IIIATF Holds OSHA 502 Training Class

In April, 44 Brothers and Sisters completed Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 502 training at the Maritime Institute in Maryland.

The training – put on by the Insulation Industry International Apprentice and Training Fund (IIIATF) – required the members to be divided into two groups.

HFIAW Local 24 Training Coordinator Brian Cavey, an International OSHA Master Instructor, taught one of the groups and Local 46 Training Coordinator Ron Mahs, who is also an International OSHA Master Instructor, taught the other group.

They were assisted by Local 14 Training Coordinator John Stahl and Local 17 Training Coordinator Bob McGuckin, both International OSHA Master Instructors.


OSHA 502 is a 24-hour refresher class for instructors who have taken the OSHA 500 class. This training course is required every four years, and the IIIATF regularly holds this training to keep instructors up-to-date on their required education. Those attending the class also provided instruction for various topics.

“It always amazes me that our International has so many wonderful and knowledgeable instructors,” said McGuckin. “The level of the presentations provided by each student was amazing, and I will be using many of those ideas presented at my own Local’s training.”

By taking the time to teach these OSHA topics, the trainers gained greater knowledge on the topics, which will ultimately improve the safety and health awareness of members once the information is disseminated to our Brothers and Sisters throughout the union.

“Gaining knowledge from our Brothers and Sister to take back home and use to better our teachings for our members is a great way to grow our future and build a stronger knowledge base within our union,” said HFIAW Local 17 Instructor Jennifer Frank.

“It is great to see the training from my Brothers and Sisters and how they teach our workforce,” said Local 5 Instructor Guadalupe Moreno. “I get so many great ideas and take it all home to teach the members at my Local.”

The IIIATF would like to thank the Master Instructors who ran the classes and the following instructors/attendees for the OSHA 502 class: Michael Farrell from Local 1; Terrence Walsh from Local 1; Richard Metzger from Local 3; Christopher Prevost from Local 3; Guadalupe Moreno from Local 5; Kevin Soika from Local 12; Jonathan Blaine from Local 16; Billy Hodges from Local 16; Darrell Reddick from Local 16; Stephen Craven from Local 17; Nick Feipel from Local 17; Jennifer Frank from Local 17; Ben Frank from Local 17; Robert McGuckin from Local 17; Andrew Stanberry from Local 17; David Price from Local 18; Robert Potter from Local 19; Domingo Barron from Local 22; Donovan Limar from Local 22; Lacy Wolf from Local 22; Peter Deimler from Local 23; Justin Erwin from Local 23; Kevin Greenzweig from Local 23; Timothy Garner from Local 24; Robert McCourt from Local 24; Cody Pugh from Local 24; Brian Urquhart from Local 26; John Hanson from Local 39; Robert Knickerbocker from Local 39; Raymond Wooters from Local 42; John Mickey from Local 45; Robert Simmons from Local 60; Jacob Walker from Local 67; Dan Baxter from Local 69; Jeffrey Brose from Local 74; Mark Theiss from Local 80; Mark Thomas from Local 80; Paul Miller from Local 81; Tommy Presley from Local 86; Tracy Gillis from Local 87; John Amodio from Local 89; Thurmon Bonds from Local 90; Pittman Neil from Local 207; and Abell Wade from Local 207.

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