IIIATF provides course on  advanced Pad Design, Metal Layouts

The Advanced Pad Development and Metal Layouts training courses were both held at the Local 17 Training  Center in Chicago toward the end of March. 

The Insulation Industry International Apprentice and Training Fund (IIIATF) offers both Train-the-Trainer courses to teach more Brothers and Sisters these unique facets of Mechanical Insulation work. 

The Pad Development Class 

Sewn removable blankets manufactured with mechanical fasteners are essential in the Mechanical  Insulation industry.

The first Removable Sewn Blanket Train-the-Trainer course was given the green light by the IIIATF Trustees in 2011, and since then, the Advanced Pad Development class has been offered annually. 

Many current and past JATC Instructors have since learned how to make these detachable blankets after completing the advanced class.

“Train-the-Trainer courses like this are important tools to expand our industry knowledge and enable more of our  JATC instructors to take what they learn in these classes and teach the next generation of mechanics,” said IIIATF  Administrator John L. Stahl. 

The Advanced Pad course was taught by  Local 17 Training Coordinator Bob McGuckin and Local 17 Instructor Ashley Margentina. 

“Teaching is my favorite part of being in this trade,”  Margentina said. “I love sharing my knowledge of blanket  fabrication with Insulators from other Locals.” 

The Advanced Metal Layouts Course 

An innovative teaching strategy is used in the  Advanced Metal Layouts Course. 

Local 17 Instructors Ben Frank and Shawn Craven taught the course. The pair spend months leading up to the class learning and perfecting more sophisticated approaches to sheet metal layouts, which they then teach to the class attendees. 

“Every year, the techniques that come out of this class are truly astounding,” said Stahl. “I want to acknowledge the course instructors  for consistently pushing the envelope  each year to make this class such a  success.”  

This course is different every year as new information and techniques are taught. The instructors and participants learn from each other in a collaborative effort. 

As an educator, Craven said he has found great satisfaction in passing on the skills and information he has acquired from the Insulators who came before him. Stahl believes the International is stronger, now more than ever, because its members constantly push themselves to learn new,  cutting-edge techniques for creating sheet metal plans. 

Local 17 has hosted these two separate advanced training seminars for several years. 

“It’s always nice to open up our training center for the International Pads and Metal classes,” McGuckin said.  “This is what training is all about, sharing ideas with trainers from across the International. Anytime we get  to provide skills that someone can use to take back and  share with their membership, it is great.”

The IIIATF appreciates all the Local 17 instructors who commit themselves to the growth of our industry by teaching others during the two classes. 

Thank you

Thank you to those who attended the Advanced Metal  Layout Class: Keith Webber, from Local 4; Aaron Drake, from Local 7; August Hoernke and Aleana Tucholka, from  Local 19; and Carl Dopson, from Local 27. 

Thank you to those who attended the Advanced Pad  Design class: Theresa Ashe, from Local 7; Juan Sanchez and Jorge Castrejon, from Local 22; Herberth Romero, from  Local 24; Ashley Ashlock, from Local 27; Bruce Hankle, from Local 40; and Caleb Cate, from Local 73. 

Thank you to the members who attended both training sessions: Glenn Adams, from Local 39; Kyle Stanford, from  Local 78; and Justine Walker, from Local 79.


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