Insulators send Build Back Better Clean Energy support letter to Biden

Insulators Union - General President Gregory T. RevardIn a letter to President Biden in support of the Build Back Better Clean Energy Infrastructure Plan, Insulators Union General President Gregory T. Revard reminded President Biden and his administration of the green benefits from mechanical insulation.

The language from the letter is below:

As General President of the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Union, I want to encourage your support for mechanical insulation incentives in your Build Back Better Clean Energy Infrastructure plan.

The promotion of commercial and industrial insulation, collectively known as mechanical insulation, should be included in your Build Back Better plan as mechanical insulation is a proven energy efficiency technology that promotes our national energy, economic and environmental goals.

Increased utilization of mechanical insulation saves energy for commercial buildings and industrial facilities that makes our nation more energy independent. The energy savings of mechanical insulation also help our economy as our manufacturing sector becomes more competitive in the global economy. As a result of reduced fossil-fuel energy consumption, mechanical insulation also reduces carbon emissions.

Since 1903, Insulator union members have been the original clean energy workforce, and our members are ready to work to fulfill your campaign commitment to retrofit 4 million commercial buildings (We also want to work with you to make our federal buildings and DOD facilities more energy efficient). Our members also greatly appreciate your pledge to extend energy efficiency tax incentives to include mechanical insulation and to repair the building code process with the goal of establishing building performance standards for existing buildings nationwide.

I have great confidence in you and your Administration to develop a clean energy infrastructure investment plan to meet this critical moment. In addition to advancing the needed policies to create union jobs and achieve our energy and climate goals, it is also imperative to communicate how the transition from fossil energy to clean energy will benefit our members and other union members who currently work in the fossil energy sector.

Energy efficiency is the essential bridge in our transition to meet our future energy, workforce and climate goals. Our members and many building trades union members currently work in the fossil energy sector, but the Insulators and many union trades members also perform energy efficiency work. Robust energy efficiency investments can enable building trades members to continue to utilize their construction skills for better pay, health care and pension benefits than to make solar panels.      

As you continue your vital work to address our national crises, please know that the Insulators are also working to address these unprecedented challenges. From our work to combat the health and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, promoting apprenticeship opportunities for communities of color and ending environmental injustice to end systemic racism and to address the existential threat of climate change, the Insulators are part of the solution.

In your efforts to promote your Build Back Better Plan, we would be delighted to host an event with you to emphasize the importance of energy efficiency as the bridge to better economic opportunities for everyone.

Thank you Mr. President for your consideration and support for mechanical insulation incentives, and to participate in a Build Back Better event with you. I also want to thank you for hosting the productive meeting with my fellow building trades leaders, and regret that I was unable to attend.


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