IIIATF releases three new recuritment videos

The Insulation Industry International Apprentice and Training Fund (IIIATF) recently released three new videos designed to help JATCs with apprentice recruitment efforts.  

Two of the new videos were specifically designed to target middle school students, their parents and school counselors. The intent included introducing younger students to career opportunities in the building trades,  especially the Insulators Union. 

“It is crucial to begin talking to students and their parents at a younger age about the opportunities available in the building trades and how their interests and skills can help them transition into a successful career as an  Insulator,” said IIIATF Administrator John L. Stahl.  

Using tone and language appropriate to the age group,  the video introduces the concept that college is not for every student and that the interests and skills of these boys and girls can be applied to a building trades career.  

The companion video for parents and counselors conveys a similar message but speaks to individuals who have the most influence on the students, with a bit more information about the fulfilling and financially rewarding careers available to Mechanical Insulators. 

Both videos feature current HFIAW apprentices who tell their stories, including why they chose the Insulators  Union and their early career path as building trade members.  

Both videos introduce the target audiences to the registered apprenticeship model – the early years of training, the “earn while you earn” model and the goal of becoming a journeyman.  

Women talking to women 

The third video focuses on the recruitment and retention of women in the Insulators Union. The video features several current HFIAW Sisters explaining how they learned about career opportunities as Mechanical Insulators and how their lives have changed since joining.  

By highlighting the female Insulators, the IIIATF  hopes to connect and inspire more women to consider a similar career while also highlighting the wages and benefits HFIAW can earn.  

Recruiting more women to join the Insulators Union is crucial to our future. It is encouraging to see more female members elected to various leadership positions within our Local Unions.

The IIIATF believes the video – along with a series of companion short videos where the same women speak about additional topics – can be a powerful recruitment tool to attract more female apprentice candidates.  

By reaching out to new and diverse audiences, the  IIIATF hopes to inspire a new generation of Insulators who will continue to build and shape our union.

You can find all the videos mentioned in this article and more on the International Insulators website. 

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