Local 87 San Antonio  celebrates 95th anniversary

HFIAW Local 87 San Antonio celebrated its 95th  anniversary on March 3 at the historic Menger Inn.  

The event was a testament to the union’s enduring strength and commitment to its members.  

The anniversary event took place at the conclusion of the Southwest States Conference Apprentice Competition,  which was scheduled in conjunction with the Southwest  States Conference meeting. 

The celebration brought together current and former members of Local 87, industry leaders and local government members. The following VIPs spoke at the event: Linda Chavez-Thompson, Executive Vice President  Emerita of the San Antonio AFL-CIO, San Antonio Mayor  Ron Nirenberg, Texas AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer  Leonard Aguilar, IIIATF Administrator John L. Stahl,  HFIAW General Secretary-Treasurer Robert W. Reap,  At-Large International Vice President Timothy S. Keane,  Southwest States Conference International Vice President  Leo A. Damaris and HFIAW General President Terrance  M. Larkin.  

Local 87 Business Manager Winston “Glenn” Miles served as the emcee for the night’s event. 

The event included spirited speeches and uplifting messages directed at representatives from the five-state  Southwest States Conference, their MAC competitors,  Local 87 members and their loved ones. The speeches focused on unity and solidarity within the Local and its unwavering commitment to its members’ safety and well-being.  

Established in 1933, Local 87 has been representing and advocating for the rights of Mechanical Insulators in  Texas for nearly a century. Local 87 has become a leading voice in the industry, with members across multiple states. The anniversary celebration was an opportunity to reflect on Local 87’s accomplishments and look to the future.  

Local 87 has always prioritized its members’ safety and well-being, and the anniversary served as a reminder of this principle. In an industry, that can be hazardous.

Local 87 has played a critical role in ensuring its members have access to training, equipment and other support to do their jobs safely. 

The event also highlighted Local 87’s ongoing efforts to promote apprenticeships and training programs for future generations of Mechanical Insulators. Local 87 recognizes that investing in the next generation of workers is crucial to maintaining a solid and thriving industry. It has taken proactive steps to recruit and support its current and future apprentices. 

Local 87 has also been active in responding to the shifts in the industry, including increasing demands for energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint of buildings. The Local has worked closely with industry partners, government agencies and other stakeholders to expand the role the Local and the Brothers and Sisters of Local 87 will play in the changing industry.

Local 87 now looks to the future but remains committed to advocating for its members and promoting safe, high-quality work in the mechanical insulation industry. 



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