Local 32 Newark uses numbers to support labor-friendly candidiates

Leading up to the November General Election, members from HFIAW Local 32 Newark dedicated weekends to supporting labor-endorsed candidates in New Jersey. 

These efforts have garnered considerable support, with between 20 and 30 members participating each weekend, including apprentices and mechanics. The commitment from members has frequently extended across the 13 counties that encompass northern New Jersey.

On a per capita basis, Local 32 stands out as a leader among trade unions in New Jersey, consistently mobilizing more members for political walks than other trades. This dedication underscores the importance of politics in the labor movement, encouraging the membership to support politicians at every level who champion labor rights and causes. 

Focus on key candidates, races

Local 32's political engagement efforts in the 2023 elections were a resounding success. The Local endorsed and supported labor-friendly candidates across New Jersey, and their members' hard work and dedication paid off. 

Local 32's Business Agent, Jeremiah Farmer, attributed the Local's success to its members' hard work and dedication. 

"Local 32 members understand the importance of electing labor-friendly politicians who will fight for our rights and interests," he said. "They know that we can make a difference when we stand together."

In the past year, elected officials endorsed and supported by Local 32 have cast votes supporting Project Labor Agreements worth $300 million in future construction work, Farmer added.

"Trade unions serve as the boots on the ground for politicians (who are) directly responsible for securing PLAs," he said. "While the Insulators Union may not have the financial resources to fund political campaigns, the HFIAW is crucial in electing labor-friendly officials. 

Local 32's members' involvement in the political process reflects the Local's dedication to advancing the labor movement's interests. By endorsing and supporting candidates who prioritize labor rights and causes, the Local played a vital role in shaping the political landscape of New Jersey.

Other Local 32 endorsed other successful candidates in other key races across the state, including:

  • Vin Gopal: Monmouth County
  • Joe Lagana, Lisa Swain and Chris Tully: Bergen County
  • Joe Cryan: Middlesex County
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