Multiple Local 86 contractors needed for battery plant megaproject

After Insulators Local 86 Nashville members finish work on the Ultium Cells battery plant in Spring Hill, Tenn., they will have logged about 250,000 manhours on their portion of the $2.3 billion megaproject. 

The 2.8 million-square-foot facility broke ground in August 2021 and the project is on schedule to be completed in late 2023 or early 2024 and is among the largest projects in Local 86 jurisdiction in recent years.

More than a megaproject

The project will be completed under a National Maintenance Agreement (NMA), with general contractors Barton Malow and IICC overseeing operations. 

As of September, Local 86 members have already worked more than 150,000 manhours and are expected to work another 100,000 hours to complete the project.862

While the 250,000 manhours will help sustain the Local's pension and medical funds, the project signifies much more, according to Local 86 Business Manager Matt Berlin.

"In the construction of the Ultium Cells facility at GM Spring Hill, it's not just bricks and mortar that build the future of electric vehicles," he said. "It's the dedication, craftsmanship and unwavering commitment of the Brothers and Sisters of Local 86 and the travelers from other Locals who all performed top-notch craftsmanship on this project that truly powered this job."

Several Local 86 signatory contractors including Bondy, Gribbins, JT Thorpe, Jamar Co., Warren Insulations, Bi-State Insulation and Capitol Insulation, worked on the project.

"These contractors are only as good as the people they employ, and the Brothers and Sisters of Local 86 Nashville have been instrumental in ensuring the project's success," Berlin said. 

On site, the insulation work included duct wrap, pipe covering, tanks, steam lines, chilled water lines, water lines and control piping. 86 3

To ensure the safety of all workers on site, cooldown break areas, water stations and a text weather alert system were implemented due to the high temperatures mixed with other challenging weather conditions. 

Berlin thanked the members and travelers who worked on this project for being so dedicated.

"Everyone worked long hours in all kinds of weather conditions but still managed to produce high-quality work. I could not be more proud of everyone working on this job," he added.

Local 86 members continue to work on other projects within the jurisdiction. Their commitment to quality is a core value to the entire Insulators Union, thank you Brothers and Sisters. 

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