Insulators donate record amounts to Toys for Tots and Helmets to Hardhats

HFIAW Brothers and Sisters demonstrated their unwavering support and generosity during the 2017 holiday season.  For the eighth consecutive year, the HFIAW has partnered with Helmets to Hardhats and the Toys for Tots drive, and as they have each year, our Locals surpassed all previous year’s charitable efforts. This year an organizational record was set when they donated a combined total of $13,556.91 of gifts.

Monetary and toy donations were collected from 26 Locals, International Vendors and Staff, and then purchased, organized and delivered by IIIATF Staff. Donated items included 48 bicycles, 36 bike helmets, 207 scarves, gloves and hats, 99 watches, 1,171 toys for a total of 1,561 gifts to the Toys for Tots campaign.


The North American Building Trades Union affiliates and AFL-CIO departments combined to donate a total value of $125,065 to the Helmets to Hardhats and Toys for Tots drive. The donations included $82,425 of toys donated to the U.S. Marine Corp. at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, which made NABTU affiliates the top-sponsor for the campaign.

This year, Toys for Tots celebrates its 70th anniversary, as the foundation was founded by U.S. Marine Corps. Reserve Maj. Bill Hendricks in 1947. Throughout its history, Toys for Tots has grown to become an approved official activity of the United States Marine Corps and the Secretary of Defense made Toys for Tots part of the Marine Corps. Reserve’s official mission.

The foundation’s goal is to provide toys to children who would not otherwise receive them for Christmas. Over its life span, the Toys for Tots program has distributed over 530 million toys to over 244 million less fortunate children, and the HFIAW is proud to have provided some of those donations.

The HFIAW received contributions from Local 1 in St. Louis, Local 2 in Pittsburgh, Local 3 in Cleveland, Local 8 in Cincinnati, Local 12 in New York, Local 14 in Philadelphia, Local 24 in Washington, D.C., Local 27 in Kansas City, Local 30 in Syracuse, Local 32 in Newark, Local 34 in Minneapolis, Local 41 in Fort Wayne, Local 45 in Toledo, Local 46 in Knoxville, Local 49 in Duluth, Local 51 in Louisville, Local 53 in New Orleans, Local 55 in Mobile, Local 73 in Phoenix, Local 78 in Birmingham, Local 90 in Memphis, Local 94 in Oklahoma City, Local 95 in Toronto, Local 96 in Savannah, Local 114 in Jackson, Local 119 in Regina, Local 127 in Appleton and Local 132 in Honolulu.

“The generous contributions of our Brothers and Sisters continues to make me proud of our Union,” General President James McCourt said. “Thank you all for the philanthropic donations you have made to the Helmets to Hardhats campaign and to all of the individual causes you have supported through 2017.”

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