IIIATF conducts firestopping Train the Trainer class

Gaining market share for firestopping work is a priority for the HFIAW, and the Insulators Labor Management Cooperative Trust (LMCT) and Insulation Industry International Apprentice and Training Fund (IIIATF) are helping Local Unions achieve the goal. 

The LMCT has been promoting its Firestop Market Recovery Program to Locals throughout the Insulators Union and their signatory contractors. 

A few Local Unions are experiencing great success in the firestop market. However, more Locals have the opportunity to increase manhours, but training and interest from contractors are critical components to succeed. 

What is Firestopping?

All buildings where a person sleeps or regularly occupies, such as apartments, daycare centers and schools,  should have proper firestopping installed. Firestopping helps control how fire and smoke travels through a  building, which aids the responding fire department –  giving them more time to save lives and possibly the building. 

The HFIAW strongly believes our union should be the only building trades professionals to perform this work.  The work and materials are familiar to our union, and the timing of the work aligns perfectly with other work performed by mechanical insulators. 

Train the Trainer Course 

In April, the International Insulation Industry Apprenticeship and Training Fund (IIIATF) held its annual Firestopping Train the Trainer course. Limited to  25 participants, this course continues to be highly popular.

Held at the Maritime Institute in Linthicum Heights,  Md. the week-long class was taught by firestop industry leaders Tom Dake, Jr. and Adam Carter. Using a  combination of videos, class instruction and hands-on work, attendees were trained on the various aspects of proper firestopping application. 

“The more Brothers and Sisters trained in proper firestopping teaching techniques, the closer we as a Union are to reclaiming this market share,” said IIIATF  Administrator John L. Stahl. 

While experienced in firestopping, IIIATF Assistant  Administrator Sam Tafolla opted to attend this year’s  Train the Trainer class. 

“I’ll take any opportunity I can to sit in on a class and learn,” he said. “Being surrounded by the best people in  the industry never gets old, and I treat every day as a  learning opportunity.” 

As part of the class, a mockup demonstrating typical penetrations going through a rated barrier was presented. 


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