2023 'Pablo' Awarded to Former IIATF Administrative Assistant, Christina Bouchard

For her years of service helping run the Insulation Industry International Apprenticeship and Training Fund (IIIATF), Christina Bouchard, now the Assistant to the General Secretary-Treasurer, received the prestigious 2023 W. F. Pablo Bleiker Award.

The award ceremony took place during the dinner dance held at the conclusion of the Local Union Officers and Joint Apprenticeship Conferences and Master Apprentice Competition in Houston.ZAA_5315-2

IIIATF Administrator John L. Stahl and retired IIIATF Administrator Thomas A. Haun called Bouchard in front of the attendees for what she was led to believe was some type of appreciation award.

She spent a significant portion of her career working for the IIIATF, first as an administrative assistant under Haun and then Stahl, before transitioning to her current role as Assistant to General Secretary-Treasurer Robert W. Reap.

After sharing their appreciation for her years of service, Bouchard was then asked to help award the 2023“Pablo.”  When asked to remove the tape covering the name of the 2023 winner, she was taken by surprise to see that she was the one receiving the accolade.

Stahl commended Bouchard for exemplifying qualities similar to the award’s namesake, W. F. Pablo Bleiker, who symbolized excellence and remains the union’s standard in the training community.

“When I started, after Tom retired, Christina not only was doing her job, but she also was essentially training me as well,” Stahl said. “Without her and her years of industry knowledge, I would not have been able to accomplish everything I was able to so quickly.

The “Pablo” award, first presented to W. F. Pablo Bleiker in 2002, became an annual tradition to honor an individual who demonstrates the same dedication and commitment to the industry and training program. Engraved with the quote, “Order is the way to success; nothing is given to us; success demands work, perseverance and honesty,” the award stands as a testament to the values upheld by its recipients.

Bouchard's adverse career journey ZAA_5043

When Haun hired Bouchard as a full-time administrative assistant, she began her journey in the industry. Reading excerpts from her original resume during the 2023 dinner dance, Haun shared how Bouchard described herself as hardworking and dedicated, qualities that still define her career with the HFIAW.

Haun fondly recalled the start of the MAC competition and how much Bouchard helped to ensure the event was a success. Her involvement and dedication further exemplified her passion for the industry and the training program.

Stahl expressed a deep sense of loss when Bouchard transitioned to her new role, but he also recognized the immense benefit her expertise brings to the International. He acknowledged that replacing Bouchard would be challenging and praised her for leaving a lasting mark on the IIIATF for years to come.

Beyond her professional contributions, it was noted that Bouchard is not only dedicated to her job but also a devoted wife and mother.

While accepting her award, Bouchard said, “I am honored to receive the Pablo, and completely surprised, everyone worked together to make this a special evening and kept it a secret."

The IIIATF and the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers (IAHFIAW) again congratulate Christina Bouchard for her many years of dedicated service and her tireless efforts to elevate the apprenticeship program standards. Her unwavering commitment to our union and her invaluable contributions have had a profound impact and will continue to shape the future of our training initiatives.

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