Ielmini talks Federal Mechanical Insulation Act and IMAP on national pro-union podcast

Executive Director of the Mechanical Insulators Labor Management Cooperative Trust (LMCT) Pete Ielmini appeared on the America’s Work Force Union Podcast and spoke with host Ed “Flash” Ferenc about the Federal Mechanical Insulation Act (FMIA) and how it can benefit all federal buildings. 

The bill aims to amend the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA) by adding provisions that expand the requirements for mandatory energy audits conducted on all federal buildings every four years. Specifically, these audits would now include assessments of mechanical insulation to ensure energy efficiency goals are met.

Ielmini discussed his recent trip to Washington D.C. to visit with members of Congress serving on the Energy and Commerce Committee in an attempt to gain more support for FMIA. 

“Republicans and Democrats both agree that the Federal Mechanical Insulation Act is something that is good and we are going through the process of getting the support we need,” Ielmini said. 

U.S. Sen. Ed Markey, (D-Mass.), is working with the LMCT to present the Senate Companion Bill for the FMIA. Ielmini is hopeful the companion bill will be ready to present before the NABTU Legislative Conference in April. 

“The federal government has guidelines on all federal buildings to do an energy audit,” Ielmini said. “It is a good process to look at everything in the building to be able to conserve energy and reduce pollution.” 

When mechanical insulation is properly installed, it can save the owner a substantial amount of money. For federal buildings, this means saving taxpayer money.

Ielmini is positive that if the FMIA is made more into a headline news item, there is room for further growth and development. 

Insulators Member Assistance Program 

Ielmini then shifted the conversation to the Insulators Member Assistance Program (IMAP) and the way it can help HFIAW members who are battling mental health issues.

The program gives members and their families the resources necessary to overcome mental health battles. 

“We’ve taken the next step to be able to evolve our leadership to the International level all the way down to the Local level where we are training Officers and instructors on the warning signs and being able to look at an individual and recognize warning signs so we can possibly help,” Ielmini said. 

The HFIAW partnered with two companies to provide professional help to members: Perspective and Youturn

Both companies provide different specialties regarding mental health. One provides treatment and counseling while the other provides long-term rehabilitation. The combination of both types of resources makes IMAP stand above other programs. 

It’s important to get the word out to members to give them the confidence they need to reach out for help, Ielmini added.

IMAP also provides resources for the families of HFIAW members. The international believes it is important for family members to learn the warning signs so they will know how to identify a possible problem. 

“The IMAP is 100 percent confidential, meaning that employers, union leaders and coworkers won’t know who is seeking help,” Ielmini said. 

Listen to the full interview: 


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