S. Marines

Jeffrey J. Zvoncheck, U.S. National Guard



Charles I Abell

Frank H. Ager

Carl D. Atkinson

Adam F. Avila, U.S. National Guard

Raymond J. Bell

Michael E. Bichell

Francis A. Binns

Aaron S. Boyer, U.S. Army

Clarence Brandenburg

Thomas B. Brewer, Jr.

Calvin Brooks, U.S. Navy

Christopher J. Burchell

Rodney Campbell

William C. Campbell, Jr.

Randolph C. Carter

Bernard A. Cavey, Jr., U.S. Army

Rean Chilson

Richard W. Cockrill

Roland J. Cody

Tyrone W. Cook

Delfonda O. Cooper, Jr.

Rufus A. Corbett

George Cullember, Jr.

Raymond L. Dallas

William T. Davis, Jr.

John Dix

John Donaldson

Jack E. Downey

Jimmy Dubry

Dale J. Dusenberry

Dewayne Evans

Paul A. Fearson

Joseph Fearson

Joseph R. Feudale

Leroy J. Fischer

Thomas F. Frere

James Fullerton

Benjamin N. Fullerton

Marion H. Furlong

Joseph A. Galvagna

Horace R. Gant

Eugene L. George

Walter J. Gischel

Charles Grimes

Lukas R. Haines

Melvin A. Haire, Jr., U.S. Marines

Gene Hammill

William E. Harris

Thomas P. Haun, U.S. Army

Robert D. Haun, U.S. Marines

Ira Hayes, Sr

Dennis M. Hill, U.S. Army

Thomas H. Jack

Charles R. Jacquette, U.S. Navy

Robert Jarboe

Marc C. Kinney, U.S. Navy

Stanley Kolodziejcak

Patrick M. Lally, Jr., U.S. Army

Stephen A. Lane, II

James W. Lathos, U.S. Navy

Benjamin C. Lee, U.S. Navy

Charles F. Leitch

Richard G. Mack

Thomas Mansfield, U.S. Marines

Malachi E. Martin, U.S. Army

Jose D. Martinez, U.S. Marines

Michael S. Matsie, U.S. Air Force

Joseph Matthews

Fenton T. McAbee, III

Richard McDonald

William O. Merchant, U.S. Marines

Harry A. Miller, Jr.

Daniel W. Minor

Carl D. Moore

Hugh M. Morgan

Marshall R. Murnan

Charles F. Myers, Jr., U.S. Army

Stanley E. Neal

Andrew B. Newberry, III

Robert H. Nichols, Jr.

John Nyaren

Carlton Parrish

Joseph P. Patterson

Raymond L. Pierce

James F. Pierce, U.S. Navy

James Potter

Roland A. Pugh, Sr.

Robert J. Quinn

Mark A. Ragsdale, U.S. Marines

Dionte M. Redwood, U.S. Army

Donald L. Rice, Jr.

Xavier T. Rice, U.S. Army

Lawrence Robey, Jr., U.S. Army

Peter J. Ruel

Gregory D. Sanders, Sr., U.S. Air Force

Carl J. Scharrer, Jr.

William E. Scheele, Jr.

Michael J. Schulz, Sr

Richard Sebastian

Arnold J. Sexton

Ronald P. Shapard, U.S. Marines

James W. Shaw, U.S. Army

George B. Shaw, Jr.

John Shaw

Michael A. Smith, U.S. Navy

Jeffrey W. Smith, U.S. Army

Paul W. Souder

Joseph Stickell

John D. Strieter

John I. Teague, U.S. Army

Curtis Terrell

Roland E. Thomas

Roland E. Thomas, Jr.

James U. Thomas

Richard D. Thomas

Joseph A. Tootsey, Jr.

Mark K. Tria, U.S. Army

Gilbert Trowbridge, III

Roberto A. Valle, U.S. Marines

Frank D. Vedral

Frederick W. Vollmerhausen, IV, U.S. Army

Jerred A. Wagner, U.S. Army

John R. Walker

William F. Walker

Ervin S. Watson

Maurice G. White

John Whitmer

Benjamin F. Wilkerson

John R. Will

Harry Wilson

Dennis R. Wright

Bryan P. Wright, U.S. Army



Larry E. Andree, U.S. Coast Guard

Ernest R. Andree, U.S. Army

Dennis G. Bluhm

James T. Bondy

William D. Bowden

Gene A. Boyd, U.S. National Guard

Bobby D. Boyd

Michael T. Brandow, U.S. Marines

David H. Bremerkamp, U.S. Marines

Donald G. Carmack

Dennis F. Carpenter

Harry W. Casmer, U.S. Army

Lawrence E. Cole

Jerome W. De Grood, U.S. Army

John J. Dennis, III, U.S. Marines

Thomas A. Dyl

Walter L. Edwards, III

Marshall S. Emig, U.S. Air Force

James P. Fante, U.S. Army

Douglas W. Fournier, U.S. Marines

Robert F. French

Todd W. Furby, U.S. Army

Reginald E. Gardner, U.S. Army

Lawrence T. Gurtowsky, Jr.

Sean B. Halvorsen, U.S. Marines

Adolphus R. Haskins, U.S. Army

Richard T. Hatch

Merlyn R. Hodge

Donald L. Hunt

Patrick Ingram, U.S. Army

Jason B. Jewell, U.S. Army

Douglas A. Kaye

David J. Kottke, U.S. Army

Anthony A. Kraydich, Jr., U.S. Navy

Kenneth J. Langton, U.S. Marines

Edwin V. LaPlaunt, U.S. Army

John M. Mastrangel, U.S. Navy

Guy F. Mastrangel

Samuel A. Matthews

Charles G. McLaughlin

David W. Mell, U.S. Air Force

Timothy B. O’Connell, U.S. Navy

Francisco J. Ortez, U.S. Army

Guadalupe S. Ortez, U.S. Army

Jerry W. Poston

Timothy A. Rahn, U.S. Marines

Arthur V. Richmond, U.S. Air Force

Shannon M. Riley, U.S. Marines

Edwin M. Robertson

James A. Rogers

Jay R. Rogers, U.S. Coast Guard

Randy L. Rowell, U.S. National Guard

Jose A. Ruiz, Jr., U.S. Navy

Nicholas J. Sargent, U.S. Army

Robert P. Schikora, U.S. Coast Guard

Gary L. Simpson, U.S. Coast Guard

Greg E. Sparrow, U.S. Navy

Robert W. Spaulding, U.S. Marines

William B. Stephenson

Logan J. Tokarczyk, U.S. Army

Stephen J. Vandagrift

Constance M. Vincent, U.S. Army

Micah M. Vincent, U.S. Army

Ronald D. Winfield, U.S. Army



David F. Abel, U.S. Navy

Bruce D. Abel, U.S. Navy

Willard G. Abel, U.S. Navy

Robert L. Abel, U.S. Army

Kenneth A. Abel, U.S. Navy

Kyle J. Baxter, U.S. Army

Richard D. Boprey, U.S. Army

Daniel G. Coast, U.S. Army

Gary R. Connolly, U.S. Army

Gerald T. Coxford, U.S. Navy

James V. Cumella, U.S. Navy

Robert A. Curry, U.S. Marines

Gerald F. Desrochers, U.S. Army

Dave D. Dinan, Jr., U.S. Navy

Joseph M. Elliott, U.S. Army

Michael R. Fess, U.S. Army

Edward J. Flanagan, U.S. Army

Richard J. Flanagan, U.S. Army

William H. Johnston, Jr., U.S. Army

James E. Juby, U.S. Army

James L. Juby, U.S. Air Force

John G. Kramer, U.S. Navy

Edward J. Loescher, U.S. Air Force

Dexter A. Mastowski, U.S. Marines

Ronald J. Mcintyre, U.S. Navy

Samuel J. Otto, Jr., U.S. Marines

Kenneth J. Reynick, Jr., U.S. Navy

Paul A. Riedesel, U.S. Air Force

Kenneth R. Tallinger, U.S. Army

Greg T. Urquhart, U.S. Navy

William R. Urquhart, U.S. Army

Norman J. White, U.S. Marines

Richard F. White, U.S. Army



John A. Aquino, U.S. Army

Randall D. Barnett, U.S. Army

Charle H. Brady, U.S. Marines

Philip L. Coombs, U.S. Army

Thomas S. Curiale, U.S. Army

Leo F. Dixon, U.S. Army

Carl F. Dopson, U.S. Army

Richard E. Edwards, U.S. Army

Paul A. Gifford, U.S. Army

Martin T. Gorman, U.S. Army

Richard D. Huge, U.S. Army

Marquis M. Kenison, U.S. Army

Colton T. Kocher, U.S. Army

Stephen J. Leach, U.S. Army

Roy K. Lewandowski

Darwin D. Lewis, U.S. Army

Charles B. Martin, III, U.S. Navy

Charles B. Martin, Jr., U.S. Navy

Ivan E. Martin, U.S. Army

Fred L. Miller, Jr., U.S. Army

Robert E. Perkins, U.S. Navy

David A. Sandtorf, U.S. Navy

David E. Tomlinson, U.S. Air Force

Warren J. Wicks, U.S. Marines

Jacob E. Wiley, U.S. Marines

Kenneth T. Williams, U.S. Army



Anthony K. Abeyta, U.S. Army

Colby V. Anderson, U.S. Air Force

Thomas Axtell, U.S. Marines

Daniel F. Baker, U.S. Army

Barry L. Beauprez, U.S. Navy

Joe A. Becker

Mike Cass, U.S. Navy

Anthony L. Cass, U.S. Navy

Adolfo Chavez, U.S. Marines

John Compton, U.S. Army

Max Cordova, U.S. Navy

Hector Cruz, U.S. Navy

Earl E. Di Rito

William C. Feigt, U.S. Army

Bernie Garcia, U.S. Army

Bill Graham, U.S. Navy

Robert G. Graham, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy

Robert H. Hobbs, U.S. Marines

Wesley A. Kitzman, U.S. Army

Rex Magani, U.S. Navy

Dell Mandhall, U.S. Army

Ralph E. Mccormick, U.S. Army

Fred M. McDonald, U.S. Navy

Gordon L. Mink, U.S. Navy

James D. Murphy, Jr., U.S. Marines

Ronnie A. Nelson, U.S. National Guard

Reid L. Peeler, U.S. Navy

Richard G. Peeler, U.S. Navy

Richard F. Pena, U.S. Marines

Donald H. Philips, U.S. Army

Patrick J. Reefe, U.S. Navy

Phil Roas, U.S. Army

Carl Ley Rolf, U.S. Navy

John J. Schneider, U.S. Navy

Fletcher R. Scott, U.S. Air Force

Don Small, U.S. Army

Thomas B. Stamper, U.S. Army

Alan D. Stuchlik, U.S. Marines

Barry K. Willis, U.S. Army

Donald J. Wilson, U.S. Navy

Gary L. Wood, U.S. Marines

Gary Woods, U.S. Marines



Patrick A. Behan, U.S. Marines

John E. Bonn, U.S. Army

George A. Burns, U.S. Navy

Mark E. Centrone, U.S. Army

Paul Collins, U.S. Army

John R. Dereniski, U.S. Navy

Patrick Driscoll, U.S. Army

David W. Ellis, U.S. Army

William Flannagan, U.S. Army

Herbert L. Fritzen, U.S. Marines

Charles P. Grovine, U.S. National Guard

Kevin P. Kelly, U.S. Air Force

Patrick M. Krzykowski, U.S. Air Force

Michael Lawler, U.S. Army

Victor Lippert, U.S. Army

Mark S. Lougee, U.S. Army

Robert T. McCarthy, Sr., U.S. National Guard

James D. McCormick, U.S. Marines

Leo J. McInerney, U.S. Navy

Michael J. Miller, U.S. Marines

Robert J. Moore, U.S. Army

Brian P Murphy, U.S. Navy

John E. Novak, U.S. Navy

Matthew J. O’Donnell, U.S. Navy

Robert R. Quick, U.S. Army

Robert R. Reap, U.S. Navy

Edward A. Root, U.S. National Guard

Patrick M. Storms, U.S. Army

Paul D. Thayer, U.S. Navy

David B. Towne, U.S. Air Force

Joseph P. Vieni, U.S. Army

John F. Whyland, U.S. Army



Joseph S. Bartlett

Jeffrey L. Bauer

Robert Becker

William P. Byrne

Roland A. Carney, U.S. Army

Larry G. Cerasoli, U.S. Navy

Douglas Cerbie

Christopher A. Cerniglia, U.S. Navy

Richard K. David

Francis C. Donnelly

Francis G. Doscher

Richard E. Dunn, U.S. Air Force

John M. Dwyer, U.S. National Guard

Donald Edly, U.S. Army

Quinton W. Edwards

Raymond M. Facchini, U.S. Army

William J. Ference, Sr.

William S. Ferguson, Jr., U.S. Navy

Thomas E. Fitzgerald, U.S. Navy

George H. Genthe

Brian D. Gethard, U.S. Navy

Douglas Gonzalez, U.S. Marines

Timothy Gunick, U.S. National Guard

Victor G. Hasbouck, U.S. Army

Bryan C. Ksepka, U.S. Marines

Edward J. Kupchick, Jr., U.S. Navy

Fidel Laracuente, U.S. Navy

James R. Legrand, U.S. Marines

Edward Majeski, U.S. Marines

Dennis Moynihan, U.S. Air Force

Joseph Myers, U.S. Army

Howard F. Noll, U.S. Army

John T. Oliver, U.S. Marines

Francis Oliver, U.S. Marines

Sebastian A. Pagano, U.S. Air Force

Richard Pecorilli

George Petkov, U.S. Marines

Charles H. Phillips, U.S. Navy

Frank E. Pol Janic

Anthony Princiotti

Juan Rodriguez, U.S. Army

John S. Senatore, Jr., U.S. Coast Guard

Charles W. Sichler, U.S. Army

Robert C. Sladky, U.S. Army

Morton F. Tolan, U.S. Marines

Francis E. Trebotica, U.S. Navy

Kyle R. Utter

Robert J. Vanslovie

Raymond J. Zorovich, U.S. Army



Matthew Accettullo, U.S. Navy

John J. Adamo

Vincent Amellin, Jr., U.S. Army

Steve R. Armour

William W. Barnes

Dominic A. Basilicato, U.S. Marines

Edward Bill, U.S. Navy

Walter Bill, U.S. Army

Gary E. Bill, U.S. National Guard

Barry Braman, U.S. Army

Mike R. Cavallaro, U.S. Army

Michael G. Colligan

Linwood C. Crockett, Jr., U.S. Marines

Richard A. Daley, U.S. Marines

Louis V. De Marco, U.S. Army

William C. Dinan, U.S. Army

Robert H. Dohna

Paul J. Esposito, U.S. Army

John J. Gilhuly, U.S. Air Force

Charles W. Hoey

John E. Hoey, U.S. Army

Howard D. Hoey, U.S. Navy

Donald A. Iannucci

Raymond A. Laufer, U.S. Marines

David A. Laufer, U.S. Marines

Donald J. Lavoie, Jr., U.S. Marines

Ed Leonard

Harold A. MacDonald

John F. Mahoney, U.S. Army

Gary M. McCarthy, U.S. Army

Gary McCarthy, U.S. Army

Stephen C. Mironick

Edward J. Morrell, U.S. Air Force

David F. Murphy, U.S. Navy

Richard C. O’Connell, U.S. Army

Terry F. Paige, U.S. Marines

William G. Palmer

John G. Pine, U.S. Marines

Joseph J. Renda, U.S. Army

Joseph S. Rosadini

Dominic C. Ryan, U.S. Army

Albert R. Scafati

James W. Sexton, II, U.S. Navy

Edward L. Sheiffele

Francis J. Sommo, U.S. Army

Thomas Urban

Carlos A. Vargas, U.S. Army



Michael S. Adams, U.S. Army

Arthur J. Anderson, U.S. Army

Dennis Bogard, U.S. Army

John R. Boyer

Edward A. Butler, U.S. Air Force

Jeffrey P. Carpenter, U.S. Marines, U.S. National Guard

Hien K. Dinh, U.S. Navy

Chad E. Dircks, U.S. National Guard

Roger A. Englund

William H. Esko, U.S. Army

Casandra S. Flagg, U.S. National Guard

James M. Halek, U.S. Army

Kyle Hannan, U.S. National Guard

Austin S. Hickman, U.S. Army

Madison A. Jennings, U.S. Army

Steven E. Kenison, U.S. Navy

James J. King, U.S. Army

Jesse A. Lamere, U.S. Army

Thomas W. Lauer

Aaron Lee

Feng Lee, U.S. National Guard

Thomas D. McGlade, U.S. Army

Jason J. Merchant, U.S. Marines

William J. Myers, U.S. Air Force

Christopher R. Newman, U.S. Navy

Thomas M. Oberg, U.S. Air Force

Wayde A. Pariseau, U.S. Army

Joseph F. Pietruszewski, U.S. Navy

Daniel J. Pikala, U.S. Coast Guard

Charles T. Pikala, U.S. Coast Guard

Nicholas D. Schmidt, U.S. Army

Earl F. Schultz, U.S. Marines

Donald M. Smith, U.S. Navy

Michael G. Stefonick, U.S. Air Force

Marvin G. Stefonick, U.S. Army

James J. Stefonick, U.S. Marines

Raymond Steglich, U.S. Army

Joshua D. Stene, U.S. National Guard

Thomas C. Tatro

Brian S. Toth, U.S. Marines

Ryan P. Verkennis, U.S. Army

Dennis R. Wallace, U.S. Army

Gary R. Wedin, U.S. Army



Brook Anderson, U.S. Army

Juan Arellano, U.S. Navy

Robert L. Ashard, U.S. Army

William H. Barnes, U.S. Navy

Robert G. Bennett, U.S. Army

Ronald A. Berkholtz, U.S. Army

Aylwin L. Beyer, U.S. Army

Bill R. Brawn, U.S. Army

Thomas A. Buoy, U.S. Army

Gary M. Burns, U.S. Marines

Michael J. Cahill

Douglas E. Candee, U.S. Army

Clinton H. Carlson, U.S. Navy

Casey Carpenter, U.S. Army

Lindy R. Caudle, U.S. Army

Tonnie B. Cavanias, U.S. Army

Stephen D. Chenier, U.S. Army

Larry E. Collins, U.S. Navy

Stephen J. Courtain, U.S. Army

Stan C. Danielson, U.S. National Guard

James F. Daugherty, U.S. Army

Alan H. Davis, U.S. Army

Bobby J. Dickson, III, U.S. Marines

John T. Goss, U.S. Navy

Terry R. Grant, U.S. Army

Garvin H. Grider, U.S. Army

Graham C. Hargrove, III

James D. Henson, U.S. Marines

Bernie H. Heuker, U.S. Coast Guard

Bert E. Ingram, U.S. National Guard

Randall E. Johnson, U.S. Army

William J. Jones, U.S. Marines

Orvil O. Keeling, U.S. Navy

Robert C. Kelley, U.S. Army

Vaughn R. Kessler, U.S. Marines

Robert J. Kramer, U.S. Navy

Duane Lachnite, U.S. Navy

Eric Lainez, U.S. Marines

David V. Laski, U.S. Army

Jeffrey D. Long, U.S. Army

Ronald J. Magallanes, U.S. Army

Daniel J. McKenzie, U.S. Marines

Michael P. McKillip, U.S. Army

Melvin D. McKinnon, U.S. Marines

Thomas J. McNealy, U.S. Army

Eddie C. Metzger, U.S. Navy

David G. Metzger, U.S. National Guard

Donald E. Miller, U.S. Navy

Emory C. Molchan, U.S. Marines

Paul Morgan, U.S. Army

Fremon D. Nash, U.S. Army

Ronald L. Nations, U.S. Navy

Darrel M. Ness, U.S. Coast Guard

David J. Niven, U.S. Army

Donald R. Olson, U.S. National Guard

Rex D. Pelker, Jr., U.S. National Guard

Robert L. Petersen, U.S. Navy

John P. Phillips, Jr., U.S. Coast Guard

Jacob P. Phillips, U.S. Marines

Richard J. Phillips, U.S. Coast Guard

Robert W. Pinegar, Jr., U.S. Army

Kelly L. Powell, U.S. Navy

Larry L. Reaney, U.S. National Guard

Donald L. Reynolds, U.S. Army

Robert A. Roth, U.S. Army

Albert L. Roth, U.S. Army

Jess A. Sackett, U.S. Marines

Robert A. Sonies, U.S. Marines

Sanford W. Stein, U.S. Navy

John M. Stone, U.S. Army

Carl R. Sundquist, U.S. Army

Donald M. Takach, U.S. Marines

Steven S. Testerman, U.S. Army

Michael K. Thomas, U.S. Marines

Joel B. Walker, U.S. Marines

Alton L. Wallace, U.S. Army



Raymond L. Adkins, U.S. Navy

James F. Alexander, U.S. Navy

Clarence A. Ambrose, U.S. Army

Paul E. Arnold, U.S. Navy

Charles W. Asher, Jr., U.S. Air Force

James Barrix, U.S. Army

John A. Barron, U.S. Air Force

Timothy D. Bee, U.S. Army

Seth J. Bell, U.S. Marines

Alan W. Blanchard, U.S. Air Force

Willis F. Blanchard, U.S. Navy

Willis Blanchard, U.S. Navy

George D. Bonenberger, U.S. Army

Jason C. Booker, U.S. Marines

John P. Boone, Sr., U.S. Army

Chester L. Bowlds, U.S. Army

John Brown, U.S. Army

Steven R. Brown, U.S. Army

Hassel E. Brown, U.S. Marines

Thomas D. Brown, U.S. Marines

David L. Burdette, U.S. Air Force

Anderson B. Burton, U.S. Army

Gerald T. Campbell, III, U.S. Army

Luther G. Carr, U.S. Marines

Thomas C. Carroll, U.S. Army

Tony J. Chiddix, U.S. Marines

Lester Clark, U.S. Army

Richard F. Conkright, U.S. Army

James H. Conkright, U.S. Marines

Charles E. Conkwright, U.S. Marines

Joshua A. Conway, U.S. Army

Kernie Crider, U.S. Army

Lester L. Daugherty, U.S. Marines

Gus H. Daugherty, U.S. Army

Ollie J. Daugherty, Jr., U.S. Army

David Daugherty, Sr., U.S. Army

Roger E. Daulton, U.S. Army

Steven J. Dixon, U.S. Marines

Lloyd L. Dixon, U.S. Army

David L. Dixon, U.S. Air Force

Ralph J. Dunkel, U.S. Army

Patrick G. Edge, U.S. Army

Robert E. Edge, U.S. Army

Horace Ferguson, U.S. Army

Woodrow L. Fiser, U.S. Navy

Ronald L. Fiser, U.S. Army

Patrick R. Fitzgerald, U.S. Navy

Jonathan T. Floyd, U.S. Army

Kenneth G. Ford, U.S. Air Force

Gale Ford, U.S. Army

Rubert J. Frevert, U.S. Army

James M. Frields, U.S. Army

James E. Frields, U.S. Army

Scott I. Gaiser, U.S. Army

Thomas A. Gardner, U.S. Army

Walter R. Garrison, U.S. Army

Ezra U. Gene, U.S. Marines

Robert B. Gerhardt, U.S. Army

James T. Gibbs, U.S. Air Force

Randall J. Gibbs, U.S. Marines

Gary W. Goebel, U.S. Army

Randy M. Gotto, U.S. Army

Billy G. Gower, U.S. Army

Shane M. Graham, U.S. Army

Brian R. Graves, U.S. National Guard

Chanse M. Greer, U.S. Marines

Barnett D. Grimm, U.S. Army

Kendra L. Hackney

Ralph J. Hajek, Jr., U.S. Marines

Jack R. Hajek, U.S. Air Force

Ralph J. Hajek, U.S. Marines

James Hallinan, U.S. Army

Clifford O. Hamilton, U.S. Marines

Theodore “Ted” Hampton, U.S. Navy

Mark D. Hampton, U.S. Army

Ben Hardesty, U.S. Army

Robert D. Harner, U.S. Marines

Nolan C. Harris, U.S. Army

Raymond P. Head, U.S. Army

Thomas L. Head, U.S. Navy

Mark A. Head, U.S. Army

Blake A. Herbert, U.S. Army

Gerald E. Hill, U.S. Army

Marvin E. Hollingsworth, U.S. Navy

Eddie D. Hunt, U.S. Army

Roy Irvin, U.S. Navy

Justin P. Jett, U.S. Air Force

Nicholas S. Jones, U.S. Air Force

Gary W. Jordan, U.S. Marines

Richard D. Jordan, U.S. Navy

Jerry W. Jourdan, U.S. Navy

Kenneth J. Jung, U.S. Navy

John L. King, U.S. Navy

Michael V. Knight, U.S. Air Force

William A. Knight, U.S. Navy

Jack T. Knight, U.S. Navy

William V Knight, U.S. Navy

Ray A Knight, U.S. Army

Howard L Knight, U.S. Army

Richard Knight, U.S. Army

Robert L. Lacer, U.S. Army

Arthur F. Logel, U.S. Air Force

Daniel R. Logel, U.S. Army

Stephen A. Logel, U.S. Marines

Thomas M. Maggart, U.S. Navy

Ray McBride, U.S. Navy

Russell W. Meinert, U.S. Navy

Brian M. Miller, U.S. National Guard

Stephen E. Mills, U.S. Navy

Clyde R. Null, U.S. Navy

Robert Null, U.S. Army

Andrew J. Ochs, U.S. National Guard

Steven L. Parker, U.S. Navy

Billie J. Phelps, U.S. Army

Thomas M. Phillips, U.S. Army

Anthony T. Piper, U.S. National Guard

Cecil P. Reynolds, Jr., U.S. Army

Robert A. Riley, U.S. Army

Fred D. Roberts, U.S. Army

Harry D. Robinson, U.S. Navy

Robert M. Robinson, U.S. Army

Richard E. Robinson, U.S. Navy

Richard E. Robinson, Jr., U.S. Air Force

Jason E. Rushing, U.S. Army

Robert A. Rushing, U.S. Army

Ercel E. Rushing, U.S. Army

Gerald A. Schmidt, U.S. Army

Harold F. Schroeder, Jr., U.S. Air Force

Steven A. Smock, U.S. Marines

John M. Staalenburg, U.S. Army

Vernon A. Stallings, U.S. Air Force

Charles K. Stallings, U.S. Air Force

Jerry W. Stanley, U.S. Marines

Oscar F. Sutton, U.S. Army

Luke A. Swedenburg, U.S. National Guard

Donald W. Terwilliger, Jr, U.S. Army

Terry L. Thomasson, Jr., U.S. National Guard

Lloyd Underhill, U.S. Army

Robert W. Vaught, U.S. Army

Timothy C. Ward, U.S. Army

James E. Wathen, U.S. Navy

Walter J. Wilson, U.S. Navy

Carlos F. Wilson, U.S. Army



David P. Aftewicz, U.S. Air Force

Robert J. Barna, U.S. Army

Daniel Behm, U.S. Army

Donald J. Behm

John C. Bressler, U.S. Army

Elwood C Bressler, U.S. Army

James M. Bressler, U.S. Army

James J. Brown, U.S. Marines

John F. Burke, Jr., U.S. Army

Eugene Bushkar, U.S. Air Force

Michael Camasso, U.S. Army

Daniel J. Chmiola, U.S. Army

William H. Christmas, Jr., U.S. Army

Keith J. Cromer, U.S. Navy

John J. Day, Jr., U.S. Air Force

Patrick J. De Cinti, U.S. Army

Dylan J. Dearmitt, U.S. National Guard

Anthony Decker, U.S. Army

Mike A. Dembowski, U.S. Coast Guard

Leo P. Dougherty, U.S. Navy

Richard R. Eipper, U.S. Navy

David J. Fedor, U.S. Army

Kenneth P. Fletcher, U.S. Army

William A. Garber, U.S. Air Force

Joseph S. Hallock, U.S. Navy

Joseph Hogan, Jr., U.S. Army

Joseph P Hogan, Sr., U.S. Army

Robert P. Hughes, U.S. Army, U.S. Marines

Marvin L. Hutton, U.S. Army

Kenneth D. Jacobs, U.S. Air Force

James J. Jeffery, U.S. Navy

Charles B. Johnson, U.S. Air Force

Paul R. Johnson, U.S. Air Force

Kenton L. Karns, U.S. Marines

Frank E. Klapat, U.S. Marines

Joseph L. Kornacki, U.S. Navy

John S. Krzywicki, U.S. Army

Joseph J. Leonard, U.S. Air Force

Donald H. Linker, U.S. Army

Henry Linker, Jr., U.S. Army

Frank Maceiko, U.S. Navy

William B. McGuire, Jr., U.S. Army

Terence D. Newell, U.S. Marines

Lawrence M. Ostrowski, U.S. Coast Guard

Lewis H. Powell, U.S. Army

Arlington L. Price, III, U.S. Marines

Francis F. Santucci, U.S. Army

Daniel J. Shoop, U.S. Army

Bernard Skrepenak, U.S. Marines

Michael J. Steininger, U.S. Marines

Richard L. Thomas, U.S. Army

Matthew G. Turner, U.S. Navy

Robert L. Williams, U.S. Air Force

Raymond A. Witczak, U.S. Army

Robert Wondoloski, U.S. Coast Guard

Robert F. Wright, U.S. Navy

Carl E. Wright, U.S. Navy

William R. Yoh, U.S. Navy



Bernard J. Augustine, Jr., U.S. Army

Gerald A. Babb, U.S. Navy

Fred Ballentine, U.S. Air Force

Richard L. Barnhart, U.S. Navy

Joshua J. Casey, U.S. Army

Robert E. Drake, U.S. Army

William S. Duffield, II, U.S. Army

Adam L. Fisher, U.S. Army

David R. Guzman, Jr., U.S. Navy

Gary L. Jackson, U.S. Army

Theodore A. Jensen, Sr., U.S. Coast Guard

Robert E. Kemler, U.S. Army

Marlin Knickerbocker, U.S. Army

David A. Lancaster, U.S. Army

Willard Luedke, U.S. Army

Robert J. Mahr, U.S. Marines

Donald J. McMillan, U.S. Army

John M. McMillan, U.S. Army

Timothy I. Plunkett, U.S. Air Force

Eugene E. Rhedin, U.S. Army

Roland E. Rhedin, U.S. Army

Daniel J. Schneckenberger, U.S. Army

Kristopher K. Schneckenberger, U.S. National Guard



David M. Allman, Jr., U.S. National Guard

Jason A. Aycock, U.S. Navy

Michael Balezen, Sr, U.S. Navy

Lorne R. Brown, U.S. Navy

Vincent Cardella, Jr., U.S. Army

Bernard R. Cardella, U.S. Marines

Joshua R. Carey, U.S. Navy

James Carroll, Sr, U.S. Army

George Clark, U.S. Marines

Donald J. Day, U.S. Air Force

Michael D. Deegan, U.S. Navy

Donald G. Evertsen, U.S. Army

Richard J. Fitzpatrick, III, U.S. Marines

Jason Fleming, Army National Guard

Thomas P. Fleming III, U.S. Army

Charles F. Frye, U.S. Army

Alfred L. Fyvie, U.S. Army

Louis E. Gies

Anthony J. Giordano, U.S. Army

Robert J. Gizzi, U.S. Navy

Paul T. Gizzi, Sr., U.S. Army

Edward D. Goff, U.S. Army

Fred Gudz, U.S. Army

Harry K. Guynup

Charles William Hamilton, U.S. Navy

William M. Hamilton, U.S. Navy

John Hawley, U.S. Marines

Robert G. Jewett, U.S. Army

Timothy N. Kane, U.S. Marines

Keith K. Kappes, U.S. Army

Raymond La Bonte, U.S. Marines

Lawrence Markel, U.S. Navy

Clarence Markel, U.S. Navy

Steven A. Maynard, U.S. National Guard

Robert McCafferery, U.S. Army

James McHugh, U.S. Navy

Michael McHugh, U.S. Marines

Dennis J. McHugh, U.S. Navy

Dennis M. McHugh, Jr., U.S. Marines

Gregory S. Mosley, U.S. Army

Donald M. Ogborn, U.S. Army

Roger C. Pailley, U.S. Marines

Rene A. Pailley, U.S. Marines

Dennis R. Pailley, U.S. Navy

Spencer L. Parsons, U.S. Air Force

Richard Racine, U.S. Army

Whitney Reed, Sr., U.S. Army

Whitney Reed, Jr., U.S. National Guard

Thomas D. Rooney, U.S. Army

Earl D. Sommers

Arcangelo A. Spinelli, U.S. Marines

Robert M. Stanley, U.S. Army

Thomas J. Stanley, U.S. Army

Fred Stuto, Jr., U.S. Marines

Carl R. Swinyer, Jr., U.S. Navy

Carl Swinyer, Sr, U.S. Navy

John J. Van Zandt, U.S. Navy

Robert F. Van Zandt, U.S. Coast Guard

Thomas J. Van Zandt, U.S. Navy

Steven C. Wilt, U.S. Marines

Allyn Woodcock, III, U.S. Marines

Michael Young, U.S. Army



Robert M. Balo, U.S. Navy

John T Brown, U.S. Marines

David Brummett, U.S. Army

Matthew Clum, U.S. Army

Michael G. Cox, U.S. Marines

Paul M. Davis, U.S. Army

Miguel A. Dedominicis, U.S. Navy

Eric Drerup, U.S. Marines

Robert L. Fickel

Rusty W. Knickrehm, U.S. Army

David E. Marvin, U.S. Air Force

Johnathon G. Mihm, U.S. Marines

Nathan T. Mihm, U.S. Marines

Braydon Renner, U.S. Army

Joshua D. Ricker, U.S. Army

Nelson D. Schoeff, U.S. Army

Evan T. Zimmerman, U.S. Air Force



Harry G. Bergstrom, U.S. Army

Joseph M. Czajkowski, U.S. Marines

Jack W. Good, U.S. Air Force

William C. Harding, U.S. Army

David G. Kitto, Other

Anthony J. Kotowski, Jr., Other

William F. Lewis, U.S. Navy

Howard R. Lewis, U.S. Army

Harry C. Logan, Army

Timothy W. Pierson, U.S. Marines

Richard F. Rogers, U.S. Marines

Gary W. Schaffer, U.S. National Guard

Robert S. Schneider, U.S. Air Force

George A. Schroeder, U.S. Navy

Stephen J. Shappee, U.S. Air Force

Donald A. Stewart, U.S. Navy

Marvin P. Weaver, U.S. Army

Thomas E. Wooleyhan, U.S. Navy

John J. Wright, U.S. Navy



James W. Fleming, U.S. Army

Everett M. Fleming, U.S. Army

Hugh J. Flemming, U.S. Army



Kevin M. Anderson, U.S. Air Force

Jeremiah J. Barker, U.S. Marines

James R. Bryan, U.S. Marines

Nicholas F. Chappetta, III, U.S. Army

Roger L. Chitwood, U.S. Navy

Shane M. Cloum, U.S. Navy

Shane J. Corbett, U.S. Navy

Anthony J. Craley, U.S. Marines

Keil M. Cribbs, U.S. Army

William C. Deyarmond, III, U.S. Navy

Daniel A. Dwyer, U.S. Marines

Cody A. Gilligan, U.S. Army

Troy E. Guy, U.S. Army

Ronald J. Haupricht, U.S. Marines

Timothy S. Henegar, U.S. Army

David R. Howard, U.S. Navy

Terry G. Jones, U.S. Army

Jerry S. Kasper, U.S. Army

Nicklas C. Katafias, U.S. Army

Daniel C. King, U.S. Navy

Duane J. Krohn, Jr., U.S. Army

Terry W. Krohn, Jr., U.S. Navy

Terry W. Krohn, U.S. Army

Dennis Krohn, U.S. Army

Emerson E. La Point, Jr., U.S. Army

Daniel R. Lewis, U.S. Army

Brian M. Malone, U.S. Army

Jason J. Mercurio, U.S. Marines

Leslie J. Messenger, U.S. Army

Santino Montoya, U.S. Army

Chad J. Paredes, U.S. Marines

Cody C. Rade, U.S. National Guard

Robert S. Ransford Jr., U.S. Navy

Khristopher A. Shively, U.S. Army

Bradley J. Siefert, U.S. Army

Ted J. Smith, U.S. Army

Rodney R. Taulker, U.S. Army

Andrew J. Vasquez, U.S. Army

Joseph J. Waldvogel, U.S. Navy

Joseph A. Wilkes, U.S. Marines

Daniel J. Zacharias, U.S. Army



Paul V. Campbell, U.S. Marines

James Carrasco, U.S. Air Force

Terry C. Ellis, U.S. Army

John A. Evans, U.S. Air Force

Anthony M. Evans, U.S. Army

Charles R. Gent, U.S. Army

Chris Graves, U.S. Army

Ronnie W. Harmon, U.S. Army

Theodore L. Harrell, Jr., U.S. Marines

Sidney S. Harrison, U.S. Navy

Michael W. Headrick, U.S. Army

George D. Headrick, U.S. Army

Ralph Eugene Headrick, U.S. Army

Jock L. Keen, U.S. Army

Ronald A. Mahs, U.S. Army

Buford Mayes, U.S. Army

Kelly Mayes, U.S. Army

James E. Miller, U.S. Army

Joseph T. Myers, U.S. Army

Bruce A. Nave, U.S. Navy

Milt Price, U.S. Army

James Jefferson Starnes, U.S. Navy

Bill Starnes, U.S. Navy

Roy Starnes, U.S. Army

Nick Starnes, U.S. Army

Rickey A. Starnes, U.S. Marines

Jesse J. Starnes, U.S. Army

Jakie R. Starnes, U.S. Army

John H. Stewart, U.S. Navy

Thomas P. Turner, U.S. Army

Donnie R. Van Winkle, U.S. Navy

John William Wade, U.S. Marines

Herbert Winslow Woody, Jr., U.S. Air Force

Charlie Winslow Woody, U.S. Army

Rickey Lynn Woody, U.S. Army

Arnold A. Wright, U.S. Army



Maynerd A. Bishop, U.S. Navy

Maynard L. Bishop, U.S. Coast Guard

Jacob M. Brown

Henry H. Davis II, U.S. Army

Anthony C. De Boer, U.S. Army

Wade A. Dunlap, U.S. Navy

Frank W. Egan, U.S. Army

Matthew M. Felske, U.S. Marines

Jason L. Fisher, U.S. Army

Richard J. Hall, U.S. Army

Michael A. Harvey, U.S. Navy

Robert L. Hilliard, U.S. Army

John W. Kastl

Michael D. Kelley, U.S. Air Force

Robert L. Krenz, U.S. Army

William R. Krenz, U.S. Army

Clifford L. Lemuel

Ronald W. Little

Christopher M. McClatchy, U.S. Marines

Andrew S. Niewiek, U.S. Marines

Dale L. Noykos, U.S. Army

Jereme L. Olson, U.S. Army

Anthony J. Ramos, U.S. Army

Joseph A. Revard, Jr., U.S. Army

Leeman George Revard, U.S. Navy

Gregory T. Revard, U.S. Navy

Jeffrey J. Scalici, U.S. Navy

Terry R. Smith, U.S. Navy

Norman S. Smith, U.S. Navy

Woodrow D. Smith, U.S. Navy

Wayne C. Vugteveen, U.S. Air Force

Clifford D. White, U.S. Air Force

Paul W. Witherspoon, U.S. Navy

Dennis W. Witherspoon, U.S. Air Force

Christopher L. Yearkey, U.S. Army

Timothy E. Zietz, U.S. Army



Boyd L. Barrett, Jr., U.S. Army

James M. Bennett, U.S. Army

William C. Blackwell, U.S. Army

Luke M. Cameron, U.S. Army

Anthony G. Clemmons, U.S. Navy

Paul S. Cobb, U.S. Marines

Robert L. Coker, U.S. Navy

Jerry M. Cook, U.S. Air Force

Larry A. Crow, U.S. Army

Marvin E. Darsey, U.S. Navy

Matthew R. Davis, U.S. Army

Bobby G. Hanks, U.S. Army

Emery E. Harkins, II, U.S. Army

William J. Harris, U.S. Army

Gerald D. Hudson, U.S. Army

Marvin W. Hyatt, U.S. Army

Jonathan N. Jones, U.S. Marines

Donald E. Landers, U.S. Army

David B. Larsen, U.S. Army

Tommy L. Linton, U.S. Army

David R. Little

Brandon D. Marks

Larry E. McPherson, U.S. Army

Bruce T. Mercer, U.S. Army

Rochester Middlebrooks, U.S. Navy

Edsel L. Mitchell, Jr., U.S. Navy

Michael J. Muff, U.S. Navy

William A. Murray, U.S. Army

Romondo A. Page, U.S. Army

Joshua E. Parisi, U.S. Marines

Michael Shields, U.S. Army

Norman M. Shipley, Jr., U.S. Army

Kenneth W. Slaven, U.S. Navy

James W. Staples, U.S. Army

James W. Stephens, U.S. Army

Joshua H. Strickland, U.S. Navy

Benjamin Tate, U.S. Air Force

Timothy R. Tucker, U.S. Army

Charles H. Wallace, Jr., U.S. Navy

Earl D. Watson, U.S. Army

Tom D. Watson, U.S. Army

Robert L. Yother, U.S. Army



Garth R. Lee, U.S. Navy

Nicholas G. Nergard, U.S. Marines

Dustin D. Olson, U.S. Army

Bernard G. Sydow, U.S. Air Force

Brett L. Thiry, U.S. Army

Wayne D. Twight, U.S. Marines



Adam C. Abernathy, U.S. Army

Danny T. Behr, U.S. Marines

Michael G. Behr, U.S. Marines

Christopher M. Bennett, U.S. Army

Eric A. Bisutti, U.S. Army

Michael D. Brandenburg, U.S. Army

Richard H. Briley, U.S. Navy

Tommy J. Casto, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marines

Paul D. Casto, U.S. Army

Larry H. Fleming, U.S. Marines

Johnson O. Fleming, U.S. Air Force

Justin C. Fout, U.S. Marines

David R. Goddard, U.S. Navy

Randy B. Goddard, U.S. Navy

David W. Hohman, U.S. Marines

Vernon C. Linderman, U.S. Army

Victor A. Litteral, U.S. National Guard

Myron D. Madison, Sr., U.S. Air Force

Steven W. McLaughlin, U.S. Army

William D. Melton, U.S. Army

Thomas E. Mills, U.S. Marines

Brett R. Moore, U.S. Air Force

Cody L. Morgan, U.S. Army

Charles R. Morton, U.S. Army

Timothy A. Myers, U.S. National Guard

Jeff L. Perdew

Franklin P. Sammons, U.S. Air Force

Kristopher J. Seib, U.S. Marines

Brice D. Sparks, U.S. Marines

James R. Turner, U.S. Army

Thurman A. Vanko, U.S. Army

Mathew L. Whitman, U.S. Army



Daron P. Johnson



Oneil F. Acosta

Mauri A. Agosta, U.S. Army

Aiavolasiti D. Alford, U.S. Army

David W. Anderson, U.S. Army

Dean A. Appel, U.S. Army

Lawrence W. Aydell, Jr., U.S. Army

George L. Babin, Jr., U.S. Army

Clyde F. Babylon, U.S. Navy

Edward A. Babylon, U.S. Army

Eugene J. Ball, Jr., U.S. Navy

Doyle A. Ball, U.S. Navy

Randy P. Barras, U.S. Marines

Warren J. Bedwell

Huey P. Berteau

Michael W. Bitterolf, U.S. Navy

James F. Blackwell

Beverly M. Blanchard

Marcel J. Boucher

Robert G. Boudreaux, U.S. Marines

Roy P. Bourgeois

Howard E. Branton

Lloyd C. Braud, Jr.

Nolan J. Breaux

Andrew J. Brown, Jr.

Carl Brown, U.S. Marines

David C. Brown, U.S. Army

Ralph G. Bryant, U.S. Air Force

Hollis W. Cain

John R. Callaway, Jr., U.S. Army

Domonick Campiere

John F. Chaffi, Jr., U.S. Navy

Charles E. Cline, U.S. Army

John C. Coates, U.S. Navy

Charles G. Coates, U.S. Navy

Wayne C. Coates, U.S. National Guard

Frank J. Coates, U.S. National Guard

John C. Coates, Jr., U.S. Army

Glenn R. Coates, U.S. National Guard

William B. Cole

Patrick M. Connelly, U.S. Army

Emelian J. Cortez

Philip J. Cortez, U.S. Army

Charles W. Creel

James A. Cronin

John A. Cucinella, Sr., U.S. Army

Paul M. Da Bella, U.S. Marines

Colvin H. Daigle, U.S. Marines

Bernard G. D’Arcangelo, U.S. Air Force

Harold L. Davis, U.S. Army

Harry C. Davis, Jr.

Herman J. De Lacerda

Floyd A. De Mars, U.S. Navy

Elmo Del Buno

Robert E. Demars

Michael F. Dennis, U.S. Navy

Omara S. Dewhirst, U.S. Navy

Roy W. Diamond

Clarence J. Diamond

Joseph A. Dominguez, U.S. Marines

Keith E. Dourrieu, U.S. Navy

James M. Downing, U.S. Army

Emile M. Dragon, U.S. Army

Raymond Dubea

Lionel J. Dubea, Jr.

Allan J. Dubea, U.S. Navy

Allen A. Dubuc, Jr., U.S. Army

Raymond M. Dugas

Joseph W. Ellis

Ronald P. Eschete

Guy J. Estave, Jr.

Michael J. Estave, U.S. Marines

Thomas P. Facaine, Jr., U.S. Army

Raymond J. Fairleigh, Jr.

Nicholas Faust

Henry J. Fell, U.S. Army

Felix C. Fernandez, Jr.

Joseph D. Ferrara

Michael L. Folse

Wilbert J. Fontenot

Barlow J. Fontenot, U.S. Army

Earl E. Forbes

Sitman N. Foster

Prentis Foster

Kevin B. Francois, U.S. Army

Rene A. Fuentes, U.S. Navy

Edward H. Gabler, Jr., U.S. Army

Jimmy A. Galloway

Salvadore Genovese, U.S. National Guard

James R. Gibson, U.S. Army

Edmond D. Glen, U.S. Navy

Russell L. Godwin, U.S. Army

Kirby E. Gowland, U.S. Navy

Marshall Gowland

Jessie J. Granier

John L. Haar, U.S. Army

Joseph G. Hackley

Earl G. Halsell

Charles L. Harris, U.S. Air Force

David C. Hartman, III, U.S. Army

Ursin M. Hebert, U.S. Army

Roland A. Hebert

Ernest J. Hernandez, U.S. Navy

Floyd J. Hidalgo, U.S. Army

Joseph L. Hidalgo

Henry J. Hidalgo, Sr., U.S. Army

Ralph W. Himel, U.S. Navy

Barry E. Hoerner, U.S. Army

Freddie M. Hoggatt, Sr., U.S. Air Force

Billy D. Honea

Don G. Horne

Charles L. Hubbs

Lenes J. Hulin, Jr.

William F. Hullinghorst

Roy E. Hyer, Sr., U.S. Army

Douglas P. Hymel

Eugene A. Jacob, U.S. Army

George C. Jenkins, U.S. National Guard

Charlie E. Jochum, U.S. Marines

Emmitt C. Johnson, U.S. Marines

Johnny J. Johnston

Travis K. Johnston, U.S. Army, U.S. National Guard

Cedric J. Jones

Donald M. Jones, U.S. Marines

Roland J. Jumonville, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marines

Joseph Juneau

Sammy M. Kanada, U.S. Army

Earl J. Kelleher

Sidney C. King

Karl J. Labit, U.S. Navy

Jerry W. Laird

Foster J. Landry

Lloyd E. Landry, Sr., U.S. Navy

Brownell J. Lauland, Jr.

Alvin E. Lavergne, U.S. Navy

Willis J. LeBlanc, U.S. Air Force

Claude J. LeBlanc

Raymond J. LeBlanc

Jearold J. Leiva

Harold J. Lockwood

Lolin Louviere, Sr.

Terrill D. Luckey, U.S. Army

Larnel Lyles, Jr., U.S. Navy

Donald J. Mabile, U.S. National Guard

Doyle Magee, Sr., U.S. Navy

William A. Mallu, U.S. Marines

Robert A. Mallu, U.S. Marines

Ralph C. Manguno

Denis N. Marchand, U.S. Air Force

Thomas N. Marchand, U.S. Army

Joseph T. Martino

Frank L. Matto, U.S. Army

James R. McDermott

Louis D. Michel, Jr., U.S. Air Force

Dwight K. Miller

Wiliiam Morales, U.S. Marines

Gary J. Morvant, U.S. Army

Charles W. Munsch

Wilber E. Munsch

Javon M. Muse, U.S. Marines

Rube M. Newman, Jr.

Gerard J. Noonan

Gerald W. O’Brien

Gaetano D. Paternostro, U.S. Navy

Henry J. Patrolia, U.S. Navy

Dennis E. Patrolia

Wayne A. Patterson, U.S. Air Force

William D. Peavy

Milton S. Pedeaux

William G. Pellerin

Dock Phillips

Calvin J. Pitre

Henry L. Quick, U.S. Army

Frederick A. Radley, U.S. Navy

Bruce W. Radley

Richard J. Reames, Jr., U.S. Navy

Lynn J. Richard

Lindsey P. Richard

Joseph M. Richard

William B. Robertson

Philip J. Rodriguez

Harold J. Rogers

Jerry L. Russo

John Sabathe, U.S. Navy

Bernard L. Sampson, U.S. Army

  1. A. Schenck, U.S. Army

Joseph W. Schenck, U.S. Army

Herbert F. Schneider

Robert C. Schneider

Morris F. Schneider

Donald L. Seal, U.S. Army

John B. Sercovich

Freddie Sewell

Edwin C. Shally

Woodrow Sibley

Alex G. Sierra, U.S. Navy

Hugh Sikes

Paul L. Simoneaux

Aubert A. Simoneaux

George J. Sins

Kevin J. Smith, U.S. Army

James W. Soderman, Jr.

Gerald L. Sprague, U.S. Marines

Glynn R. Steckler, U.S. Navy

Alton L. Stevens

Ralph C. Stevens

Ernest R. Stringfield

Freddie P. Thibodaux,

U.S. National Guard

George C. Thomas, U.S. Air Force

John R. Thomas, U.S. Army

Joe E. Thomas, U.S. Air Force

Wilford L. Thompson

Forest C. Thornhill

Earl Trabeaux

Donald J. Trabeaux

Barry P. Trabeaux

Ervan A. Tracy, U.S. Marines

Milton M. Trainor

Louis F. Trammell, Jr.

Alfred P. Troyo

William D. Turner, U.S. Navy

Philip J. Vaccaro

Henry A. Vaccaro

Dominick A. Vaccaro, U.S. Navy

Murden W. Verret

Charles E. Verrett

Leon Vessell, U.S. Army

Charles L. Wainwright

Richard L. Waits

Paul F. Walther, U.S. Army

Jackie R. Watson, U.S. Army

Emile J. Weaver

Eddie L. Wehlen

Francis W. Welch, U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard

Bernard F. West

William G. White, Jr.

Charlie White, U.S. Army

Roger P. Wilkinson, Jr.

Shelby K. Williams, U.S. Navy

Huey L. Williams

Freddie Williams

Glen D. Williams, U.S. Army

Gyles Z. Williams, U.S. Army

Gene A. Williams

Wilmer Willis

John J. Winningkoff

Edward L. Winstine, Jr., U.S. Army

William Woessner

Robert P. Wolfe

Allen J. Wutke, U.S. Army



Donald Ashford

Hexcarlo L. Autrey, U.S. National Guard

Leroy Berry, Jr., U.S. Army

George A. Broadus

John N. Cox

William A. Davis

Mark B. Dozier

John C. Driskell, U.S. National Guard

Gerald R. Driskell, U.S. Army

David M. Dunnam, U.S. Air Force

Durward A. Fleming, U.S. Army

Elvin A. Flowers, Jr., U.S. Army

Brandy M. Garney, U.S. Army

Joseph T. Hall, U.S. Army

Phillip E. Lee, Sr., U.S. Marines

James Lemon, Jr.

Murray R. Logan, U.S. Army

Isodine L. Loury, Other

David E. Messick, U.S. Marines

John W. Mixson, U.S. Army

Raymond D. Mixson, U.S. Army

William B. Moss

Howard H. Murphy, U.S. Marines

Horace B. Myers, II

Thomas G. Nobles, U.S. Marines

Justin M. Parker, U.S. Army

Lindsey W. Parnell, U.S. Army

Jimmy W. Reeves, U.S. National Guard

William A. Renn

Alfred Revell, U.S. Navy

Zeth Richardson

John H. Scott

Walter M. Stanley, U.S. Army

Micah J. Tedder, U.S. Navy

Paul T. Young, III



Larry L. Aakhus, U.S. Navy

Gregory A. Anderson, U.S. Marines

Harley C. Atwood, U.S. Army

Delbert A. Biggerstaff, U.S. Navy

Colby T. Bishop, U.S. National Guard

Gregory A. Clayton, U.S. Army

Frank A. Combs, U.S. Navy

Ronald H. Dahlman, U.S. National Guard

Jeffrey L. Davis, U.S. National Guard

Everett Davis, Jr., U.S. Navy

Frank J. Gibbons, U.S. Army

Gerald E. Hanlon, U.S. Navy

Terrell J. Harpe, U.S. Army

Eldon F. Hatting, U.S. Air Force

Robert A. Hilton, U.S. Army

Trevor J. Moore, U.S. Army

Yoselyn X. Perez Alonzo, U.S. National Guard

Joe Sabasta, U.S. Navy

Joseph D. Schimberg, U.S. Navy

Mark E. Sonier, U.S. Navy

Gordon C. Torno, U.S. Navy

Rickie L. Torno

Donald T. Torno, U.S. Army

Jerry L. Williams, U.S. Army



Jean-Pierre Desmarais, Canadian Army

Daniel Gueuremont, Canadian Army

Jean-Pierre Lefebvre, Canadian Army

Pierre Leroux, Canadian Army

Martin Proulx, Canadian Army

Rémi Proulx, Canadian Army

Sylvain Samson, Canadian Army



Jorge G. Abdo, U.S. Marines

Anthony Anthon

James K. Collier, U.S. Marines

Richard D. Denoncour, U.S. Army

Angel M. Figueroa, Jr., U.S. Army

Luis Figueroa, U.S. Army

David A. Hanson, U.S. National Guard

Spencer T. Provance, U.S. Marines

Jorge L. Zayas, Jr., U.S. Navy



Sydney D. Daly

Angel Leon

Brandon A. Mccall

Cesar F. Salman Medina


William J. Bertholdie, U.S. Army

Michael S. Boatman, U.S. Army

Arthur H. Bonney, U.S. Army

Jack N. Chorn, U.S. Army

Robert L. Corp, U.S. Army

Darrel L. Crocker, U.S. Navy

James N. Highfill, U.S. Army

Joe D. Highfill, U.S. Navy

Clyde J. Hymer, U.S. Army

Walter A. Jackson, U.S. Army

Clettes F. Jones, U.S. Army

Gary L. Kienzle, U.S. Army

Charles D. Lowe, U.S. Army

Noel E. Maples, U.S. Army

Donald J. Montgomery, U.S. National Guard

Dewey M. Ramey, U.S. Army

Loren E. Thomas, Jr., U.S. Army

Marlo H. Vansickle, U.S. Army

Bruce M. Vowiell, U.S. Army

William L. Yost, U.S. National Guard



Terry L. Dick, U.S. Army

Jody B. Donaldson, U.S. Navy

Tommie A. Johnson, U.S. Army

Jerry M. LeGate, U.S. Army

William H. Little, U.S. Army

Jim B. Perkin, U.S. Army



Robert W. Alicea, U.S. Navy

Donald R. Allen, U.S. Marines

Warren S. Bargeron, U.S. Navy

Hurley G. Brannon, U.S. National Guard

William L. Brookins, U.S. Army

Samuel Z. Douglas, III, U.S. Army

Aubrey L. Findley, U.S. Army

Curtis M. Fowler, U.S. Navy

Curtis Fowler, U.S. Navy

Fondren M. Fulwood, Jr., U.S. National Guard

Darryl M. Gamble, Other

Jack L. Gaylord, U.S. Army

Jack D. Gaylord, U.S. Army

Glenn E. Givens, U.S. Army

Wayne L. Glenn

Roy E. Grubbs, U.S. Air Force

Donald W. Hunter, U.S. Air Force

Michael E. Justice, U.S. Army

William B. Langford, U.S. Navy

Henry M. Long, U.S. Air Force

Richard A. Lounders, U.S. Marines

Ronnie F. Maxwell, U.S. Army

Howard K. Mendenhall, U.S. Army

Charlie R. Meredith, U.S. Navy

Richard A. Meredith, U.S. National Guard

James R. Morgan, U.S. Army

Albert Mosley, U.S. Army

Marty Patrick, U.S. Army

Lundy F. Perkins, U.S. Navy

Michael D. Perkins, U.S. Navy

Anthony Perrone, U.S. Navy

Jack L. Powell, U.S. Army

William B. Riggs, U.S. Army

Albert D. Rojo, U.S. Army

Ronald L. Rose, U.S. Navy

George A. Rose, U.S. Army

Harry S. Rose, U.S. Navy

Joseph C. Rose, U.S. Army

Larry R. Ross, U.S. Air Force

Robert B. Santa Cruz, Jr., U.S. Marines

Alpha P. Simard, U.S. Army

George A. Slater

Ira G. Smith, U.S. Army

Howard L. Smith, U.S. Army

Kevin L. Smith, U.S. Marines

David Smith, U.S. Marines

Eugene Strong, U.S. Marines

Shaun A. Swindle, U.S. Army

Michael R. Thornton, U.S. Army

Jay H. Vaught, U.S. Army

Richard Vaught, U.S. Army

Hewey L. Walker, U.S. Navy

Anthony R. Welch, U.S. Army



Robert T. Black

Andrew S. Filbert

Bill Ward



Robert B. Barber

Bobby C. Burton

Steven A. Campbell, Sr



Delbert W. Basinger, U.S. National Guard

Michael E. Basinger, U.S. Navy

Primitivo C. Benavidez

Thomas G. Benson, Jr., U.S. Air Force

Michael B. Boch, U.S. Army

Benny L. Booth

Albert N. Borquist, Jr.

Donald E. Brown

Kristian R. Castillo, U.S. Air Force

Mark A. Cate, U.S. Navy

Carlos A. Chavez, U.S. Navy

George N. Clark

Raymond F. Clevenger, U.S. Marines

Joseph F. Cotroneo, U.S. Marines

Howard A. Duncan, U.S. Marines

Dwight D. Farley, U.S. Navy

James M. Fuller, U.S. Army

Alvaro Garcia, U.S. Marines

Ray A. Gonzales, U.S. Army

Pete E. Gonzales, U.S. Army

Chester S. Hamby, U.S. Navy

Ronald R. Hamby, U.S. Navy

Ronald F. Harger, U.S. Navy

Joe L. Hulse, U.S. Army

Michael A. Keiper, U.S. Army

John L. Krah, U.S. Army

Richard D. Krah, U.S. Marines

Vaughn E. McNeely, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force

Shawn Riley, U.S. Air Force

Matthew A. Schirmers, U.S. Army

Charles C. Spain, U.S. Marines

David E. Tucker, Jr., U.S. Army

Roy R. Waltz, U.S. Navy

Steven Warner, U.S. Army

Leonard S. Wolfe, U.S. Marines



Benjamin W. Allums, U.S. Army

Willard R. Brown, U.S. National Guard

Willard R. Brown, U.S. National Guard

Christopher B. Connelly, U.S. Marines

Rocky Dhabolt, U.S. Army

Derek D. Donaldson, U.S. National Guard

Eric A. Heximer, U.S. Air Force

Jimmie D. McClain, U.S. Navy

Matthew McCrea, U.S. Army

James C. Robb, U.S. Army

Michael Scott, U.S. Army

Jeffrey S. Stifel, U.S. Marines

John D. Young, Jr., U.S. Marines



Donald G. Calkins, U.S. Army

Paul D. Clark, U.S. Army

Brian R. Clark, U.S. Army

Derrick W. Crabtree, U.S. Marines

Jerome R. Cullitan, U.S. Army

Otis W. Forkner, U.S. Army

Ryan Forkner, U.S. Navy

Gary D. Fujawa, U.S. Marines

Richard J. Grant, U.S. Navy

James L. Hamilton, U.S. Navy

Shawn R. Kuhl, U.S. Air Force

Daniel D. Madlem, U.S. Army

Norris R. Madlem, U.S. Army

Rickie L. Madlem, U.S. Navy

Harry L. Mathes, U.S. Army

Todd E. Mathes, U.S. Army

Clay B. Miller, U.S. Army

Arnold L. Miller, U.S. Army

James A. Miller, U.S. Army

Larry L. Miller, U.S. Army

Ralph N. Rankin, Jr., U.S. Army

Daniel P. Savage, U.S. Army



Barry Bitsui, U.S. Marines

Gilbert L. Chadwick

David W. Crook, U.S. Army

Fred A. Drake, Jr., Yes

Raymundo J. Escobedo, U.S. Army

Daniel Escobedo, U.S. Air Force

David L. Garner, U.S. Marines

Robert G. Hitzman

Garret A. Olsen, U.S. Army



William T. Adams, U.S. Air Force

Harvey A. Armstrong, U.S. Air Force

Clendon O. Armstrong, U.S. Air Force

Albert H. Bence, U.S. Coast Guard

Jonathan E. Berry, U.S. National Guard

Kenith S. Berryman, U.S. Navy

Billy E. Boothe, U.S. Navy

Kenneth R. Cagle, U.S. Marines

Howard E. Cash, U.S. National Guard

Thomas C. Chaudoin, Jr, U.S. Army

Ronald Clements, U.S. Army

Walter C. Clements, U.S. Army

Willie A. Clements, U.S. Army

Mark A. Crowden, U.S. Army

Neil C. Crowder, U.S. Marines

Donell O. Crowder, U.S. Marines

Perry V. Dial, U.S. Army

Alfred L. Green, U.S. Navy

Tommie D. Harris, Jr., U.S. Air Force

Bobby G. Hestla, U.S. Army

John A. Howell, U.S. National Guard

William Howell, III, U.S. Navy

Damon L. Howell, U.S. National Guard

Nicholas D. Ingram, U.S. Army

Dustin W. Kirkland, U.S. Army

Fred C. Marsh, Jr., U.S. National Guard

Anthony Mathews, U.S. Army

Kevin D. May, U.S. Navy

John D. McCormack, U.S. National Guard

Eddie W. Mccurry, U.S. Army

James E. McDonald, U.S. Army

Charles McQueen, U.S. Navy

Ronald E. McQueen, U.S. Coast Guard

Nathen R. Nard, U.S. Army

Marcus D. Oliver, U.S. Army

Billy W. Parker, U.S. Army

John R. Payne, Jr., U.S. Marines

Daniel E. Pennington, U.S. Marines

Michael W. Pullum, U.S. Navy

Timothy D. Rhodes, U.S. Air Force

William L. Rodgers, U.S. Army

William V. Seale, U.S. Army

Jerry S. Self, U.S. Army

Stephen A. Sivley, U.S. Army

Charles R. Smith, U.S. Army

Walter L. Sykes, U.S. National Guard

Billy C. Tidwell, U.S. National Guard

John E. Walker, U.S. Marines

Ralph L. Wesson, U.S. Navy

Robert C. White, Jr, U.S. Army



Donald T. Behr, U.S. Marines

Robert C. Hartley, U.S. Navy

Robert F. Morton, U.S. Army



Richard M. Barbour, U.S. Army

John T. Braley, U.S. National Guard

Dale G. Chesnut, U.S. Air Force

Neil W. Dilly, U.S. Army

Robert M. Evans, U.S. Marines

Eddie J. Fauber, U.S. Army

George W. Finney, U.S. Navy

Stephen H. Freed, U.S. Army

Glennith E. Galloway, U.S. Marines

Walter C. Gobble, U.S. Army

Alfred W. Goedeke, U.S. Navy

Joel F. Hopkins, II, U.S. Army

James D. Hudson, U.S. Marines

Kyle G. Hunter

Thomas R. Hutchins, U.S. National Guard

Benjamin R. Hutchinson

Gregory Johnson, Jr., U.S. Marines

Adam K. Johnson

Robert A. Kelley, U.S. Army

Randall Kersey, U.S. Army

Toney L. Kitts, U.S. Army

Marvin B. Lanham

Robert L. Layne, U.S. Army

Gregory W. Lester, U.S. Army

Ronald A. Martin, U.S. Army

Johnny E. Martin, U.S. Air Force

Clarence F. Mays, U.S. Army

Geary L. Mullins, U.S. Army

Thomas G. Nolley, U.S. Navy

Norman F. Orr, U.S. Army

Leonard P. Orr, U.S. Army

Nicholas J. Pavelich, U.S. Army

Michael L. Piersol, U.S. Army

Kenneth S. Reynolds, U.S. Army

William J. Robertson, U.S. Army

Thomas L. Ross, U.S. Air Force

Michael J. Russell, U.S. Air Force

Kim T. Saunders, U.S. Navy

Angela J. Smith

Joseph B. Snider, U.S. Air Force

John D. Snyder, U.S. Navy

Larry D. Snyder, U.S. Army

John K. Spence, U.S. Air Force

Mark A. Thomas, U.S. Air Force

Clinton M. Ullman, U.S. Marines

Larry K. Underwood, U.S. Air Force

Danny Walker, U.S. Marines

Elvin E. White, U.S. Army

Clyde A. Wickline, U.S. Army



Richard A. Andrighetti, U.S. Army

Kenneth L. Atkinson, U.S. Marines

Robert L. Baenziger, U.S. Army

David K. Boetger, U.S. Army

Dennis E. Byrne, U.S. Navy

Randall K. Byrne, U.S. Navy

David D. Claussen, U.S. Marines

Dennis J. Conaway, U.S. Army

John M. Crowley, U.S. Army

Jeremy Davis, U.S. Army

Roger D. Davis, U.S. Navy

Donald C. Debler

John H. Evans, U.S. Navy

John C. Evans, U.S. Navy

Rickie L. Farr, U.S. Marines

Manuel W. Franco, U.S. Navy

Donald G. Geisler, U.S. Army

Harvey D. Henningsen, U.S. Navy

Harry B. Hyde, U.S. Navy

William R. Jensen, U.S. Army

Ronald W. Jones, U.S. Army

Tommy F. Kelley, U.S. Marines

Thomas M. Lang, U.S. Army

Robert A. Martin, U.S. Navy

Terry J. Matya, U.S. Marines

Lee J. Merta, U.S. Navy

Kurt W. Ross, U.S. Navy

Stewart R. Schnepp, U.S. Army

Daniel J. See

John S. Shelton, U.S. Marines

Daniel J. Sikkema, U.S. Army

James M. Simmons, U.S. Army

James T. Sissel, U.S. National Guard

James M. Smith, U.S. Army

Jerry L. Smith, U.S. Army

Harold H. Snyder, Jr., U.S. Navy

Roy D. Sparks, U.S. Army

Vernon A. Stolba, U.S. Navy

Kurt R. Stolba, U.S. Army

Darin D. Tisue, U.S. Navy

Donald A. Van Acker, U.S. Army

Steven L. Wisely, U.S. Navy

Darrell L. Woodward, U.S. Army



Gail E. Anderson

Quintin Aune

Anthony C. Belsito

Bradley R. Berry, U.S. Air Force

Homer V. Blackwell

Calvin D. Green, U.S. Army

Anthony Henry, U.S. Army

Duncan Tansy, U.S. Marines

Troy Vigneri, U.S. Army

Jeffrey Wood, U.S. Army



Lee O. Barnes, U.S. Army

Robert D. Braybon, III, U.S. Marines

Dale L. Breedlove, U.S. Air Force

Skip D. Carl, U.S. Army

Bruce A. Chinowth, U.S. Army

Charles E. Conner, U.S. Army

Daniel E. Conner, U.S. Army

Michael L. Cotyk, U.S. National Guard

Clifford R. De Zee, U.S. Navy

George E. De Zee, U.S. Army

David B. De Zee, U.S. Navy

Gregory S. Doan, U.S. Navy

Ernie L. Doan, U.S. Army

Clair R. Fernberg, U.S. Army

James M. Gatts, U.S. Army

Larry M. Gower, U.S. Army

Arthur W. Hicks, II, U.S. Army

Richard G. Hummel, U.S. Army

Donald E. Lutz, U.S. Navy

William M. Marcavish, U.S. Army

Travis J. Metz, U.S. Air Force

Todd J. Miller, U.S. National Guard

Bruce W. Mollohan, U.S. Army

Michael R. Mollohan, U.S. Army

Ricky D. Nicholson, U.S. Marines

Robert Oaks, U.S. Army

Rollin R. Reth, U.S. Army

Andrew H. Reth, U.S. Army

Tyrone C. Robinson, U.S. Army

James D. Romeo, U.S. Army

Richard D. Sees, U.S. Navy

Darrin L. Smith, U.S. Air Force

Kenneth M. Walkley, U.S. Army

Charles R. White, U.S. Marines

Charles W. Wiles, U.S. Marines



James W. Adkisson, U.S. Army

Billy W. Anthony, U.S. Army

Leonard Beard, U.S. Air Force

Robert W. Billington, U.S. Army

William F. Billington, U.S. Army

David M. Blackwell, U.S. Navy

Erwin D. Blalock, U.S. Army

Reynold P. Carey, U.S. Navy

Stanley E. Cook, U.S. Navy

Donald Cundiff, U.S. Army

John S. Davidson, U.S. Army

Lynn D. Ellis, U.S. Air Force

William W. Erwin, U.S. Navy

Jerry W. Erwin, U.S. National Guard

Frank G. Erwin, U.S. Marines

William D. Ferrell, U.S. Army

Don L. Fisher, U.S. Air Force

Jonathan S. Hammock, U.S. Army

Clyde E. Harris, U.S. Army

Leslie H. Hartley, U.S. National Guard

Donald L. Hawk, U.S. Navy

Joshua W. Jackson, U.S. Army

Billy D. Kemp, U.S. Marines

Rebekah L. Lemarr, U.S. Air Force

Charles D. Mackie, U.S. Army

Michael H. McElhaney, U.S. Army

Claude Murphy, U.S. Navy

Jimmy B. Nicholson, U.S. Navy

Joel C. Nicholson, U.S. Marines

Jacky L. Nicholson, U.S. Navy

Shawn J. Ponds, U.S. Army

Hugh B. Porter, U.S. Army

Tommy N. Presley, U.S. Army

Harvey B. Ring, Jr., U.S. Army

Arthur L. Roland, U.S. Army

Jackie P. Singleton, U.S. Air Force

Jackie Singleton, U.S. Air Force

Richard L. Stephenson, U.S. Marines

Benjamin A. Wall, U.S. Air Force



Ted D. Baker, U.S. NavyJohn Bratton, U.S. Army

Daniel R. Carrasco, U.S. Marines

Benjamin Chavarria, U.S. Air Force

Chad E. Davis, U.S. Army

Aldo Delgado, U.S. Marines

Edgar A. Dirks, U.S. Navy

Ronnie L. Dirks, U.S. Air Force

Edward G. Doyle, U.S. Navy

G L. Doyle, U.S. Navy

Leonard R. Dunnahoe, U.S. Army

James C. Ford, U.S. Army

Gilbert Guzman, U.S. Marines

James P. Harrison, Jr., U.S. Army

Robert E. Henderson, U.S. Navy

Arthur R. McBride, U.S. Marines

Joe M. Moore, U.S. Air Force

Oscar K. Moore, U.S. Marines

William C. Petri, Jr., U.S. National Guard

Marvin T. Scrimshire, U.S. Army

Billy F. Sparks, U.S. Navy

Guinn B. Sullivan, Jr., U.S. Navy

James L. Sullivan, U.S. Navy

Daniel C. Walker, U.S. Navy

Timothy J. Willis, U.S. Army



Charles A. Brown, U.S. Navy

Kenneth H. Butler, U.S. Army

Allan G. Darlington, U.S. Navy

Bernard A. Getek, Jr.

Jeffrey A. Hill, U.S. Marines

Pablo A. Kathcart, U.S. Army

Mathew V. Knierim, U.S. National Guard

Richard J. Marriott, U.S. Marines

Anthony L. McDonald, U.S. Navy

Dominick C. Nanni, Jr., U.S. Army

Joseph J. Nucaso, Jr., U.S. Coast Guard

Michael T. Ogbin, U.S. Army

Harry K. Parker, Jr., U.S. Coast Guard

Michael P. Perri, U.S. Navy

Victor T. Pizarro, U.S. National Guard

Ronald S. Reszler

Derrick Rodriguez, U.S. Army

Nicholas S. Saccomanno, III, U.S. National Guard

James L. Secoda, U.S. National Guard

Warren J. Tumler, U.S. Army

Robert E. Tykarski, Jr., U.S. Navy

Geraldine A. Wagenhoffer, U.S. Army



Bennie R. Allen, U.S. Army

Wilford M. Atkins, U.S. Navy

Jerrell W. Austin, U.S. Army

Benny R. Barnett, U.S. Army

James G. Barnett, U.S. Army

William M. Baugh, III, U.S. Coast Guard

William M. Baugh, Jr., U.S. Army

Joe W. Bell, U.S. Army

Ronald E. Blackford, Jr., U.S. Army

Bobby R. Brumley, U.S. Army

Ralph D. Derrick, U.S. Army

Robert E. Dye, U.S. Army

Donald G. Eddie, U.S. Army

Ronald W. Ellis, U.S. Marines

Harry L. Fink, U.S. Navy

Ronnie L. Fitzgerald, U.S. Air Force

Michael E. Forbess, U.S. National Guard

Henry E. Fourthman, U.S. Army

Milton D. Frazier, U.S. Army

Gordon E. Fulghum, U.S. Army

Fred T. Green, U.S. Army

Noland C. Halliburton, U.S. Army

Jack S. Hubert, U.S. Army

Anthony Isabell, U.S. Army

Bobby J. Jacobs, U.S. Army

Ronald E. Johnson, U.S. Marines

Bobby J. Joyner, U.S. Army

Charles R. Landreth, U.S. Army

William F. Loeffel, U.S. Army

Bill B. Lovelace, U.S. National Guard

Willie F. Madison, U.S. Army

Tommy W. Malone, U.S. Army

Brandon L. Mashburn, U.S. Army

James Matthews, Jr., U.S. Marines

Julius McEaddy, U.S. Navy

James L. Moncrief, U.S. Marines

Joseph F. Motroni, U.S. Army

Clyde Murphy, U.S. Army

Clarence E. Murphy, U.S. Army

John C. Oliver, U.S. Army

William F. Parham, U.S. Army

Thomas J. Pickett, U.S. Army

Tony Powers, U.S. Army

Gilbert T. Powers, U.S. Army

Dwight H. Pugh, U.S. Army

John C. Reeves, U.S. Army

Harrol E. Reeves, U.S. Army

John W. Riddick, U.S. Army

Richard E. Riddick, U.S. Army

William A. Smith, U.S. Army

Carlos L. Smith, U.S. National Guard

Edward H. Smith, U.S. Army

Robert L. Steele, Jr., U.S. Army

Danny R. Thomas, U.S. Army

Robert W. Thompson, U.S. Marines

Larry E. Tiller, Sr., U.S. Army

Emil A. Tolewitzke, U.S. Army

Herbert F. Ward, U.S. Army

Terry L. West, Sr., U.S. Army

Charles R. Williams, U.S. Army

Douglas G. Wilson, U.S. Army

Doss S. Wright, Jr., U.S. Navy

David L. Yarbro, U.S. Army

George R. Yarbrough, U.S. Army



Robert H. Adams, U.S. Army

Charles I. Adebiyi, U.S. Navy

Ronald Behuniak, U.S. Army

Arthur T. Boylan, U.S. Air Force

George Boylan, U.S. Army

Edward P. Byrne, U.S. Navy

Dennis Callanan, U.S. Army

Colby Deegan, U.S. Navy

Thomas A. Deegan, U.S. Marines

John Gordon Demers, U.S. Navy

Robert Demers, U.S. Navy

John Dooney, Sr., U.S. Navy

Denis R. Duffy, U.S. Army

George P. Farrara, U.S. National Guard

George A. Fengler

Bryan J. Fitzpatrick, U.S. Army

Wayne E. Fitzpatrick, U.S. Marines

Bruce R. Gabari, U.S. Marines

James E. Gallagher, U.S. Army

Douglas F. Greene, U.S. Coast Guard

John J. Guilfoyle, U.S. Air Force

John F. Hurlman, U.S. Navy

George W. Hurlman, Sr., U.S. Navy

Thomas Husted, U.S. Marines

George T. Husted, U.S. Army

Robert Husted, U.S. Marines

Thomas P. Keery, U.S. Marines

Lawrence R. Kuhn, U.S. Marines

Eugene G. Leclerc, Jr., U.S. Army

Thomas H. LeCount, U.S. Army

Joseph Lent, U.S. Army

Ronald D. Lockard, U.S. Marines

Kenneth F. Madden, Sr., U.S. Marines

Francis Madden, U.S. Marines

Douglas Manzo, U.S. Navy

Thomas V. McNamara, Jr., U.S. Army

Robert W. McNamara, U.S. Navy

Thomas McNamara, U.S. Navy

Charles E. Miller, U.S. Navy

Robert C. Murphy, U.S. Army

Gunnar L. Neilson, U.S. Marines

Robert J. Nesselt, U.S. Army

William T. Nolan, U.S. Army

James C. Novak, U.S. Army

Joseph P. Nugent, U.S. Navy

William A. O’brien, U.S. Navy

George F. Plumer, U.S. Army

Roger L. Raimo, Jr., U.S. Army

Jonathan Rivera, U.S. Army

Gerlald W. Ronaghan, U.S. Navy

Donald F. Rozmus, U.S. Marines

Francis F. Smith, U.S. Army

Robert L. Sprague, U.S. Army

John J. Surre, U.S. Army

Donald N. Taber, U.S. Army

Melville W. Taber, U.S. Navy

James R. Tipping, U.S. Army

Raymond V. Turner, U.S. Marines



L D. Allen

Henry B. Autrey, Jr., U.S. Army

Joshua S. Barker, Jr., U.S. Army

Jan T. Basinger, U.S. Air Force

Joel F. Boswell, U.S. Army

Thomas L. Cannon, Jr.

Charlie E. Carver, U.S. Army

Joshua M. Chandler, U.S. Navy

Henry Cromer, Jr., U.S. Navy

Richard A. Cullum, II, U.S. National Guard

Melegia L. Daniels

Joseph D. Derrick, U.S. Army

Robert L. Ducker, U.S. Army

Henry D. Dyal, U.S. National Guard

Arthur D. Fields, U.S. Army

Eugene G. Fowler, U.S. Army

Marion A. Geddings, U.S. Army

Heyward G. Glymph, U.S. Army

Johnny H. Grubb, U.S. Army

James E. Hensley, U.S. Army

Matthew R. Johnson, U.S. Army

Talbert H. Kinard, Jr., U.S. Army

Bobby D. Kirkland, U.S. National Guard

Lonnie L. Kuehl, U.S. Army

Jimmie L. Lybrand, U.S. Army

Herbert J. Maney, U.S. Marines

Fate L. McClain, U.S. Navy

Horace M. Patrick, U.S. Army

Arnold D. Phillips, U.S. Marines

Roger B. Rupp, U.S. Army

Michael L. Shaw, U.S. National Guard

Jay T. Stradley, Jr., U.S. Marines

Serranzo D. Turner, U.S. Army

Rogers L. Washington, U.S. Marines

Samuel A. Wiley, U.S. National Guard

Willie H. Williford, U.S. Navy




Alvis R. Ball, U.S. Navy

Joel S. Caldwell, U.S. Air Force

Patricia J. Cargill, U.S. Navy

Rickey D. Compala, U.S. Navy

Stanley G. Dowling, U.S. Navy

Lawrence R. Dycus, U.S. Army

Stanley I. Fields, U.S. Army

John R. Flinsbaugh, U.S. Army

William R. Flinsbaugh, U.S. Army

Charles R. Giles, U.S. Navy

Bill D. Giles, U.S. National Guard

Darrell L. Gilpin, U.S. Air Force

Herman E. Goff, Jr., U.S. Army

Kenneth D. Griffith, U.S. Navy

Raymond H. Hamilton, U.S. Army

Robert W. Haynes, U.S. Army

Ronald O. Hicks, U.S. Army

Edward T. Hixon, U.S. Army

Leslie K. Holcombe, U.S. National Guard

Andy D. Hubbard, III, U.S. Marines

Andy D. Hubbard, U.S. Army

Florent F. Kubiak, U.S. Navy

Jerry Lohden, U.S. Army

Kyle R. Lykins, U.S. Air Force

George J. McDade, U.S. Army

Arthur C. McGowen, U.S. Army

Richard J. O’Donley, U.S. Army

Richard L. Prater, U.S. Army

Charles T. Rinkle, U.S. Army

Martin H. Robles, U.S. Army

Robert F. Stafford, U.S. Navy

Donald H. Stalder, U.S. Army

Vernon Truesdell, U.S. Marines

John T. Vail, U.S. Army

Robert N. Whitehead, U.S. Army

Curtis H. Whitener, U.S. Army

Larry H. Whitener, U.S. Army



Kyle Baillargeon, Canadian Army

Ryan J. Ellerby

Alec Finnigan, Canadian Army

Jeff Jantzi

David Marshall, Canadian Army




Joseph Q. Aguon, U.S. Army

Felipe A. Angeles, Jr, U.S. Army

John A. Bistricky, U.S. Navy

Mathew M. Bledsoe, U.S. Army

Walter J. Butler, Sr., U.S. Air Force

Steven S. Caines, U.S. Navy

Robert K. Caines, U.S. Navy

James R. Caines, U.S. Marines

Kenneth Caines, U.S. Army

Sollie A. Campbell, U.S. Army

Floyd L. Campbell, U.S. Navy

Thomas Cobb, U.S. Air Force

Thomas G. Corley, Jr., U.S. Marines

Robert G. Greene, U.S. Marines

Robert H. Helmey, U.S. Marines

Terrence B. Hickson, U.S. Army

Richard A. Magin, U.S. Army

Bernard L. McDaniel, U.S. Army

Leonard H. Patrick, U.S. Army

Jacob Reep, U.S. Marines



Dean W. Bias

Charles E. Lontz

Terrence A. Lusk



Ian E. Basarowich, Canadian Army



Jason Abromaitis, Canadian Army

Ben S. Bennett, Royal Canadian Air Force

Chance S. Clark, Canadian Army

Andrew D. Doucet, Canadian Army

Tyler J. Falt, Canadian Army

Ryan S. Groombridge, Canadian Army

John Gulliford, Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Navy

Jarad Hilton, U.S. Navy

Guy R. Johnston, Canadian Army

Daniel J. Katchmar, Canadian Army

Andrew J. Langridge, Royal Canadian Navy

Brian K. Lorenz, Canadian Army

William G. McPherson, Canadian Army

Pamella K. Moon, Canadian Army

Maxwell A. Parsons, Canadian Army

Richard A. Patterson, Royal Canadian Air Force

Terry Pronchuk, Canadian Army

Christopher M. Schmidt, Canadian Army

Stuart M. St.Pierre, Royal Canadian Navy

Leanard E. Wahlund, Royal Canadian Navy

Francis J White, Canadian Army

Kurtis J. Wilson, Canadian Army



Carl Belaire

Henry B. Carpenter

Johnny Carpenter

John A. Constance

Warren A. Cormier, Sr.

Charles R. Dronett

Ronald L. Jarrell

Floyd W. Kimball

Wilfred LeLeux



Daniel G. Allison, Jr., U.S. Army

Otis J. Baker, U.S. Air Force

Woodrow W. Chambers, U.S. Marines

Eric S. Fillmer, U.S. Marines

Billy R. Greer

James E. Hall, U.S. Air Force

Jeri E. Lewis, U.S. Air Force

Jack W. Lewis Jr., U.S. Army

Jack W. Lewis Sr., U.S. Army

Edward C. Lovelace, Sr., U.S. National Guard

Jerry W. McLendon, U.S. National Guard

Kenny W. Mixon, U.S. National Guard

David L. Muirhead, U.S. Navy

Wayne A. Muirhead, U.S. Army

Howard L. Nelson, U.S. Navy

Grover C. Nobles, U.S. Marines

Houston E. Steverson, U.S. Army

Luther E. Steverson, U.S. Navy

Clyde D. Sullivan, U.S. Army

James W. Sutton, U.S. Navy

Hiram Womack, U.S. National Guard

Fordie E. Womack, U.S. National Guard



Gregory A. Alexander

William P. Loveys

James B. Martell



Trevor S. Bartlett, Royal Canadian Navy

Logan M. Bennett, Canadian Army

Stefan J. Birsa, Canadian Army

Conrad G. Edward, Canadian Army

Ellis A. Garneau

Harris N. Qureshi

Rodney K. Watson, U.S. Army



Clyde F. Baumgart, U.S. Army

Timothy R. Black, U.S. Navy

Mathew E. Bowling, U.S. Air Force

Robert H. Breitenbach,

Andrew J. Carlson, U.S. Navy

John N. Cotter, Jr., U.S. Marines

James H. Ebbinger, U.S. Army

Michael S. Gregorich

Darrell L. Johnson, U.S. Army

Chad D. Koehler, U.S. Army, U.S. National Guard

Ronald V. Liebeck, U.S. Army

Daniel R. Lubus

Thomas G. Maluegge, U.S. National Guard

Gordon Much, U.S. Marines

Joseph J. Stumpf, U.S. Army

Gary F. Van Camp, U.S. Army

Jeffrey L. Witt



Marc J. Bertin, Canadian Army

Timothy R. Brideau, Canadian Army

Harold S. Chandler, Canadian Army

Emile J. Doucet, Canadian Army

Jeffrey J. Mantin, Royal Canadian Navy

Richard L. Martin

Chris D. Murray, Canadian Army

Perry J. Musseau, Royal Canadian Navy

John J. Thomas, Canadian Army



Kristian Alejo, U.S. National Guard

Frederick B. Bueno, U.S. National Guard

Joseph Kauwale, III, U.S. National Guard

Julien Punzalan, U.S. National Guard

Fred Williams, U.S. National Guard



Patrick A. Eiss

Dale M. Haag, U.S. National Guard

Ronald J. Jacobson, U.S. National Guard

Carlton L. Martwick, U.S. Marines

David L. Nodsle, U.S. Army

Clay M. Starck, U.S. Army

Darik M. Tweten

Burnell K. Twidt, U.S. Navy

Rodney L. Zander, U.S. Army



Alan F. Dunn, JR

Don A. Plaisted

Matthew R. Treadwell, U.S. National Guard



George L. Adams, U.S. Navy

Tony L. Azevedo, U.S. Navy

Stanley L. Azevedo, U.S. Army

Kevin Barber, U.S. National Guard

Don Dalton, Sr., U.S. Marines

Don F. Dalton, Jr., U.S. Army

Shawn J. Doering, U.S. Marines

Jason T. Duval, U.S. Air Force

Chad Evans, U.S. Navy

Michael J. Hattaway, U.S. Army

Robert Johnson, U.S. Army

Brian L. Keenan, U.S. Army

Al K Nicholas, U.S. Navy

Luiz F. Pender, U.S. National Guard

Alvin Peterson, U.S. Navy

Esera Poasa, Jr., U.S. Army

James R. Sartor, U.S. Marines

Dylan Thorp, U.S. Army

William D. Toby, U.S. Army

Thomas Torres, Jr., U.S. Army

Larry Valoaga, U.S. Marines

Deward R. Womack, U.S. Army

Mark A. Young, U.S. Marines



Kenneth R. Kent, Canadian Army

Andrew W. Noseworthy, Canadian Army



Thomas I. Barnhart

Michael D. Berg, Jr.

Kyle B. Birkhead, U.S. Army

Curtis C. Carr

Christopher L. Carver, U.S. Marines

Eddie B. Castle

Jonathan F. Crabtree, U.S. Marines

Raymond R. Dailey, III, U.S. National Guard

Steven D. Daniels, U.S. Army

Calvin T. Davis, U.S. Army

Kevin De Walt, U.S. Army

Anthony B. Deem, U.S. Air Force

Tyren J. Dover, U.S. Army

Matthew L. Dulaney, U.S. Army

Ben Evans, III, U.S. Navy

Jacob T. Fultz, U.S. Marines

Gary D. Gaines, U.S. Navy

Ronald D. Gardner, Jr., U.S. National Guard

Shawn M. Guyer, U.S. Marines

Justin T. Hall, U.S. Army

Dustin Hamm, U.S. Air Force

John A. Hawthorne

Trevon M. Howard, U.S. National Guard

Anthony S. Jackson

Steven D. Janssen, Sr, U.S. Army

Elmer D. King, U.S. National Guard

Billy G. Knighten

Matthew A. Leavitt, U.S. Army

Dustin R. Lewis

Ronald D. Matheny

Robert B. Matheny, U.S. National Guard

Wallace O. McCoy, Sr.

James S. McGrail

Nathan S. Miller, U.S. National Guard

Monique D. Morris, U.S. Army

Aaron J. Murphy, U.S. National Guard

Jordan A. Myers, U.S. Army

Brian F. Nelson, U.S. Army

James M. Nickleson

Michael J. Ouellette, U.S. National Guard

John E. Parker, Jr., U.S. Army

Ryan J. Parr, U.S. National Guard

Douglas A. Peck

Steven D. Phillips, Jr., U.S. Army

Neil W. Pittman, U.S. Army

Raymond A. Queen

Robert D. Ripple, U.S. Army

Joe E. Robinson, U.S. Army

Kendall K. Satterfield

Ryan M. Schlotfeldt, U.S. National Guard

Marc A. Scott

Milford J. Scott, U.S. Army

Frank J. Sedgeman

Natalie N. Shovan, U.S. Marines

Christopher M. Smalley

Christopher D. Smith, U.S. Army

Jesse J. Stephens, U.S. Army

Bennie L. Stuckey, Jr., U.S. Army

Tory D. Swartz

Carnal J. Tanksley, U.S. Navy

Dillon L. Tanner, U.S. National Guard

George A. White, U.S. Navy

Kevin T. Williams, U.S. Army

Heather R. Wilschetz, U.S. Marines

Chase W. Wimer, U.S. Army

Jason E. Wingrove, U.S. Army



Curtis Akins, U.S. Army

David B. Fisher, U.S. Navy

John E. Foley, U.S. Marines

Jerry B. Spann, U.S. Army


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