JATC instructors attend advance training classes in Chicago

For roughly three weeks in January, a few dozen instructors attended advanced training classes at the HFIAW Local 17 Training Center in Chicago to help better equip them to teach specialty crafts that make our trade an art form.

These supplemental Insulation Industry International Apprenticeship and Training Fund (IIIATF) Train the Trainer classes covered Advanced Metal Layout and Advanced Pad Development.

Due to increased involvement and interest from various Local Unions and the JATC Programs, the IIIATF held the Advanced Pad Development Class twice, once the week before and then the week after the Advanced Metal Layout Class. Advanced Training Instructor and IIIATF Steering Committee member Gavin Daily, from Local 45 Toledo, and Zachary Stanberry and Bob McGuckin from Local 17, taught the Advanced Pad Development classes, while Shawn Craven and Ben Frank, both from Local 17, instructed the Advanced Metal Layout class.

“We sent two instructors to the Advanced Pad Development Class to become better teachers,” said Local 84 Business Manager Jason Penix. “The more we can equip our instructors to teach the apprentices and journeymen the skills of our craft, the better we can serve our contractors.”

2019 IIIATF Advanced Pad and Metal Training

The classes focused on how instructors can explain the different layouts and techniques used when making removable pads or metal coverings. With the advanced education provided, HFIAW instructors will be able to improve their training techniques.

“There was a lot of learning done by the students through the training,” said Dailey. “There were some Locals who had not previously sent anyone, but had a strong presence in the class. I am honored to spend the time training such a talented group of Brothers and Sisters wanting to improve their skills.”

“Local 17 is thankful to have a facility to accommodate the Advanced Metal and Pads Development Classes for our International,” said Local 17 Training Coordinator Bob McGuckin. “These classes not only provide outstanding training to Brothers and Sisters from all over our International but give Local 17’s instructors the opportunity to hone their skills and learn different methods from members who attend the class.”

Thank you to the following Brothers and Sister who furthered their skills in the Advanced Pad Development Class held on the week of Jan. 7: Jason Perry and John Surtz from Local 3, Sam Tafolla from Local 7, Melissa Black from Local 8, Jake Rainey from Local 23, Kyle Becker and Barry Kauffman from Local 46, David Clark from Local 75, Craig Francis and Kenny Thompson from Local 78, and Joe Hibbs and Steve Hibbs from Local 84.

The following Brothers attended the Advanced Metal Layout Class during the week of Jan. 14: Jason Perry and John Surtz from Local 3; Ricky Miguez from Local 22; Drew Chubb, Jake Rainey, Zach Schaeffer and Dillon Steepe from Local 23; Dave Gamble from Local 36; Kyle Becker and Barry Kauffman from Local 46; Brandon Sepulveda from Local 76; Sean Nagle from Local 81, and Andrew Richman from Local 82.

The Advanced Pad Development Class held the week of Jan. 21 included the following Brothers who upgraded their skills training: Brandon Shammo from Local 45, Adam Fisher from Local 47, Jon Dagnillo and Chris Thompson from Local 74, and Steven Henry from Local 96.

The IIIATF thanks all of our instructors including Gavin Daily from Local 45 and Zachary Stanberry, Bob McGuckin, Shawn Craven and Ben Frank from Local 17, who continue to show their support by dedicating their time to training those in our trade in order to further develop our workforce.

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