International announces new positions as Union looks to grow

Thirteen HFIAW members were appointed to International positions this year, as part of an overhaul designed to better position the union for growth. Additionally, two new positions were created as part of the Mechanical Insulators Labor Management Cooperative Trust (LMCT).

These positions are part of a reimagined International Union staff. Some are new positions and others replace previous positions, but with modified job descriptions. All the changes have the same goal – to increase efficiency and move the union and industry forward.

Here are the members and their new position titles:

Jamie Reo Andre 

Membership Development Representative andre

With over 15 years of experience as a Union organizer, Brother Andre will help Local Unions with their organizing efforts and campaigns. Among other organizing duties, he will assist with the International’s sponsored BTA organizing training. He will work closely and assist Canadian International Vice Presidents Paul Faulkner and Wade Logan on GPMC and Canadian Local Union affairs. A member of Local 95 Toronto, Brother Andre previously served as Local 95 Business Representative before being appointed by then General President James A. Grogan as Canadian Regional Organizer (International).

"I am excited for the number of mega projects that are in the forecast for both the U.S. and Canada,” said Andre. “The abundance of work that lies on the horizon will allow us the ability to grow, gain market share and density in our industry. With the support of our strong leadership, we will be able to focus on key marketing, recruiting and lobbying initiatives. This will lead to many opportunities for our Local Unions and will set us up for success across our International.”

boydJames (Jim) Allen Boyd

Membership Development Representative

In his new position, Brother Boyd will focus on membership and business development, recruiting, marketing and organizing. He previously served as the President and Organizer for Local 25 Detroit. He added that it is his personal mission (and will always be) to leave things better than they were before he arrived.

"I thank the members of Local 25 for taking a chance on me over a decade ago and hope I have made you proud,” he said. “I’m looking forward to the new adventure ahead.I will never forget how I got here. I’m a third generationInsulator. Every single good thing in my life, I owe to this Union. Every pair of shoes I’ve ever worn, every stitch of clothing that ever crossed my back, every roof that kept the rain off me, every meal I’ve ever eaten, was brought to me by way of a union contract. All the same can be said for my children, as well.”

Vince Drescher, Jr.

Membership Development Representativedresher

In his new role, Brother Drescher will handle the day-to-day affairs of HFIAW Local 13Jacksonville, along with restarting the Local’s Apprenticeship program. Drescher will work with contractors to increase the workforce and market share, as well as increase wage rates for the membership. He is also assisting with the supervision of Local 67 Tampa.

Brother Drescher previously served Local 96 Savannah in a number of positions including Executive Committee member, Vice President, President, Business Manager and Financial Secretary. He also held the roles of President of the Savannah and Southeast Georgia Building Trades Council and as Southeast Conference Regional Organizer.

“I thank the members and contractors who are assisting in a path of success for Florida,” he said. “The union has provided me great opportunities during my career, and it continues to be the honor of my life to work with all my union Brothers and Sisters.”

DuncanAshley Duncan

Membership Development Representative 

Sister Duncan, from Local 118 Vancouver, fills a role that combines a previously traditional organizing position with an additional focus on recruiting and retaining new members. Her previous experience includes serving as the Local 118 Vice President, where she chaired the Executive Board meetings and oversaw the Sustainability Program and energy audits.

She has worked with women and other equity groups to improve retention within the trade; Chaired WIT Committees such as Build To get HER BC; served on the governance committee for BC Centre for Women in the Trades; collaborated with others on organizing efforts; and assisted with marketing and social media efforts.

"It’s exciting for me to now give back to my Sisters and Brothers at a regional and national level,” said Duncan. "Developing relationships with both traditional and non-traditional stakeholders will be my goal, as to expand our share of the work and our voice at the tables we belong. The labor movement has given me more than I ever imagined, and I hope to help others achieve the same. I’m so proud to wake up every day and not only get to do something I love, but to work to better the lives of my union Brothers and Sisters.”

Art Fadeley 

Director of Marketing and Construction fadley

The former Business Manager of Local 4 Buffalo, Brother Fadeley is now in charge of the marketing needs of the International. He will collaborate with all departments in order to promote the mechanical insulation industry. When it comes to challenges, he urges members to refrain from dwelling on what could go wrong. Instead, he suggests you focus on what to do next.

"Spend your energies on moving forward toward the answer,” Fadeley said.

Michael Ferguson 

Membership Development Representative 

fergusonBrother Ferguson is a Local 1St. Louis member who most recently worked as a foreman at Thornburgh Insulation. He brings his expertise in managing large construction projects to his new position. He will actively work with Local and regional organizers to increase the union’s market share by providing resources, guidance and market analysis. Additionally, he aims to build strong relationships with external entities, crafts and individuals to bolster the union’s influence.

He expressed his gratitude to his fellow union members for the opportunity to serve and highlighted the profound impact the union made on his life and family. He vows to work tirelessly to strengthen the organization for current and future generations.

"I was organized into Local 1 in 2007, and my friendships with our members mean a great deal to me,” said Ferguson. "I’m where I’m at today because our members from local 1 took me in and mentored me.”

Jose Gurrola 

Membership Development Representative Gurrola-headshot

In his new role, Brother Gurrola will assist leadership, Local Union leaders and organizers. A member of Local 73 Phoenix, he was formerly a Regional Organizer At-Large.

He believes dedication, self-motivation and teamwork are just a few of the many key components required to increase market share. This list also includes marketing, political activism, social media, top down, bottom up and engaging workers.

"Working together as a team will bring faster outcomes,” he said. “You will have ups and downs, but the most important thing is to keep looking forward. So, let’s keep moving forward as we all have a part in assisting and finding solutions for the good of the organization and membership. Remember, united we stand, divided we fall!”

blarkinBrian Larkin 

LMCT Mechanical Insulation Specialist, CIEA 

He will use his prior experience of conducting energy audits, as well as quality assurance compliance, to develop methods to raise awareness about mechanical insulation in both the private and public sectors. A member of Local 2 Pittsburgh, Brother Larkin has experience in the field working in a variety of positions. He most recently worked on quality control at the Shell Cracker Plant project.

"I am extremely thankful for this opportunity the LMCT has given me to apply the knowledge and experience that I’ve acquired,” he said. “I am excited to continue to learn and work with the amazing team that’s been put in place. I value my new position to increase work opportunities for our members, our contractors and the entire Mechanical Insulation Industry.”

William B. McGee

Jurisdictional Director mcgee

In his new position, Brother McGeewill deal with jurisdictional issues, grievances and arbitrations with other trades. He will also handle Department of Labor Wage Rates postings and issues. McGee will participate with the following groups on behalf of the HFIAW:TVA, NACA, TAUC, GPA, DOL, Blue Oval and Ford Tripartite.

Formerly the Local 23 Harrisburg Business Manager, McGee also served his Local as Sergeant-at-Arms, Recording Secretary, Executive Board member, Vice President and President, among other roles. He was Middle Atlantic States Conference President and Vice President, held multiple roles within the Lehigh Valley Building Trades and served on the Pennsylvania State Apprenticeship Council and the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Executive Board. McGee was also a Northampton County Commissioner.

"I am honored and excited to represent my Brothers and Sisters at this level,” he said. “I will do everything I can to keep and protect the work and jurisdiction that we have worked so hard for.”

Robert S. McGuckin 

McGuckinDirector of Membership Development (Organizing)

In his new role, Brother McGuckin will work with other department heads to organize new members and contractors, along with developing up-to-date membership training to recapture market share and improve member retention. A member of Local 17 Chicago, he previously held the following positions: Training Director, Organizer and Local Union Trustee.

"It has always been my honor to serve Local 17, and now the International, in any way I can to further the Union Insulation Industry,” he said. “Working for the membership is something I do not take lightly. My plan is to work with our International General President, General Secretary-Treasurer, International Vice Presidents and the other department heads to develop individual plans with the Local Unions that fit their needs and workforce requirements.

"There is no one size fits all approach to growing our industry. Organizing is just one tool we will look to use. We will also look at marketing and training tools for new and existing members. I look forward to the challenges ahead of us,” he added.

Maximus A. Perdomo 

Membership Development Representativeperdomo 

A member of Local 53 New Orleans, he will assist every Local in the Southwest Conference and help them grow and develop membership. Previously, Brother Perdomo served as the Local53 Organizer, Executive Board member and President. "It is an honor to have gratefully and humbly accepted this new position with the absolute commitment to delivering the best of me in performing this task that I have been assigned to better our Local Unions as well as our International,” he said. “Labor never quits. We never give up the fight, no matter how tough the odds, no matter how long it takes.”

Jim Petrides 

petridesLMCT Senior Mechanical Insulation Specialist, CEM, CEA, CTII, CIEA

Originally from Columbus, Brother Petrides is a member of Local 22 in Houston. He worked for 30 years as an Insulator and also held multiple positions on the contractor side as a project manager, branch manager, president and director.

In his new role, he will work closely with the members and LMCT Board to develop a New Contractor Training and Awareness Program, Energy Assessment and Quality Assurance Program and other training programs to expand market share and generate new work opportunities for members and contractors.

"I am grateful for the opportunity the LMCT has given me to apply my knowledge and experience to help our membership and our contractors,” he said. “Being part of the LMCT will allow us to utilize our experience in all phases of our industry to develop New Contractor Training and Awareness. We will be developing an Energy Appraisal Program in conjunction with the installation of mechanical insulation for remediation of energy loss and conservation.”

David Price price

Membership Development Representative 

A former Organizer/Business Representative for Local 18 Indianapolis, Brother Price has experience developing relationships with non-union Insulators, non-union owners, end users and political figures. He also helped his Local’s marketing and promotional activities, not only to recruit, but to sell a product according to the audience.

In his new role, Price will conduct oversight of the Central States Conference Organizers by working on new strategic plans that utilize technology and modern tools in a way that best fits each market. He will also work with Central States International Vice President Michael V. Hickey and others to establish a baseline structure to work off that helps connect all the organizers and their efforts.

This will enable everyone to learn from each other and progress the Union.

“Throughout my career, whether it was working in the field, sitting on committees, holding elected offices or now as a Membership Development Representative, my love for this organization and my Brothers and Sisters has, and will always remain undying,” said Price. “It is an absolute honor to serve our members and leadership I will continue to do the best that I can to give back to an organization that has fought to bless our families with their livelihoods. I could not be prouder to call myself a union pipe coverer."

sherrardJoshua Sherrard 

Director of Energy Assessment and Quality Assurance 

Brother Sherrard’s goal in this new position is to expand the concept for mechanical insulation energy appraisal and quality assurance used by Local 131St. John, and help other Locals across the International adopt a similar concept in their areas. As the former Business Manager and Training Director for Local 131, he saw how mechanical insulation appraisals opened the doors in so many different areas for the Local. He is confident it can help many other Locals by creating work opportunities, protecting work from other trades/non-union shops, be used as an organizing tool or to educate stakeholders on the benefits of mechanical insulation.

“As a third-generation member of our organization, it is a great honor to represent our members nationally,” Sherrard said. “I am humbled by the opportunities this organization has given me, and I intend to pay back what the Brothers and Sisters before me have done to create this wonderful career for me and my family.

Damon Wrobel

Business Analyst wrobel

Brother Wrobel is tasked with identifying new opportunities for growth within the industry, designing and implementing solutions to improve business processes and translating business requirements into technical specifications to improve software solutions.

He previously served as Local 84Akron and Youngstown Business Manager, Financial Secretary and Organizer. Additionally, he held the office of Vice President of the Central States Conference and Vice President of both the Tri-County Building and Construction Trades Council and the East Central Ohio Building and Construction Trades Council.

“As we move forward, my role as your Business Analyst will be to support our union in making strategic decisions about how to best allocate our resources and maximize our effectiveness,” he said. “I will be working closely with your union representatives to analyze data, identify key trends and patterns, and provide insights into how we can achieve our goals more efficiently.

 “My goal is to develop a comprehensive understanding of our union’s strengths and weaknesses, internal climate, and external factors that may impact our operations,” he added.

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