New Officers Training for elected Local leadership

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In late October, 30 Brothers and Sisters holding newly elected offices attended the 2017 New Officers Training program. The multi-day training event was held at the Maritime Institute in Maryland.

New Officers Training is held every year for newly elected members of HFIAW Local Unions, who are starting in various leadership positions, including Buisness Manager, Business Agent, President and Financial Secretary. The training program started in 2005 and continues annually to educate and prepare new officers on the duties, roles and responsibilities of these positions.

The training days are filled with speakers, who educate the new leadership about essential processes, and introduce them to the International contacts, who will assist in the process.

“We are so glad to have the new officers all together,” said General Secretary-Treasurer Greg Revard. “We want to educate them on their position of serving the Local Union and how to do it well. I think this helps to accomplish that.”

2017 New Officers Training


Topics for the training ranged from jurisdictional and International agreements, political affairs, fiduciary and trust responsibilities, apprenticeship procedures, Roberts Rules of Order to help run an organized meeting, the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act, legal responsibilities and organizing measures.

In addition to the new officers, many staff from the International Office were on hand to present the previously mentioned topics. This included GST Revard, Director of Government Affairs Chip Gardiner, Jurisdictional Director John Conroy, Organizing Director Todd Dunnahoe and IIIATF Administrator Tom Haun.

Congratulations to the new officers who attended and completed the training that will help them shape the future of our Local Unions: Local 1 President Joseph Costa; Local 5 Business Agent Vidal Arce; Local 17 Business Manager William Mangin; Local 18 Financial Secretary Jerry Stewart; Local 21 President Thomas Kleinmann; Local 34 Business Agent Pedro Verdeja; Local 36 Business Manager/Financial Secretary Walter Caudle; Local 36 Business Agent Ron Mathis; Local 38 Business Manager/ Financial Secretary Paul Johnson and President Thomas Wright; Local 41 Financial Secretary Nicholas Shepler; Local 55 Business Manager/Financial Secretary Stevon Lyles; Local 58 President Michel Perron; Local 60 Business Manager Michael Leroy, President Jerome Wiggins and Financial Secretary Jason Freeman; Local 62 Business Manager/Financial Secretary Cathy Deno and President Brian Knox; Local 75 President Andrew Regnier; Local 81 Financial Secretary Derek Mason; Local 89 President John Amodio; Local 91 President Scott Heath; Local 95 Business Agent Adam Melnick and President Gordon Cochrane; Local 97 Business Manager Nolan Olson; Local 127 Business Manager Jeremy Wicke and President Kirby Ketola; Local 131 Business Manager/Financial Secretary James Whitenect and President Scott Shillington; and Local 12A Business Manager/Financial Secretary Jaime Soto.

Topics: Apprenticeship and Training Fund

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