IIIATF holds remote website training for Locals

The Insulation Industry International Apprenticeship and Training Fund (IIIATF) held a successful virtual website training event in August.

IIIATF - Insulators Union Training Fund - Fall Journal (4)

Over six days, 40 trainers from 32 Locals received in-depth remote training on how to use JATCTraining.com, a resource for creating, assigning and testing the apprentices in our trade. The daily topics ranged from courses and assignments to comprehensive reports and Time Card Management.

The IIIATF not only provides assistance for Local and Apprenticeship programs, but the tools and education to train those industry pieces. JATCTraining.com is just one example of how the IIIATF is training instructors to best use the tools available for instruction.

For years, the IIIATF has been working on JATCTraining.com and other online assets. As programs start to implement the systems with current apprenticeship classes, many of the tools are being utilized.Led by IIIATF Administrative Assistant Christina Bouchard, the training involved all the participants as examples, with questions threaded throughout.

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Thank you to the instructors who participated in the training and took the time to better their programs: Richard Rothwell from Local 6; Larry Nettekoven and Sam Tafolla from Local 7; Terry Burke from Local 8; Ed Krawczyk from Local 14; Jonathan Blaine and Billy Hodges from Local 16; Shawn Craven and Bob McGuckin from Local 17; Craig Stevens from Local 19; Domingo Barron and Ricky Miguez from Local 22; Brian Urquhart from Local 26; Daniel Gallipeau from Local 27; Scott Yoh from Local 38; John Hanson from Local 39; Bruce Hankle, Domonick Ogborn and Mark Stuto from Local 40; Dalyn Rose from Local 41; Donnie Van Winkle from Local 46; Asa Glenn from Local 51; Carl Wilson from Local 53; Richard Chartrand from Local 58; Jacob Walker from Local 67; Rob Cochran from Local 69; Tony Gaskill from Local 73; Jon Dagnillo from Local 74; Jeremie Overson from Local 76; Craig Francis from Local 78; Todd Motz from Local 80; Paul Miller from Local 81; Dominic Camacho, Glenn Miles and Gabriel Vasquez from Local 87; John Amodio from Local 89; Robert Caines from Local 96; Alyre Malley from Local 116; Joshua Sherrard from Local 131; and Bernard Alvarez from Local 132. 

If you were not able to participate but want to learn more about the online tools for Instructors, please contact the IIIATF office.

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