Contractor honored for support on Canadian Shipyard projects

The Vice President of a Local 116 contractor recently received an honorary HFIAW membership for his unwavering advocacy for the Insulators Union for work at the Canadian Shipyards.

Local 116 Business Manager Matthew Benson, Eastern Canada International Vice President Paul Faulkner and Membership Development Representative Jamie Andre recently honored Michael MacDonald, Vice President of MacKinnon & Olding with his "membership."116 ship

MacDonald is also the Director of the Thermal Insulation Association of Canada (TIAC) for the Maritimes and has been a driving force behind promoting the Insulators Union as the only option to handle insulation installations on the ships. 

"He has been a strong advocate for the Insulators," Faulkner said of MacDonald's support for the HFIAW. "We thank him for his loyalty and solidarity."

Approximately 50 insulators from Local 116 regularly work at the Irving Shipyard in Halifax, NS. The work performed by Local 116 members involves insulating piping and HVAC systems, finished with materials such as canvas, PVC or metal jacketing. 

The spotlight is currently on constructing new Arctic Offshore Patrol vessels, a project under the National Shipbuilding Strategy and Canada's defense policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged (SSE).

Insulators working for MacKinnon & Olding have already completed work on seven vessels. The next challenge will be the construction of Surface Combatant vessels, which are significantly larger. 

Local 58 members work at Quebec City shipyard

An additional 10 skilled professionals are contributing their expertise at the Davie Shipyard in Quebec City, falling under the Local 58 jurisdiction. 

116 work"Local 58 and 116's Insulators play a crucial role in the maritime industry, and their dedication is evident in every detail of insulation work on Canada's ships," said Andre. "Their expertise is indispensable and as Membership Development Representative, I am proud to witness the impact of their hard work in shaping the future of Canada's naval strength."

In addition to new constructions, retrofitting projects are underway at the Davie Shipyard. The HMCS Toronto is currently undergoing retrofitting including work by Local 58 members who are employed by MacKinnon & Olding. 

As ships continue to take shape and existing vessels undergo transformative retrofits, the work by the experienced Insulators from Local 116 and Local 58 is contributing to the success and longevity of Canada's marine endeavors. 

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