Infrastructure investment to create mechanical insulation jobs

The mechanical insulation industry won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon. Our Union’s joint labor and contractor effort, the Mechanical Insulators Labor Management and Cooperative Trust (LMCT) Executive Director Pete Ielmini explained how mechanical insulation jobs will be created on a labor-focused podcast.

Ielmini explained how infrastructure investment helps mechanical insulators on America’s Work Force Union Podcast, where he appears as a monthly guest.

Appearing on the Jan. 27 episode, Brother Ielmini explained to listeners how a new infrastructure plan would create good-paying, union jobs for thousands of mechanical insulators.

Brother Ielmini spoke at length about the importance of investing in the U.S. infrastructure, saying it is long past due. Not only are roads and bridges outdated and crumbling, but public schools and other public facilities are also falling into disrepair.

One of President Trump’s signature campaign promises was investing in and rebuilding infrastructure. Since this never came to fruition and infrastructure is a fairly bipartisan issue, the Democrats believe they are in a position to deliver for the American people.

Although Democrats and Republicans are arguing whether infrastructure investments be focused on clean energy or fossil fuels, mechanical insulators will have a hand in whichever happens due to the need to limit emissions and focus on energy efficiency.

Ielmini added that the mechanical insulators are prepared for whichever route is taken, as they will adapt their training programs to ensure apprentices and journeymen are prepared to work on any project.

This led to Ielmini explaining to listeners how they and others can get involved in the mechanical insulation industry, which he said will have work for years to come.

With the ballooning cost of college and the number of graduates finding themselves in a position where they cannot pay off their debt, Ielmini encouraged people to consider the Mechanical Insulators registered apprenticeship program, calling it the other four-year degree.

While explaining how there is and will be an abundance of work in the industry, he also discussed the earn while you learn apprenticeship model.

You can listen to Brother Ielmini discuss the future of the mechanical insulation industry and how it will adapt below in the podcast interview:

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