Unprecedented construction boom in central ohio fuels Local 50's growth

In a recent episode of the America's Work Force Union Podcast (AWF), Columbus/Dayton Business Manager Dan Poteet shared exciting news about the construction industry in Central Ohio.

According to Poteet, “the region is currently experiencing a construction boom like never before, leading to a significant expansion of Local 50.”

One of the most promising indicators of this growth is the surge in apprenticeship classes. Local 50, which previously had 20 apprentices, now boasts over 60 apprentices. Poteet emphasized that the Union construction industry offers a pathway to the middle class, and joining Local 50 is an excellent opportunity for those looking to embark on a fulfilling career.

In response to the increased demand for skilled workers in Central Ohio, Local 50 is actively recruiting non-union mechanical insulators and individuals with no prior experience. Poteet expressed optimism about the recruitment campaign, noting that it aligns with the organization's commitment to providing opportunities for everyone to join the skilled trades.

Before the construction boom, Local 50 had 115 members. Due to the current demand for skilled labor, the organization has seen a remarkable increase to 220 members, with projections indicating a growth to 250 by the end of 2024. Poteet is confident that as more construction projects gain momentum in the jurisdiction, Local 50's membership could exceed 300.

Acknowledging the importance of collaboration, Poteet thanked the  Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers (HFIAW) International for their support in organizing non-union members. In the third quarter of 2023, the HFIAW sent over a dozen organizers to assist Local 50 in bringing non-union workers into the fold.

As Local 50 approaches a contract negotiation year, Poteet believes the upcoming contract will be historic. He envisions the new contract will be a means to further enhance the lives of the Brothers and Sisters of Local 50.

Listen to the entire conversation between Poteet and AWF host Ed “Flash” Ferenc wherever you listen to your favorite podcast, or access it here now! 


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